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Pete Green



I guess it was always inevitable that those of us born in the 50s would at some point find ourselves surrounded by the news that icons or our youth - many of whom remained part of our lives ever since - were passing away. It seems that time is upon us. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey, Signe Anderson and Paul Kantner.... and I woke up this morning to see that Terry Wogan can now be added to the list. Although he was never my favourite broadcaster (nor was Jefferson Airplane one of my favourite bands), nevertheless he - like Ziggy Stardust and the girl whose moind was toiffany twisted - was just someone who was always around.  Not any more. I guess my generation is just gettung old! :(


John99 1455146797

This is true. But remember also that many who you would have thought would have keeled over a long tome ago because of their lifestyles - Keith Richards for example - are stiil going strong. The Stones are coming to Mexico again! So though we have lost some, let's be thankful for the ones that are still around. 

El_otro 1455631447

Good to see that the departed greats were honoured at the Grammys. Lady Gaga as Bowie....it kinda works...!!

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