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I will be moving to Mexico City this summer with a five year old and a three year old.  We will likely live in Polanco due to the proximity to my husband's work.  But I'm concerned that means either I will sit in traffic (or my kids will sit in traffic on a school bus) to get to school.  Which international schools are the "best?"  Ideally, bi-lingual.  And ideally, near-ish Polanco.   Also, is there a good website for searching apartment rentals?

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Hello RLavi. The idea of which international school is "best" is very subjective! The better known ones for people living in the Polanco area are the American School (ASF), Greengates and the French Lycee. However the former two would require journeys in school buses or in traffic. There are many other excellent pre-primary and primary schools in the Polanco Lomas area also used by foreigners as well as locals. A comprehensive list of pre-primary schools is available in our business directory here:, and one of primary schools is available here: Schools which offer "all the way through" education (kindergarten through secondary/IB) can be found here: 

With regard to searching for apartments you could contact some of the agents in our directory here: Alternatively if you would like a full "relocation" package - where your hand will be held through flat-search, school search, immigration etc you might like to contact one of the companies listed here:

We hope that this is helpful. Good luck with your search - and with your move. Mexico City looks forward to receiving you!

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