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I will be moving to Mexico City this summer with a five year old and a three year old.  We will likely live in Polanco due to the proximity to my husband's work.  But I'm concerned that means either I will sit in traffic (or my kids will sit in traffic on a school bus) to get to school.  Which international schools are the "best?"  Ideally, bi-lingual.  And ideally, near-ish Polanco.   Also, is there a good website for searching apartment rentals?

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Are there any reliable and safe child sitting service providers in Mexico City? Any recommendations? Thanks    

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Anyone recommend any English language basic and fun cooking courses for kids?  

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any suggestions on what to do (activities/places) with children during this school break?  in the city please!...  thanks!

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I believe Mexico celebrates Mother's Day as any other country, right? but.. I couldn't see anything about this "Day" on the streets, is it normal? or When is Mother's Day in Mexico?

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