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Does anyone know if IKEA is coming to Mexico? My girlfriend and I are moving to Mexico City in the spring and we are trying to decide what to bring and what to get rid of. I know IKEA isn't their yet but heard rumors they might be coming.


Silver785 1415216778

No IKEA yet, sad to say.  Try IDEA (sneaky, huh?), the budget version of IKEA.  NOt the same variety or quality, but it's good for kichen stuff and allenkey furniture.  Keep an eye on sales at Liverpool for furniture.  It isn't cheap but probabley better then having you're stuff shipped to Mexico.  And there's lots of places to buy cheap furniture especially if you are not staying here for ever.  Plus I met someone here that had a lot of there stuff stolen when they shipped it, and it took forever to get here. That was from Europe though, so it might be different if you are coming from the States or driving.

Kathy 1415237438

nop, IKEA is not in Mex, but a lot of places where you can buy furnitures in the City. when people move, there are a lot of garage sales. Liverpool is an option. there are cheaper stores like Viana but don´t expect good quality. obviously it depends on what you are looking for. but yes there are options. 

Admin-968334 1415564626

We have some furniture shops listed in the business directory. Always happy to add more - the criteria is that they need to be able to deal with customers in English. Contact mexicocity@angloinfo.com with any ideas you may have. Thanks! The more info on our site the better it is for you - our users.

Fred-the-red 1415655266

I wish IKEA would come here. Not all their stuff is brilliant quality - but for people not wanting to spend fortunes on furniture because we won´t be here for ever and don´t want the expense of shipping it all home or to the next place we go it´s really perfect. Doesn´t anyone know anyone in the Swedish Embassy - perhaps they could talk to the company. They would have a brilliant market here.

GirlfromCanada 1415701993

Hi there!  So funny that when we are just starting out we can't wait to have 'real furniture' instead of IKEA, and now we get all excited at the idea of finding a Billy bookshelf in Mexico! Fred-the-Red, you are right, they would make a killing here...maybe we should talk about setting up an IKEA import company for expats! Haha!

peoplayer 1418535313

IKEA opened an office many years ago (10+). They opened it to source products like MDF-boards, wood, etc. Usually they do this to study the market and how reliable it is, and they do this before opening a store. Unfortunately, it seems something didn't go to well, since they have yet to open a store. Last year, the Swedish PM was here and signed some kind of agreement with Bancomext in order to provide financial security for Swedish companies investing in Mexico, among them IKEA. So all hope is not lost! There were rumours of a store opening in Guadalajara a few years ago, but nothing happened. You can, however, buy IKEA products on mercadolibre.com.mx - however vastly overpriced.

kingtorta 1436969790

I've heard about IDEA (they were mentioned in an exhibition about copies in design, COPIAS but never saw any info on them online.

Kathy 1437007658

Yep, IDEA is a good option! It isn´t exactly the same, but still an option. And... ok... IKEA is good but not that great, there are so many nice stores in the City that I just cannot understand people keep asking about IKEA. 



JPCP 1437086383

The great thing about IKEA - in my view - is that you can buy much of the furniture (beds, tables, bookshelves, cupboards etc) flatpacked and can build it your self. This is great if you live in a high rise apartment block. So does IDEA sell stuff flatpacked? And is it good quality? I have never heard of it....

CarlW-973268 1443022360

Finally, I understand the provider who was seeking permission to import IKEA furniture has got the go ahead and in the coming days I will be able to load up the contact details.  Exciting !!

Admin 1443029503

Great news CarlW.  Any idea how long before they will have IKEA stuff available? Do they have a website? I use IDEA from time to time. Similar to IKEA but not so good quality I would say. And yes JPCP they do sell furnitire flatpacked - but they will put it tiogether for you for quite a reasonable price. The model is clearly based on IKEA - which will presumable position itself higher up the quality/price ladder, and target slightly higher socio-economic groups.

CarlW-973268 1443359194

Details in the Shopping Section, Furniture & Home Decor

Contact Bart for more details 

Bart Hermsen - Ikea Importer

Furniture & Home Decor

Ikea furniture imported from europe and delivered to your home. Monte Tauro 221, Col. Lomas Chapultepec, 11000 Mexico DF.

Alexanderthegreat-983382 1444870194

I read that Ikea will in fact be opening in Monterrey at some point in the not too far distant future. But no details available yet. Meanwhil I was looking for office furtiture recently and came across this one: http://www.mueblesimportadosikea.com/. I didn't buy anythikmg though - it all seemed a bot expensive!

LydsInMex 1468261942

I´ve just read an article that says IKEA are hiring in Mexico for market research positions....fingers crossed?!

Here is the link: http://www.elfinanciero.com.mx/empresas/ikea-alista-entrada-a-mercado-mexicano.html

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