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Any specific special Mexican Xmas dishes I should be aware of?

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Does anyone know if anyone prepares cooked Christmas turkies to order with traditional stuffing?  Charlotte's bistron used to do this but alas, no more.

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Always heard that Mexico is quite rich, gastronomically speaking. Any tips about the regional cuisine or dishes that I can only have here? 

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Choosing the right sauce for your taco might not seem the most important choice of the day, but I always end up spending a few moments deliberating the decision. I want to know who favors the famous tomato red sauce and who, the tantalizing avocado green and why???

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Hi! Has anyone used the website "british corner shop"?   Mexico is listed on the site, but someone commented (few months ago) that they do not deliver products in Mexico.  I think it changed recently, but before to order, I would like to have a recommendation, if it is possible.

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