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We thought it could be interesting (not least to gauge the age of our users!) to ask people to contribute their all time favorite music tracks. Rock, pop,jazz, indy, even electronic.... So please, join in and suggest. Maybe we can then put together an AngloINFO playlist! This should make interesting reading!  


Admin-982096 1451952242

So I - John Franck, MD of AngloINFO Mexico City, will kick off and get the ball rolling:

My all time fave - Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits.

Admin-982096 1452020553

And another - this one has been with me since schooldays - it spoke to me then, and still does now! Love Chronicles, by Al Stewart.

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On this sad day that we have learnt of the death of David Bowie, I must add "Ground Control to Major Tom" and "Ziggy Stardust" to this list of classics. The latter reminds me of my youth in the early70s. Plus the wonderful rendition of "The Man Who Sold the World" by Kurt Cobain with Nirvana.

El_otro 1452511148

Que David Bowie descanse en paz. My suggestion is "Mexico en la Piel" by Luis Miguel. Such a shame he is today only a shadow of his former self.

Cio07 1452535795

My suggestion: "Come away with me" and "Painter Song" by Nora Jones; "Life for rent" and "Sand in my shoes" by Dido.  

Cio07 1452558822

Ah... the links...  "life for rent", "sand in my shoes", "painter song" and "come away with me"

jimpeters-10044677 1452602325

I'll throw in some Electronic...

Jean-Michel Jarre's Equinoxe LP is a go to for me.

Definitely gutted to hear the loss of David Bowie, seriously a true artist who didn't care much for what was popular but explored current sounds to further express himself. 

Favorite Bowie tracks:

Fashion (Extended Mix), the bassline is the soundtrack to a confident strut and the guitar work on here is excellent (light licks and thrash-like workouts), and the reversed bleep sound that opens the track is a nice touch when mixing with other songs.

Quicksand (Demo Version), in my opinion much better than the version released on Hunky Dory. 

Fame, sludgy funk with the high-pitch vocal assist from John Lennon.

Bonus Cover Version: Dead Combo - Let's Dance (Live From CBGB's), an incredibly abrasive take from the NY (via Helsinki) duo.


Admin 1452734847

Amazing variety in this string so far - let me add one of my Mexican faves - from the best thing ever to have come out of Iztapalapa: Como te voy a olvidar: Los Angeles Azules!

Munrobagger 1452885984

Some great tunes being added to this list! Another all time great of course is Bat out of Hell by Meat Loaf!

Ilovescuba 1452996253

This is going to make a great playlist - for those of us of a certain generation at least..... My contributions: Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams, and The River by the Boss, Interestingly a friend of mine that grew up in Portugal in the late 60s was at school with Bryan Adams for a couple of years when they were both very young. Interesting that Adams was born in 1959 so "The summer of 69" can't be autobiographical - at least time-wise.


Hamish-983375 1453029585

Here are 2 that would be on my Desert Island Discs playlist: California Dreaming by the Mommas and the Poppas, and Hotel California by the Eagles.

Patito 1453115040

May I add some songs in Spanish?. Miguel Bosé is one of the best! Te amaré

Admin-982096 1453116787

Of course great songs in Spanish are welcome. I see we now have Miguel Bosé, Los Angeles Azules and Luis Miguel. Perhaps we should add a couple of the best Mariachi songs: Mujeres Divinas and El Rey sung in these clips by Vicente Fernandez.

El_otro 1453123410

Con los años que me quedan por vivir - Gloria Estefan. one of the best love songs ever.

SlyDunbar 1453130102


Pepe Braddock - Deep Burnt is an all-time favorite. It's hypnotic and the 11 minutes go by nicely. To quote this essay, "I think most would at least agree on one thing about it: it certainly does not deserve to be tucked away as an obscure b-side known only to DJs, vinyl hounds, and deep house fans."



Jonty-983374 1453229789

Let me add another: No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley of course. In fact any number of his songs could be added to this list....

El_otro 1453418424

I hope I am allowed another.....less well known (Portiguese band, which sadly broke up a few years ago. Haunting music. Madredeus - O Pastor. One of a number of amazing tracks on the album.

