Sailing, Rowing & Boats

Lakeside Rowing Club
Rowing club with a members clubhouse in the south of the city; hosts annual regattas and publishes an official magazine yearly. Located at Hanger 13 of the Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Course "Virgilio Uribe" in Cuemanco.
Club Aleman de Regatas Antares
Rowing and canoeing club. Calle Yucatan, Barrio Tlacoapa MZA 017, Xochimilco 16000 Mexico DF.
Club Espana Xochilmilco
Waterfront sports club with gym, pool, sports fields, facilities for kayak and rowing and amenities; social and cultural activities are available. Contact Jose Antonio Noriega. Callejon de Chicoco 63, Col. Barrio de la Asuncion, 16040 Mexico DF.sail