English teacher in Toulouse


Hello, my name is Irene and I live in Toulouse. I have been an English teacher for almost 10 years. I have taught English as a second language in the Philippines, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. My lessons are flexible according to your needs. I have taught many students from different countries: France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Japan, Korea, Argentina, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Russia and different schools and companies: British and international schools in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the youngest; and for adult students: Airbus, FCC (Fast Metro Riyadh), Daikin, Typsa, Italcertifer, Sabic, Tatweer, Saudi Electric Company, freelancers such as neurologists, photographers and independent designers, And much more. I am a multilingual person. My mother tongues are English and Filipino. I can understand the majority of the conversation in Spanish, but speak a little and can understand Arabic a little. Now I am studying French. The fact that I study French and Spanish, knowing other languages, is positive because I am able to see different ways of constructing a sentence. I also know the most typical mistakes between people who speak Latin languages. Teaching young and adult students of different nationalities has improved my skills, as I know their strengths and weaknesses, especially how and when they translate directly from their language to English. I am available during the week. I give lessons in groups and individually. I can show you the positive results of my students who took IELTS. I prefer to be contacted by email: iteach.miles@gmail.com for more details. Feel free to contact me through my email. Thanks. IELTS, FCE, CAE and ESL Instructor Adult Individuals and Groups (company): Airbus Riyadh FCC (FAST Metro Riyadh) Sabic Tatweer Football coaches Saudi Electricity Company Neurologist Daikin Typsa Grade school Australian, American and British System unemployed (preparation for employment) Adult Individuals and Groups (nationality): French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Syrian, Saudi, Jordanian, Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Lebanese, Brazilian, Bahraini, Argentinian, Portuguese Younger Students (nationality): Spanish, Italian, Tunisian, Japanese, Korean , Russian, Indian,

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