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Dear Friends of Mexican Debate,We have crossed the halfway point of raising funds for our Mexican Debate Summer Camp and Team Mexico – Singapore though our Indiegogo Campaign and private donations in just 21 days. We greatly appreciate everyone who has donated thus far but we still have a ways to go before we can fully support every Mexican debater that wants to come to debate camp and offset the costs of those going to represent Team Mexico in Singapore.Of course, you can contribute to this cause by donating. But we are also asking you to share our campaign with others who would see the value of this very worthy project and what it can do for students in Mexico who will one day be the leaders of this country. Do it for the students. Do it for social justice. Do it for Mexico! http://igg.me/at/mexicodebate/x/2827407Please LIKE and SHARE!Thank you,Mark Webber Debate Camp DirectorTeam Mexico Coach

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Hello Everyone! I posted a while back about how much to tip our maid - thanks for the tips!  I talked alot about this with friends too and I realized that I am uncomfortable using the word "muchacha" to refer to our maid.  It seems sort of derrogatory to me.  I once heard someone use the phrase that she was "corriendo como una muchacha" (running like a muchacha) and she clearly did not mean that in a good way.  I know that "chacha" is definitely not a positive thing to say, but what about "muchacha"?  Would a maid refer to herself as a "muchacha"?  Maybe I am being too PC about this, but I would love to hear what others think.    

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Hi Folks Does anyone else live near Mazaryk? All this construction is making me crazy! My husband and I have been living right on Mazaryk for about two months now...I knew there was constructiion when we picked our apartment (pretty hard to miss), but I had no idea it would be going on for so long!  During the day I just have to live with it until it ends (if it ever ends), but are they allowed to keep working at night?! Every night they work late, until about 9, but some nights (like last night, which is why I am grumpy today) they were working and making alot of noise all night long.  It woke us up over and over. I'm not working yet, but my husband has to get up and work without sleep too often. My Mexican neighbours just shrug their shoulders when I ask them if the noise is bothering them too.  I guess people here are used to it.  But not me!  Does anyone know the laws about this stuff?  Or where I can find out about noise by-laws, or how to complain about this middle of the night work?  Or am I just gong to have to wait until it is over? Help!!

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Does anyone have recomendations for Primary & Secondary schools with a strong music curriculum?  Schools which have their own piano, instruments, orchestra maybe? Additionally, are their any special dedicated music schools for further practice?    

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I just came back from a trip to the UK - on AeroMexico. And (insofar as travelling cattle class can ever be pleasant), it was not bad at all. And much better than BA on the same route. More legroom, more pleasant cabin crew, and OK food. The best bit - just over 10,000 pesos round trip - I bought the tickets during one of AeroMexico´s regular sales.  So a tip: sign up for Club Premier, receive the offers, and take advantage of them when they come. You can save lots. Also if you don´t like booking online (though again AeroMexico make it easier than BA) Ickey Monk at Hivisa Viajes (http://mexicocity.angloinfo.com/af/244/mexico-city-travel-agents-and-trip-planners.html) is able to get the same prices - and take away the pain - for a very modest service charge. He will also take European credit cards - AeroMexico don´t accept them for online bookings.

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Hello. I have been to Valle de Bravo, Cuernavcaca, and Puebla. Can anyone recommend other places to go for a weekend (either one or two nights) within reasonable driving distance of the city? Preferably somewhere with character, with nice scenery. And archeological ruins to explore are always a bonus!  Thanks in advance.

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Many UK citizens in Mexico City will be aware - but some may not be - that the UK Governmant has put financial restrictions on UK citizens returning to the UK with non-UK (and non-EU) husbands or wives. This is outrageous discrimination. An e-gov petition has been started to persuade the Government to change this policy. If you are a Brit please sign this electronic petition: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/65859 Thank you!

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I have bought a new PC and want to transfer my Outlook from the current PC to the new one. I have many personal files. The version of Outlook is 365. I have tried to migrate the files myself - it was a disaster.  Does anyone know of someone who can do this migration for me? I am prepared to pay!

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Hello everyone, I am new to this site and I hope that you all can help me understand how this Christmas tipping works.  This is our first Christmas here and I am not sure about what we are supposed to do. We have a maid who comes to our apartment 1 day a week.  She is great and we are happy to give her a Christmas bonus.  We would even if we didn't have to by law.  But what are the requirents, especially for a part time person? I asked a friend of mind who says that she just gives her maid her regular daily pay X 4.  Does this sound right?  That woudl be fine I just want to make sure we are giving her at least as much as the law says. What about people who don't work for you but probably should get tipped and Christmas?  I am thinking about the doormen in our building, the garbage collectors, but how much? We tip the doormen all the time for things, do they expect a big tip now too? thanks for your help  

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Can any one suggest a place to rent a tux?  My wife and I are going to the Saint Andrew's ball next weekend.  We thought it will a great chance to meet people but now I am stuck with having to find a tux.  Any suggestions will be great.

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Hello - I am almost embarrassed to be asking this, but can anyone tell me how to mail a letter from Mexico City?  I have used DHL in the past for important things, but it is too costly for the item I want to send.  I will certainly appreciate any help with this.  Thank-you.

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Is there someone there from Austria? I need to know what really "Melbourne style" means when you are talking about dress code. Do I need to wear a hat? even if the event is a night event?   I will appreciate some help, please!!! Thanks!  

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