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Francesco‚Äôs is a family owned and operated pizzeria boasting authentic, Italian flavor! Our recipes have been passed down through generations, and our ingredients are fresh. Combine the two, and you enjoy delicious homemade cooking. We are conveniently located in Amityville and offer dine-in, takeout, delivery, and catering. Just visit at http://francescosamityville.com

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Living a healthy life style should not be an effort,t it must be a part of your natural being. I offer some mouth watering and healthy options when it comes to a healthy life style. It is part of my natural being. I specialize in cuisine of the Sub continent. My style of cooking is unique compare to many chefs from Sub continent. I cook with all natural and fresh ingredients and light spices. Following are the choices for your next cooking class with me. I will teach you a well kept restaurant secret. With few easy steps you will learn to cook all the following dishes. In addition to all this, I will further show you how to make quick hot chutnies (spicy salsas). And couple of exotic drinks. ## Step 1: Together we will create THE MASALA - The Secert Sauce. We will create several dishes using this Masala and tweak recipes as we go. Visit me onlinehttp://chefnasiminsari.com/cooking-class.html

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Any specific special Mexican Xmas dishes I should be aware of?

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Does anyone know if anyone prepares cooked Christmas turkies to order with traditional stuffing?  Charlotte's bistron used to do this but alas, no more.

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Always heard that Mexico is quite rich, gastronomically speaking. Any tips about the regional cuisine or dishes that I can only have here? 

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Choosing the right sauce for your taco might not seem the most important choice of the day, but I always end up spending a few moments deliberating the decision. I want to know who favors the famous tomato red sauce and who, the tantalizing avocado green and why???

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Hi! Has anyone used the website "british corner shop"?   Mexico is listed on the site, but someone commented (few months ago) that they do not deliver products in Mexico.  I think it changed recently, but before to order, I would like to have a recommendation, if it is possible.

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