Enigma and the Imitation Game

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I watched the new "The imitation Game" film about Alan Turing´s life and genius recently. And I recall a film also about breaking Enigma (called, I think, Enigma) which was released some 10 or more years ago which didn´t - I think - mention Turing at all. Instead it was another man - Tom Jericho - who was given most of the credit. Also the timelines don´t match up. jericho went to Bletchley in 1943 - by which time I think Turing had already broken the code. There were some similarities as I recall - eg sacrificing a civilian convoy - but what is the truth I wonder? Is it just that records about Turing weren´t available to the public when the original Enigma film was made?


Farida 1426786726

Jonty, sorry.. no idea about any of those films.

But as you know about films... i will ask your opinion about fifty shades of grey. I have heard contradictory opinions, some people advised not to see the picture but it was a best-seller novel. so.. is worth going to the see the movie?  

Zoe77-983368 1426799647

Farida, do not waste your time and your money. The film is bad!

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