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I am fortunate in that my wife is Mexican with a credit history here, and so is able to apply for credit cards. I, however, am a permanent resident. And I remember distinctly when I was given my card that I was told I would be treated exactly like a Mexican here - except that I can´t vote (I have a beef about that - maybe another time....) But it just isn´t true! Many banks won´t give me credit cards (finally I think HSBC will), department stores won´t, and even some hotels demand my passport because I am "extranjero".  So be warned!. A permanent Resident's card does not mean you will be treated like a local for tramites etc. We still have more hoops to jump through than local residents.

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Silver785 1427972737

Try Aeromexico's American Express.  High fees but they give them even to temp resident's and if you fly alot it's actually a good way to collect points and free tickets. Won't helpw ith hotles that want you're passport but it's a good start.

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Thanks Silver. I have always avoided Amex because of the fees, but you have a point. I will check them out. And I like the idea of airmiles (or points, whatever) - though you still get stung for taxes so using them isn´t as attractive as the airlines like to make them seem....

Silver785 1428319165

All true Johnnycook but it's a way to start to buld credit rating in Mexico.  I got so tired of having to send money to myhome accounts to pay my old credit card that it made sence for me to get the Aeromexico card.  the taxes arent; too bad really.  We are flying to Canada at x-mas on Aeoromexico points for the cost of a really nice dinner!

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Which Amex card have you got Silver? And how much does it cost?

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STOP PRESS! It seems that HSBC will in fact give me a Credit Card even though I am an extranjero with no bienes imobiliarios in the city. I haven´t got it yet..... but the signs are good. It appears that having a permanent resident´s card (and of course an account with the bank) are pre-reqs. Note that no "aval" appears to be required. 

But the proof of the pudding will be in the receiving of the card....!!

Intrepidcyclist 1429728114

Hey Johnny - you are right not to get too excited.  Twice I was given a credit card from Santander and each time when I tried to activate it I was not albe to. Head office over-ruled the branch even though I have a regular income, lots of savings and a temp residence card.  Found this forum looking for other options and will give Aeromexico a call.  Good luck with HSBC, lol

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Success! I now have credit cards from both HSBC AND Amex. The HSBC one is free (I was an Advance customer when I applied), and the AMEX one (the Aeromexico basic one) is free for the first year, and I got a bunch of Club Premier points! Problem with the AMEX one is that I haven´t been able to activate it yet (the activation provess was like applying all over again and I got fed up after 45 mins. I will try again soon....!!

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