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Given the response to our "Favourite Music" thread we thought we'd see if we can put together a similar list of "must see" movies. And as before, I will kick off. 2 completely different movies, the only similarity being that they both depict periods of American History: "Gone With The Wind"- starring Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh, and  "Once Upon A Time In America", starring Robert de Niro and James Woods


Peter Conway 1455238863

Nice one. Assuming we can put in 2, mine would be

"Apocalypse Now", with Martin Sheen and a bit of Marlon Brando. The horror.....!! And music by The Doors...

"Event Horizon", with Lawrence Fishburne and Sam Neill. Much maligned, but brilliant. Many more recent sci fi movies owe a lot to this one.

Kathy 1455282592

Great topic! I prefer movies rather than music....  an old but great movie: Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze.  I did not find a link to the trailer (guess because the movie is old?!) but here is the song!.


edmonddantes 1455300656

My two favorite movies that relate to American history would be "Gangs of New York" and “Dances With Wolves”.

friedkale74 1455551895

Welt Am Draht (World On A Wire) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder (West Germany, 1973) is a favorite of mine. It's a slow burning existential sci-fi masterpiece that heavily influenced The Matrix. It's quite long (just over 3 hours) but it's worth it.

Alejandro Jodoworsky's The Holy Mountain is another fave. High symbolism with stunning visuals.


World_Traveller 1455555523

Well since we are in Mexico.... "Amores Perros", with Gael García, and "Arranceme La Vida" with Ana Claudia Talancón and Daniel Giménez Cacho. Amores is directed by Alaeandro Iñárritu, currently in the headlines for his also brilliant "The Revenant", with Leonardo di Caprio.

Entrepreneur-10066113 1455561719

Tarantino's Kill Bill!!!! Uma Thurman and David Carradine - brilliant!!

Cio07 1455582695

Recommend "Maria Full of Grace" a very interesting co-production between Colombia and USA. 

Tony-10066107 1455722187

A happy movie: Mamma Mia, with Meryl Streep, Amanda Setfried, Pierce Brosnan (who was James Bond at the time.... didn't know he could sing), Colin Firth (ditto) and Stellan Starsgard (didn't know him before).

SillyKitty 1456157293

I could, and have, watched Mean Girls more times than I can count and it never loses its appeal.  Also starring Rachel McAdams, my husband and I watched "About Time" last night...I had seen it a few years ago and thought it couldn´t be as good as I remembered...but it was.  Lovely story about love and family and just a little bit of time-travel.  Both on Netflix!

Yorkshireman-983377 1456633248

"The Eiger Sanction" with Clint Eastwood. Most of Clint's films are good - this (and "Play Misty For Me" are the ones I like best.

Admin 1459209732

Watched a brilliant movie this weekend - Diva - French, must be at least 20 years old. But really good. I would add a hyperlink to a trailer but can't see how to do it. Any ideas?

Admin 1459370069

Unfortunately this new version of the site doesn't allow hyperlinking yet. However this is being worked on and should be available soon

Cat_P_86 1460000211

I´m a big fan of anything directed by Wes Anderson....! Lots of slow-mos and Bill Murray, what more could you want?!

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