Alexanderthegreat-983382 1453634062

There were a bunch of great folk rock bands in the 70s and 80s, including of course Fairport Convention and (my faves) The Strawbs. Many great tracks by both - here are 2 of (IMHO) the best by the "From the Witchwood" and "The Hangman and the Papist" . The latter is interesting for its political and social connotations which are as relevant today as when the song was written in 1971 and in the the periods in English history when people were executed for their faith. and family members found themselves on opposite sides of the the pòlitical divide.

Admin 1453680889

For those that like "melodic rap"...Gangsta Paradise - by Coolio

Peter Conway 1453843761

Some great tunes here - will make a fab playlist. I'm amazed no-one has added this rock classic: Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N Roses.

Kathy 1453858854

I have to say I do not recognize some of the songs and not all of them are my style but... great variety!!  My contribution is Flake by Jack Johnson.


AngloINFO CDMX Admin 1453944708

I think if I was stuck on a desert island I would like to have this one with me: Waiting for a Girl Like You - by the Foreigner. 

George T-10066108 1454120039

Love the reference to Desert Island Discs.... I think I would want Piano Man by Billy Joel. Brilliant. I love this video too.

I love music 1454254426

Like Kathy I don't know all the bands/singers mentioned above either. But I am going through them all - that song Love Chronicles by Al Stewart (who I had never heard of) is quite something. I don't think it would make the grade in today's music world (it's pretty niche music-wise, though the lyrics would be identified with by many of us men). Anyway my contributions are from the same era (60s) as many of the others mentioned above (but more melodic than some!!) - before my time but ones I fell in love with when I first heard them.  "Nights in White Satin" - The Moody Blues. The other is "A Whiter Shade of Pale", Procul Harum.

Entrepreneur-10066113 1454444749

This has got to be one of the greatest songs ever - and the video is brilliant too! Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Hamish-983375 1454697019

I have another one - different genre: Stan by Eminem. And this is the best video....Variety is the spice of life.....! 1454785376

Wow..where to start? How about "Dumb all over " Frank Zappa......

"Smells like teen spirit" Nirvana or

"Whole lotta love" Led Zeppelin.

Blimey...I could do this for weeks.. :D 1454785841

"Blowers daughter" Damien Rice

"River man " Nick Drake

"Man with the child in his eyes" Kate Bush

"Last goodbye" Jeff Buckley

Gems...every one :D :D :D 


gtrotter 1455126595

Hiya! you need more trendy stuff. Try What Do You Mean? and Sorry by Justin Bieber.


Admin-968334 1455148797

Thanks 132LoveBeauty. You weren't supposed to add quite so many but.... you are forgiven. They are all great!! Here is your list with YouTube hyperlinks. Of course some of the artists have appeared in the list previously with different tracks....

"Dumb all over " -  Frank Zappa

"Smells like teen spirit" - Nirvana

"Whole lotta love" Led Zeppelin

"Blowers daughter" - Damien Rice

"River man " - Nick Drake 

"Man with the child in his eyes" - Kate Bush  

"Last goodbye" - Jeff Buckley 1455148956

Oh gosh...thanks very much! I think maybe I went a little overboard...not quite realising what was going to be the outcome...sorry! 



Admin-982096 1455206088

No probs 132. Get your friends to contribute too. The more the merrier - and the better the final playlist!!

Rock Star-10066112 1455300392

Saw the mention of Kate Bush above. Which reminded me that my fave of hers - and a classic too is Wuthering Heights.

World_Traveller 1455555767

Here´s one that I used to play to cheer me up when I was feeling down.... Dancing in the Moonlight by TopLoader. It still makes me feel good when I hear it today!

Businessman 1455562100

Shame Justin Bieber is polluting this list..... And amazing no-one has mentione the Beatles yet. maybe cos its hard to know which songs to choose? Here are 2 of my faves: "She's Leaving Home", and "Back in the USSR"

Admin-982096 1455658662

Businessman please note that musical taste is individual. We asked people to add their favorite music; you may not like Justin Bieber, but many others clearly do. Please respect the opinion of others.

Tony-10066107 1455721712

Abba has to be one of the greatest bands of all time. Shame we can't out whole albums here. Even then it would be a long list. So here are 3 of the ones I like best: Fernando, Dancing Queen and The Winner Take It All. Off to add "Mamma Mia" to the favorite movies thread now....

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