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I wonder if I am alone in thinking that Star Wars Episode VII is the most disappointing film I have ever seen in my life. There was nothing original about it, so many scenes were nothing but re-hashes of scenes from previous episodes (eg the attack on the Death Star), and much of it was just stupid. How can a stormtrooper brought up to obey (I thought they were all clones anyway....) suddenly turn into a goodie? And even more incredibly, how can he magically suddenly know how to fight with a light sabre (for which you need to know how to use the force, not so?)  I thought when they brought Jah Jah Binks in it was getting silly....I didn't think it could get much worse. But it has - a lot worse! No wonder Harrison Ford got himself killed. I expect he wanted nothing to do with future episodes. What a disasterous way to continue with what was - at the beginning - an absolutely brilliant concept magnificently produced. I doubt if George Lucas is impressed! I could go on....


El_otro 1451569709

Totally agree. A complete sell-out. I wonder how much they paid Mark Hammill for appearing lke that at the end....!? Maybe he will have more of a role in Episode 8?

Interestingly my wife liked it - but she has never watched any of the previous ones so didn't notice the total lack of originality. And I guess one must gridgingly admot that the film was quite well made for a tech p.o.v.


Patito 1451999649

The movie is very good. Obviously, it is not original! the main idea was to recap the previous films. We have already gone twice to watch the movie!! and I can go again!!

adog78 1452097371

I agree that the movie was a financial cop out, albeit the movie itself was made well. It was classic unoriginal Hollywood material - not bad but just nothing new and certainly anyone who knows the originals would not say that it is a seat-gripper...

Admin 1452120732

Yes it was well made - but that is about all that can be said. I didn't think the acting was very good, even by Harrison and Carrie) And Mark Hamill didn't exactly have to do much....

There were also a lot of inconsistencies with the original star wars world. I mentioned the fact that a stormtrooper can't just pick up a light sabre and be good enough to fight with a Sith (or whatever) Lord. It took Luke long enough to master it in "A New Hope". But also - you can't just jump to light speed - you have to do calcs so you don't crash into stars! And also - what a coindidence that the Falcon just happens to be in a junkyard on the planet where Rey was a scavenger....

I suspect the lack of originality will continue. We will no doubt find out in the next episode that just as Luke and Leia turned out to be brother and sister, issue of Anekin and Amidala, so we will discover that Rey and Kylo Ren were also brother and sister, issue of Han and Leia..... This of course would explain Rey's sense of the Force....

Really, not good :(

Tony-10066107 1453844278

Interesting that opinions are so divided about this movie! Interesting too that it didn't get any major oscar nominations - just more "techie" nominations like music (if that's techie....), film editing, sound editing etc. Says it all really. I'm a fan of the original 3 movies in particular. The next 3 were just about OK - and it's true that there is nothing new in this latest one. Didn't stop it making money though!  Personally I thought The Martian with Matt Damon was a much better sci-fi movie.

chillykillay 1454416462

I've never seen star wars and I kinda dig being the weirdo who still hasn't seen it. But if i do cave in while bedsiting one day I'll check it out. I heard there's a special order to watching the series that includes skipping one of the 'episodes' entirely.

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