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Hello everyone I'm Mahmoud i'm coming to Mexico city in 28th of june and i was wondering if there is somebody who is interested in meeting me we can make a tour in the city together i would love to make new friendsThank you

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I imagine that there are many Game of Thrones fans amongst the AngloINFO user base. I am one!  And I imagine that all you others were as horrified as I was with the dramatic ending to the 5th series last Sunday (13h June). But the question is - is Jon Snow dead? I say not. Why? Simply because he still has so much to offer the story; his time has not yet come. His death would be - unlike all the other deaths in the saga so far - untimely. He has not yet fulfilled his karma! And also because the final book in the series so far is inconclusive about whether he did or did not die. But - I hear you say - we saw him stabbed and lying lifeless in the snow. So how can he not be dead? Here are some possibilities: 1. He was dreaming - he was only stabbed in his dreams; to be as unpopular as he made himself in Castle Black by doing the right thing re the wildlings would surely be enough to give anyone nightmares - especially knowing the kind of people that make up the Knight´s Watch 2. He was stabbed many times, yes, and lost a lot of blood. But not mortally stabbed. He may just be unconscious, and some sympathetic resident of Castle Black may yet take him away and nurse him back to health. Now Sam has gone it is not easy to think who that might be - perhaps one of the wildlings knowing that their survival depends on him? 3. Melisandre is back at Castle Black - and we know she and the Lord of Light can bring people back from the other side..... And what could happen once he proves to be alive still? Presumably his attempted murder by his brothers releases him from his oath. So could he join Stannis and fight to re-win Winterfell (with the wildlings?) And if the rumour that his mother was not a barmaid but a Targaryen could he make a claim for the iron throne? Or, indeed, could he marry Danaeris!? Let´s hope we don´t have to wait too long for the next series and/or the next book!! Any views?

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Given the response to our "Favourite Music" thread we thought we'd see if we can put together a similar list of "must see" movies. And as before, I will kick off. 2 completely different movies, the only similarity being that they both depict periods of American History: "Gone With The Wind"- starring Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh, and  "Once Upon A Time In America", starring Robert de Niro and James Woods

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We thought it could be interesting (not least to gauge the age of our users!) to ask people to contribute their all time favorite music tracks. Rock, pop,jazz, indy, even electronic.... So please, join in and suggest. Maybe we can then put together an AngloINFO playlist! This should make interesting reading!  

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I guess it was always inevitable that those of us born in the 50s would at some point find ourselves surrounded by the news that icons or our youth - many of whom remained part of our lives ever since - were passing away. It seems that time is upon us. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey, Signe Anderson and Paul Kantner.... and I woke up this morning to see that Terry Wogan can now be added to the list. Although he was never my favourite broadcaster (nor was Jefferson Airplane one of my favourite bands), nevertheless he - like Ziggy Stardust and the girl whose moind was toiffany twisted - was just someone who was always around.  Not any more. I guess my generation is just gettung old! :(

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I wonder if I am alone in thinking that Star Wars Episode VII is the most disappointing film I have ever seen in my life. There was nothing original about it, so many scenes were nothing but re-hashes of scenes from previous episodes (eg the attack on the Death Star), and much of it was just stupid. How can a stormtrooper brought up to obey (I thought they were all clones anyway....) suddenly turn into a goodie? And even more incredibly, how can he magically suddenly know how to fight with a light sabre (for which you need to know how to use the force, not so?)  I thought when they brought Jah Jah Binks in it was getting silly....I didn't think it could get much worse. But it has - a lot worse! No wonder Harrison Ford got himself killed. I expect he wanted nothing to do with future episodes. What a disasterous way to continue with what was - at the beginning - an absolutely brilliant concept magnificently produced. I doubt if George Lucas is impressed! I could go on....

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I know there is a place near Mexico City where you can see the Monarch butterfly, does anyone know the name of that place? I have only found a place in Michoaca and I know Michoaca is far away from Mexico City...... Thanks!

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A few years ago we went to Patzcuaro for DOTD - it was awesome. And of course wherever you go there are lots of ofrendas to look at (I preferred when they were in Reforma rather than the Zocalo - hey ho....) This year we will stay in the city. Any ideas of special places to go? Or good parties to go to?

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Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documentary. At the moment it is just in the research phase so I'm just looking to talk to some people and find out more about the reasons they might move.  Thanks and all the best,  Ellie Gibbs ellie.gibbs@libertybell.tv    020 7598 7209

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Hoping to hear about some great places to check out either in or near Mexico City this Semana Santa.  I just discovered Malinalco, and I loved it. I know the Feria de la Ciudad de Mexico will also be taking place.  Any suggestions in particular the see or hear at that event?

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Does anyone know where the new Paddington movie can be seen in English?

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I watched the new "The imitation Game" film about Alan Turing´s life and genius recently. And I recall a film also about breaking Enigma (called, I think, Enigma) which was released some 10 or more years ago which didn´t - I think - mention Turing at all. Instead it was another man - Tom Jericho - who was given most of the credit. Also the timelines don´t match up. jericho went to Bletchley in 1943 - by which time I think Turing had already broken the code. There were some similarities as I recall - eg sacrificing a civilian convoy - but what is the truth I wonder? Is it just that records about Turing weren´t available to the public when the original Enigma film was made?

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Hi   I will be visiting Mexico City at the end of November.  Are there Thanksgiving dinners available at JW Marriott and Sanborns, still?  The information online is a bit older.  Would also be open to another dinner where it is more buffet or interacting with expats.   Second, we will be there for the Feast of St. Andrew (Nov 30) and wondered if any Mexico City parishes celebrated?  I see at least 2 churches names San Andres and wondered if there was more information,   Thanks!   Andrea

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