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I first came to Mexico City in 2008, and for the next 4 years was a regular business visitor, sometimes for weeks at a time. Last year I moved here to live. It seems to me that the roads in the city generally - and especially around the Naucalpan area in the Estado) - are in a worse state than they were when I used to visit. Am I right? And why does the CDMX government (and the Estado Government) not do anything about it? The poor state of roads contributes to traffic problems (which are also getting worse) and probably to accidents too!

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I heard today that the Mexico City Government is considering severely limiting UBER (and presumably other similar businesses´ activities  by a) setting a minimum value for the taxis, and b) limiting how many there can be. Clearly influenced by the taxi unions who are scared of the competition. It will be a sad day for Mexico City - and its inhabitants - if these regulations go through. And it will show that the city does not really believe in competition.

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I´m not ready to drive in this City and I think I can easily use the metro, but I´m not sure it is a good idea.   Is the metro safe? Do you use it? I will appreciate any comment.  

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