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I am fortunate in that my wife is Mexican with a credit history here, and so is able to apply for credit cards. I, however, am a permanent resident. And I remember distinctly when I was given my card that I was told I would be treated exactly like a Mexican here - except that I can´t vote (I have a beef about that - maybe another time....) But it just isn´t true! Many banks won´t give me credit cards (finally I think HSBC will), department stores won´t, and even some hotels demand my passport because I am "extranjero".  So be warned!. A permanent Resident's card does not mean you will be treated like a local for tramites etc. We still have more hoops to jump through than local residents.

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I guess we are all aware that last month the Congreso de la Unión" approved the change of status of Mexico City from being the Distrito Federal (like the District of Columbia) to being "Cuidad de México", with equal status to all other states in the union. Increasingly this decision is being criticised, not least on the grounds of cost at a time when the federal government is slashing spending due to decreasing oil revenues. I wonder what effect this will have on us as residents of the city?

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I was wondering if any of you Angloinfoers know how does working in Mexico and paying taxes to the U.S government works.  I believe American citizens are obligated to pay some taxes to IRS if they do work oversease. Tried calling the embassy here in Mexico City, but they don´t seem to have a concrete answer. 

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I am looking to start an E-commerce business in Mexico and am looking for a recommendation for a good English speaking lawyer. I need help with all the various bits of paperwork to do that. Any advice / recommendations would be appreciated!   Graham  

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Hello everybody! Does anyone know if it is possible to open a bank account in dollars? Which bank does it?

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I'm currently visiting and was recently offered a job here. I came here as a long-termish tourist but am wondering if it's possible to get a work permit or visa (not sure which is necessary; maybe both?) while still here or do I need to go back to America and start whole process there? Thanks in advance.

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