Relocation Services

Assistance for individuals and families moving to Mexico City.  Services include school and home searches, and help with immigration procedures.  Companies also provide expat orientation and integration support and intercultural training. Learn about moving to Mexico City

Mudanzas Gou
Moving planners and transport services. Provide support with international, domestic, local, fine arts or electronic equipment moving. 
Trafimar Relocation Services
Offers a complete range of high quality services to clients requiring dependable assistance for their moving needs to and from Mexico. 
Provides relocation and property management services for small- to medium-sized business.
Cetra Relocations
Residential and corporate relocation services. Home and school search, visa and immigration services. 
International Relocation Services
General relocation support, home search, locating international schools, inter-cultural training and other services to ensure your arrival in Mexico is as smooth as possible.
Santa Fe Management
Business management services for local and international businesses at a fixed monthly rate. Housing, HR, business registration, legal and financing services, market research.
Mestre Relocation
Services to help moving to and from Mexico. All stage process, immigration, tax registration, school assistance and more services available.
Thelsa Mobility Solutions
Mobility and logistics services including moving, storage, relocation, immigration applications and furniture rental for companies and individuals. 
Expat Point
Relocation management company and destination service provider and facilitator.
Global removal and relocation services. Moves from, to and within Mexico. Insurance and storage services. 
Relocation service. Settling-in, home finding, school search, departure services, tenancy management.
Larm Mexico
International relocation service, welcome and departure services, immigration support, home-finding program, cross-cultural training.
Staff Relocation Services
Global relocation service. Assistance during familiarisation visit, school search assistance, home finding, furniture rental, visa and immigration services. Other support available. 
Castro & Castro
Immigration services for Mexico, work visas for expats, establishing a corporation and a strong local team for relocation in Mexico City, Querétaro. León, Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende