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Is it possible to somehow "fail" the immigration health exam?  I understand the second track related to having been exposed to TB.  But what, for example, would be the consequence of having been exposed to some other common but non-fatal disease?  Would one's immigration process be compromised?  

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HI ! Next Saturday 24th of Sept I will be giving a short course about Hormone Yoga Therapy in Polanco. This is the first time this technique is being given in Mexico, and you're going to love it as it works really well to maintain hormones levels in balance at every stage of the woman's life.If you have thyroid issues, PMS, infertility issues, or you are experiencing symptoms of low hormone levels while in pre-menopause or menopause, you can correct this ! The technique is very simple and quick to do at home. Join us this Saturday, if you want more info please check out my website www.centro108.com/talleres

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Anyone interested in forming a new English-speaking study group for A Course in Miracles? Lomas de Chapultepec, Santa Fe, Bosques de las Lomas areas?

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From what I have seen, in the City, most people always go to the gym to do exercise and they never do exercise outdoors. And... I´m wondering if it is this due to a health issues -pollution-? Or insecurity? Is it safe to exercise at the park?  Nice if you could share your comments.  From what I have seen many people doing exercise at the gym and I do not think they like to exercise outdoors. Is this due to a health issue (pollution?) Or insecurity?

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Hi All, Do you happen to know a good doctor of the souls in DF who speaks English? Many thanks, Eka

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Seeing the Today post on the AngloINFO Mexico City home page about air quality prompts me to ask whether I am alone in thinking that air quality here has deteriorated over the past 3 years despite such "green" measures as more modern buses and peseros, more ecobici routes and stations, and more Metrobus routes. And despite also more rain at times of the year when rain would not historically have been expected. I remember a few years ago I used to regularly be able to see the volcanoes from parts of the Circuito Interior, from the road to Santa Fe, even from some north-south streets in the city. I haven´t seen them for months. Am I wrong? Or if I am right why could this be? Less wind? More pollution from other sources (certainly there seem to be more and more huge fume-spouting lorries around)? Global warming? Or what?

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Greetings, So great to see your website has opened!  I just moved here - can't wait to meet other expats!! I hope someone can help me - I want to buy grassfed or organic beef and have no idea where to look!! I know there are some great markets for organic greens but have no luck finding meat - people look at me cross-eyed when I try to ask!!  I just moved here and don't know my way around yet - please suggest!! Peace, Tigerlily      

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