Balloons, Paragliding & Flying Clubs

Aero Club du Quercy
Flying club for lessons in the practice and theory of flying microlights and light aircraft. At the Aerodrome Cahors-Lalbenque, Cieurac (46).
ULM Flying Dragon
Gyrocopter flying school offers flying lessons to pilots in the theory and practice of flying gyrocopters in order to obtain a French license. Initiation flights, tourist flights and aerial photographs taken. Pommevic (82).
Centre de Vol a Voile
The Aerodrome of Cahors-Lalbenque is the only flying school in the region offering gliding lessons. Initiation flights and lessons given. Cieurac (46).
Vol Libre Cadurcien
Paragliding club for all ages to meet new people and learn to fly paragliders. Regular events organised to try initiation flights, meet with other clubs and take part in competitions. Douelle (46).
Balloon flights over the Tarn
Hot air balloon flights over the Tarn countryside. Fully licensed, qualified, and insured English pilot. Mornings and evenings, weekdays and weekends throughout the year.
Association Air Libre Montgolfieres
Hot air balloon trips for up to three passengers per flight either in the early morning or 2 hours before sunset from a choice of locations, weather permitting. Winter flights if mild enough. Rouffiac (46).
Sport Decouverte
Hangliding flights over the Tarn and Aveyron valleys taking in the Millau viaduct. Bungee jumping, parachute jumps, helicopter flights offered. Millau (12).
Ulm Midi-Pyrenees
Ultralight aircraft flight experience or private ultralight aircraft pilot lessons. Qualified instructors. Paramotor on foot, air motorcycle, small plane, hot air balloon. Monday to Sunday. Telephone to book. Chemin de Malroux, Albefeuille-Lagarde (82).
Parapente Valley
Hang gliding lessons over the valley of the river Dordogne travelling distances of up to 100 km. Numbers limited to 6. For beginners and the more experienced. Day and weekend sessions. Floirac (46).
Centre Ecole de Parachutisme de Cahors
Parachuting club for beginners and the more experienced based at the aerodrome of Cahors-Lalbenque. Tandem jumps available. Instruction in freeflying, skysurfing and freestyle skydiving. Club house with swimming pool for members. Cieurac (46).
ULM Causses et Vallees
Pilot school at the airport of Figeac-Livernon gives lessons to learner pilots of light aircraft and microlights. Small aircraft and tandem microflights for fun as well. At the Aerodrome Figeac-Livernon. Durbans (46).