Paddington movie

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Does anyone know where the new Paddington movie can be seen in English?


Farida 1421258590

Hi, is paddington movie still on theatres?.

Hamish, did you find out if it is in English or Spanish?


Fred-the-red 1427329510

I didn´t get to see the Paddington movie when it was on in the cinemas in DF. The kids were not pleased. But I did see it on the plane on the way back from the UK recently. I say I saw it - in fact I switched it off probably less than a 3rd of the way through. It is awful! The animations are brilliant - but the dialogue is terrible - and all sorts of things are invented that were never in Michael Bond's book (which I grew up with). So in hindsight I am glad I didn´t see it here. I haven´t dared tell the kids I had the opportunity to see it though. No doubt it will appear in a stocking at Christmas or something...

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