Pls advise on good neighborhoods in Mexico City

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Eli Smith



Hello!! we probably have to move to Mexico City and I´m looking for general info about rentals (preferably flats) the City is huge and the prices I found are so cheap or very very expensive, is it normal?  How much should I expect to pay for a three bedrooms flat? I think to be in downtown is the best option, but are there other neighborhoods to consider? It will be good if someone can give me some advise on this....  Eli.  


Magally 1416316932

Hello Eli,

yes, Mexico city is a big city therefore many things to be considered. My recommendation would be to choose a neighborhood as close as possible from you job (so you will not have to deal with heavy traffic hours).

If you decide to live close to downtown you have two options: to live where all expats live or to live surrounded by a mexican atmosphere. If you decide to go where a lot of expats live, search for Condesa, Roma or Juarez (also Polanco but that is more expensive and not so close from the city center).  If you want to save some money, you can rent a place in the borders of any of these neighborhoods.

Prices not only depend on the neighborhood but also in how old the building is.

Please if you need more details I will be happy to help.








Hamish-983375 1416360519

It really depends what you are looking for. Budget, and space required are keyconsiderations as they are anywhere. And yes - it is normal for the same sized apartment to cost considerably more in some areas than in others. And I would agree with Magally that in a city as big and congested as Mexico City being close to work is a big advantage.

Apart from the areas mentioned by Magally expats with families often choose t live in Lomas, La Herradura, Interlomas and Palmas. These tend not to be cheap options. Many of the longer term expat residents live in the South: Mixcoac, San Angel, Churrubusco and San Jeronimo. I have been here for years - and I don´t know any expats that live in the Centro. But if you don´t want to mix with expats this could be a good option.

Best advice - if you are not in a hurry - is to explore all these areas and see how you feel. Estate agents can help - there are several property categories in the bsuiness directory of this site. And there is information about how the rental market works in the Information pages.

Justpeachy-982476 1416397184

Hi Eli - Exciting and scary to be moving here!  I have lived here for a year and I love it.  It needs an open mind for sure and where you live can have a huge impact on your quality of living.  It is good that you are already looking.

I live in Polanco and we chose this area because it meant my DH could walk to work.  What the others said about traffic is a big thing to consider.  It is more expensive than many other parts of the city, but we don't need a car living here and thats a HUGE plus.  No parking, no fighting traffic, etc. etc.  I can walk to everything I need in the area, and take a taxi if I need to.  There is a Metro station also. We might pay more rent here, but we save it in not having a car. There a lots of parks  and shops and its great to be so close to Chapultpec Park and the museums.  Our friends LOVE to visit us here!

It is true that lots of expats live in thsi area, but lots of Mexicans do too, and english isnt as common as people might expect.  The advantage of being in an 'expat area' is that there are lots of language schools and specialty shops with imported food for when you need that jar of marmite or marmalade :-)

The only real downside in Polanco right now is the construction on the main street in the area, Mazaryk.  It has been going on forever, but it actually looks like it is getting close to done. 

Something else to think about though.  Do you have kids?  If you do you need to think about where they will go to school.  There are lots of schools in the area, but some of the english schools are not very close and that will be just as important as where you work (traffic hassel).

Good luck!  Im sure you will get lots of good advice.  If you can you should try to come for a week and spend some time in the different neighborhoods to see what they are like.  Happy to help if you have any questions :-)

Tigerlily1988 1416560316

Hi Eli!!

Don't forget about Condesa and Roma!!  I live in Polanco like some of the others here, and I do enjoy this area.  But!! If I had to do it again, I think I might prefer to live in Condesa or Roma.  I liked those areas when I was looking for a place but people told me it was too noisy and rowdy especially at night.  After living in Polanco for a few months I can't imagine that Condesa could be noisier!!

Anyway, Condesa and Roma are trendy areas with lots of parks, great restaurants, and little businesses - you see lots of young families and couples.  The vibe is 'cool'.  It isn't as fancy as Polanco. The apartments are older and maybe more rundown than they are in Polanco.  The prices are lower but still expensive in my opinion.  It is a safe area though with lots of Mexicans and expats.  Let me know if you have any questions!!



Admin-982096 1417346166

Hi Eli. You could also talk to some real estate agents - there are several listed in our Business Directory - and they all speak English!

Eli Smith 1417476382

Thanks everyone for your advice! seems you have many options in Mexico City! Now I have a better idea about the place. Thanks...Eli.

Lavander-10056669 1445806456

If you have a job already expecting you here, you might want to be as close as possible, unless you have kids and you rather be close to their schools.

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