Semana Santa

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Hoping to hear about some great places to check out either in or near Mexico City this Semana Santa.  I just discovered Malinalco, and I loved it. I know the Feria de la Ciudad de Mexico will also be taking place.  Any suggestions in particular the see or hear at that event?


Trevor-983255 1427207352

Jazz musicians Magos Herrera & Javier Limon at Palacio de la Antigua Escuela de Medicina, Calle Brasil 33, Centro Historico - Sat 28th march 20:00.  Great act!

Patito 1427537579

Lots of places around Mexico City, I will recommend "Real del Monte" (my favorite), nice little town where you can eat "pastes"; this town has interesting places to visit (an hour driving from DF).  Tequisquiapan is another beautiful town (but you will have to drive two hours at least -from DF-).  Enjoy!!!

Ilovescuba 1427675350

I think the best thing to do is to stay in Mexico City since everyone else will have gone away! The streets will be quiet, the metro not too crowded.... Also hotel prices always go up at Semana Santa. We are planning to take a few days off the week after next when everyone else will be back. Of course we don´t have kids to worry about so that makes it easier!

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