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I imagine that there are many Game of Thrones fans amongst the AngloINFO user base. I am one!  And I imagine that all you others were as horrified as I was with the dramatic ending to the 5th series last Sunday (13h June). But the question is - is Jon Snow dead? I say not. Why? Simply because he still has so much to offer the story; his time has not yet come. His death would be - unlike all the other deaths in the saga so far - untimely. He has not yet fulfilled his karma! And also because the final book in the series so far is inconclusive about whether he did or did not die. But - I hear you say - we saw him stabbed and lying lifeless in the snow. So how can he not be dead? Here are some possibilities: 1. He was dreaming - he was only stabbed in his dreams; to be as unpopular as he made himself in Castle Black by doing the right thing re the wildlings would surely be enough to give anyone nightmares - especially knowing the kind of people that make up the Knight´s Watch 2. He was stabbed many times, yes, and lost a lot of blood. But not mortally stabbed. He may just be unconscious, and some sympathetic resident of Castle Black may yet take him away and nurse him back to health. Now Sam has gone it is not easy to think who that might be - perhaps one of the wildlings knowing that their survival depends on him? 3. Melisandre is back at Castle Black - and we know she and the Lord of Light can bring people back from the other side..... And what could happen once he proves to be alive still? Presumably his attempted murder by his brothers releases him from his oath. So could he join Stannis and fight to re-win Winterfell (with the wildlings?) And if the rumour that his mother was not a barmaid but a Targaryen could he make a claim for the iron throne? Or, indeed, could he marry Danaeris!? Let´s hope we don´t have to wait too long for the next series and/or the next book!! Any views?


Patito 1434500033

Wow!!!  Many interesting theories!!!

I really want to think that Jon´s death is not real, it just was a bad dream! 

He cannot be dead, Jon is one of the most important characters on the story.  I did not know that his mother was a Targaryen! that is another reason to keep Jon on the story, he may be the next king!

Alexanderthegreat-983382 1434531519

It is a real bummer that we will have to wait so long to find out - the best part of a year I imagine. Also there is no sign of the next book(s) being published. Last time I was in the UK I asked about this in Waterstone´s bookshop. They said that GRRM is working on another project - so no clue when the next GoT book will come out.

Cio07 1434624534

I´m sure Jon is dead.  It can not be a dream. That is one of the very good things of the serie, main characters die, as happened to Eddard Stark. But... we will have to wait to know....


Johnboy-983381 1435149443

Sorry Cio, I have to disagree. Jon cannot be dead.

In fact, I have had further thoughts about how this will all work out. The Red Lady hasn´t abandoned Stannis. Rather she returned to Castle Black knowing what would happen to Jon Snow, and knowing too that she can help him cheat death. She will do this, so that he can rally the Wildlings to fight for Stannis and help him overcome Roose Bolton. They will follow him a) because they don´t have a reall leader, b) out of gratitude for escaping the White Walkers and the Dead, c) because he will not ask them to kneel, and d) because his attempted murder by the Knight´s Watch was because he helped them in the first place.

What will happen after that is not clear. I think Danaeris will be a better ruler than Stannis - so I suspect the latter won´t survive. In any case what he did to his daughter is unpardonable. He is as guilty as was his wife - and she ended up strung up.

And somehow Jon Snow and Danaeris getting together seems inevitable - and if Tyrion is still with them we have here the means to unite the Kindgom - Starks, Targaryens and Lannisters. The Dornish will join if they see these three houses united. So we can begin to see the way the story will end. No doubt there will be twists of the way, of course. For example, what about the Stark girls?

kingtorta 1436969517

Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, appeared at Comic-Con last week. She says that Jon Snow is no more and if us fans hang to hope we will be disappointed. I haven't read the books though I know they tend to deviate from them in the tv series.

But if he turns out to be alive next season, I'd put money on a wildling trying to save him. Meslisandre is a good bet as well---remember that she tried to sleep with him for some future plan of hers, hence her return to The Wall.

Johnboy-983381 1437525473

Can't be true kingtorta. Please tell me it isn´t......aaarghh!!!!

frisbies 1439829014

I know everyone is crazy about GOT, its was huge in Australia when I left. I gave it a good shot... 6 episodes... but I just couldn't get into it! What's the appeal really? its just a silly story of kingdom rivalry with some opportune medieval style sex scenes thrown in...

El_otro 1440409879

I too am a fan and can't wait to see what happens. I'm not sure I agree that Jon Snow can't be dead though - almost all the characters that have died so far (Ned Stark, Rob Stark, Tywin Lannister etc) had much to offer and still could have had major roles to play. But real life's not like that. So could JFK and Ritchi Valens.... So nor is life in the GOT universe, which reflects real life in so many ways. That, frisbies, is part of it's appeal. Certainly historically people did behave the way they do in GOT; and I would argue that many (unfortunately) still do today. I also like the theme about the destructive nature of organised religion which we are very much experiencing in today's modern world. And the magical aspects bring out the idea that there are forces in the world that do exist but that we have lost touch with (which I also believe). And there aren't many sex scenes at all......

frisbies 1440585585

El otro - I see your point about drawing parallels from GOT themes to the modern world and believe that this perhaps GOT is one of the best examples of this, certainly the most popular. At the end of the day, I think I just don't get into the whole medieval thing, or TV series anymore in general, so it might not be GOT so much as me :)

Cio07 1463153494

Well.... for the followers of Game of Thrones.... now we know! Jon is NOT dead. I did not like at all the amazing resurrection of Jon Snow.....

Admin 1463442509

Well Cio, it seems that Johnboy was right, and that Maisie Williams was deceiving everyone (see KingTorta's post above....!!). I am personally glad John Snow is still around - he still has a major part to play in the story - will he marry Danaerys?

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