Mother´s Day

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I believe Mexico celebrates Mother's Day as any other country, right? but.. I couldn't see anything about this "Day" on the streets, is it normal? or When is Mother's Day in Mexico?

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John99 1426489189

I am in the UK right now - and certainly yesterday was Mother´s Day here. However I have an idea that in Mexico - where I live - it is celebrated on a different day

John99 1426489250

In fact I just googled it - 10th May is Mothers´Day in Mexico.....

Patito 1426513997

Hi Farida, as John99 said, 10th May is Mother's Day in Mexico. The date doesn't change, it is always on the 10th (it doesn't matter if it is a weekday). Celebration of Mother´s Day in Mexico is very important, you will see all kind of ads when the date approaches. Impossible not to see it.

Farida 1426599522

Patito, John, thank you for your answers! Good to know that Mexico celebrates Mother´s Day!

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