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What a great result for Portugal!!!! Herois do Mar!!! Viva Portugal!

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walked passed a shop selling targets, bow and arrow, etc.. but looking for an actual club where i can rent such equipment, use on site and then go home.

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Hello, Does anyone know of any exercise classes taught in English anywhere in Mexico City - looking mostly for yoga or pilates, but would take most anything! Thanks!

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I see that new skyscrapers are going up along reforma and there's one being built in the Glorieta Insurgentes. Any BASE jumpers/thrillseekers/urban explorer photographers wanna meet up to plan some outings?

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I have been diving in loads of places in Mexico - I will share them all here over time. Right now though I am wondering if anyone has any experience of any diving in Puerto Vallarta?

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I am looking for adult training session to improve my soccer skills. It would be nice to register for a amateur soccer league here too. Any recommendations? Thanks Pat

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Any Mexican Crafting groups or workshops out there? I'd rather make things for my friends than buy souvenirs.

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My wife and I are spending a weekend break in Valle de Bravo. Lovely place, and we found a great hotel with a fabulous view of the lake. It has rained quite a bit, and because of the road works on the Toluca motorway it took a lot longer than expected to get here. Worth it though. Getting out of the city is a must I think. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to places to go for the weekend to relax and get some fresh air?

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I have lived in Mexico City for just over a year. As a keen golfer I have been looking for - and failing to find - somewhere to play where either membership is reasonably priced (I reckon the cost of joining some of the clubs here would make Wentworth seem cheap). Luckily I have friends who are members of clubs, so I get invited to play reasonably regularly. But there must be places not too far from the city where either green fees or membership are reasonable?

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Hi, anyone knows if it is possible to ski in Mexico? ..  Maybe... in some state of the north?.  Or... What is the closest place to Mexico city?  I guess USA...  but the nearest place?....Thx.

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I have heard that several scuba dive shops in the city organise weekend diving trips to both the atlantic and the pacific. Disappointed though to find that there isn´t a diving section in the AngloINFO business directory.

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Just wanted to share a great experience we had last weekend. A balloon flight over the Teotihuacan pyramids with Flying Pictures de Mexico. Highly recommended. And Sean, the owner, is a larger than life figure. Breakfast with him after the flight was like attending a comedy show. Thanks Sean, thanks Dianna. We will return.

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