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Hello everyone! Friends of mine recommend me to put a pet camera for looking after my dog while I’m at work, but none of them really have one. Could you share your experience with your pet cams, it is really helpful and worth it ?

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Hello! I am currently located in Mexico City, and our family is interested in welcoming a new dog (a male chihuahua) to our home. We are concerned about dog mills - and we were wondering if you have any information about a chihuahua breeder located near Mexico City. Thanks for your help! 

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I have been taking care of a baby lamb that was given ti me because the mother did not want her since birth. I should have started feeding her with sheep milk but i fed her with cow milk formula for her first week. One day i went to go get her in the morning to feed her and she had hurt her head. It look d really bad now she doesn’t want to eat and I have no clue what to do! In addition with this pandemic I can’t take her to a veterinarian. Any suggestions? 

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Looking for somewhere to board my cat for 4 weeks.  Prefer not for him to just be in a cage at a vets.  Any ideas?

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I infrequently go out of town, sometimes for weekends, sometimes for over a week. Instead of giving the pets to the parents in law all the time does anyone recommend anywhere to leave their dogs and cats for a few days or weeks?

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Does anyone know where to buy grain free cat food in Mexico City? Dry and wet. Cats are consumate carnivores and any brands that I have checked here in DF list corn and gluten as the top two ingredients. Unacceptable! If not, I could make my own food, but that requires a decent amount of work, and the butcher may not want to grind an entire carcass for me as it unnessesarily dulls the grinding blade. Anyone have some insight on this? A butcher that grinds bones? Also, powdered taurine. Any ideas where I might be able to buy that? I'm starting to run low on what I brought from the US and getting a bit nervous. Please help if you can. Thank you

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I have heard through the grapevine that dog fights and cock fights still happen in Mexico City. Is this true? And if so is it legal (I saw Amores Perros recently - I don´t think the film is that old - so perhaps it is true even if not legal...?). I confess to being at the same time fascinated and disgusetd - the same reaction I have to bullfights (great blog on this site by Expatted BTW). I kind of like to experience these things once. Anyone know?

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Anyone have a list of pet (dog) friendly restaurants around the city? Or just a few recommendations.  I have found a few with terrace, but sometimes they don't allow the kids as its designated smoking!

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I live in an apartment complex, and I often work from home. It is clear to me that many people just abandon their dogs indoors all day, from early morning until the evening. And at least one dog just never stops barking - a whiney sort of bark which you know means that it is miserable. And of course hugely annoying when trying to concentrate on work. I like dogs, and I don´t like seeing them badly treated. And I would like to report this situation to teh competent authorities. Does anyone know who these authorities are?

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Hi there!  Is there anyone out there yet? haha! Hopefully there will be a dog person soon?  I want to get a dog, and hoping someone will be able to recommend a place to go.  I would like a little dog (I live in an apartment), but the animal rescue places only seem to have larger dogs available.  I was thinking of looking at the pet stores, but I have heard so many horror stories about puppy mills and I don't want to support that industry.  And craigslist is just scary.  Can anyone suggest a breeder for chichuahas or shitzus or other small breeds?  I don't care about pedigrees or anything like that, I just want a healthy dog. Thanks!

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