Speech Therapists & Language Therapists

Miss Poppins Speech Therapy
Speech and language therapy for English-speaking children and adults, English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) classes, and relocation support for children experiencing difficulty transitioning from living abroad to living in Mexico.
Tricia Furger
English-speaking speech therapist specializing in speech, language, and learning difficulties. Will make house visits for client therapy sessions, around Bosques de las Lomas, Santa Fe, Interlomas and Polanco.
Silvia Fuso
Bilingual speech language therapist based at the American School. Also works with clients outside the school. Bilingual assessments and speech language therapy in English and Spanish. Developed the 'DETEKTO' test to detect speech difficulties in Spanish.
Romina Aguilera Constancio
Bilingual speech therapist based in Colonia Roma. Works as part of the 'Terapias de Lenguaje' group (click on 'Visit Website' for more details in Spanish). 
Andrea Calderon
Independent special education therapist based in the northwest of the city.