Lawyers, Notaires & Legal Advice

SCP Avocats Faugère Lavigne
Law practice for legal assistance in civil, family and property law among others. Speaks English, Spanish and French. 
Notaires de France
Website of the national body of notaires with comprehensive guidelines on the activities and responsibilities of notaires, some practical information and a searchable database for finding local English-speaking notaires.
Calonne and Adoue-Dugast
Boutique law firm with a French general practitioner/advocate with office in Cahors. CPE/GDL passed. Fluent in English and has assisted British clients since 2004. Legal aid accepted. Contact Prune Calonne.
Maître Joy Morton is an English Barrister and French qualified Avocat practicing in the Department du Gers. Her chambers are situated in the market town of Condom. Her main activities are litigation in the following areas: general civil law, criminal law,...
BELVEDERE AVOCATS. Caroline Pons-Dinneweth.
Caroline PONS-DINNEWETH, lawyer partner, is an English speaking French lawyer in Toulouse providing legal assistance to individuals and businesses in South West of France since 1998. She is used to handle expats legal issues and is also a qualified mediat...
Maitre Helene Ferriz-Bruneau
Notaire for assistance with property purchases. Other notaires and partners at the office specialise in family law, business, commercial and real estate law. The office has bilingual staff to deal exclusively with English speaking clients. At Cite des Tab...
Taffy Martin
Expert translator (English/French) registered with the Court of Appeal in Agen. Specialising in legal translations. Fajoles (46).
Maitre Jean-Jacques Boue
Notaire and real estate agent. At 6 Boulevard Victor Guilhem, 82400 Valence d'Agen.