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Certificate of conformity 0 General
My wife has a BMW which is trying to put on French plates is getting nowhere contacting various BMW dealerships etc
started by: vaughan edwards-609192 · last update: 1503502835 · posted: 1503502835
Need to get pallet from near Southampton... 0 General
Is anyone coming down in an empty van in the next few weeks ?
started by: 863690-533753 · last update: 1503153701 · posted: 1503153701
English Paint 0 Home & Garden
does anyone know where I can buy Leyland paint, in South Dordorgne North Lot area
started by: janetblann · last update: 1501438640 · posted: 1501438640
swimming pool maintenance 1 Home & Garden
HI - just been dramatically let down by our pool maintenance guy. can anyone recommend somebody to come weekly to s
started by: Anna-Price-903483 · last update: 1498851985 · posted: 1498641900
Carpet Fitter Wanted 2 Home & Garden
Having looked at numerous French carpet shops (and their fitting) I have decided to buy carpet and the grippers in
started by: Cleave-529483 · last update: 1497516195 · posted: 1269012527
Shipping out furniture 0 General
Does anyone know anyone reliable who might be able to ship out a smallish piece of furniture to the Gers?  
started by: wendy-Bliss-901989 · last update: 1497203353 · posted: 1497203352
Importing goods 0 Home & Garden
started by: wendy-Bliss-901989 · last update: 1497203225 · posted: 1497203224
Swimming pools 0 Home & Garden
Hi,Can anybody help recommending  a swimming pool company who can help overhaul our pool equipment which is ou
started by: Nigel-Butler-901252 · last update: 1496814277 · posted: 1496814276
Swimming pools 0 Home & Garden
Can anybody please recommend a company for swimming pool servicing in the region of nerac,condom,eauze?Thanks
started by: Nigel-Butler-901252 · last update: 1496302747 · posted: 1496302746
Britons beyond Brexit event 0 General
On Friday 02 June: 1330-1600at Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Perigueux
started by: Geographer-617412 · last update: 1495604393 · posted: 1495604392
Medical Care after Brexit 1 General
started by: Jacqueline-de Marigny-900038 · last update: 1494866096 · posted: 1494864812
Looking for funding for Mona, chats du quercy... 0 Pets & Animals
Mona needed highly skilled reconstructive surgery of her abdominal wall to reduce her hernia. Her bladder and the t
started by: dianajames-97674 · last update: 1494356111 · posted: 1494356110
Long Term Rental Required 1 General
We are seeking a 3 bedroom (minimum) house preferably detached, must have dry secure storage (garage/outbuilding) f
started by: Lost in France-883750 · last update: 1493809187 · posted: 1485198046
A couple of men who had a vineyard 1 General
Hi, At the beginning of this year on, I think Channel 4, there was a programme about expats, who had set up busines
started by: bretonlion · last update: 1493151431 · posted: 1492931091
Looking for Bed and Breakfast 0 General
I need some B+B options as I travel around on my Fresh Bacon run. I'm never sure where I end up. I require plug-in
started by: Donal-O´Leary-891683 · last update: 1493036009 · posted: 1493036009
Tax return 2017 3 Financial & Legal
I can no longer find the tick box on form 2042k for income earned outside France and have not been given form 2047.
started by: positive pets-536865 · last update: 1492552441 · posted: 1491489654
Searching for Valerie & Martin Harris 0 General
Bit of a long shot, but I need to contact Valerie & Martin Harris, who used to live in 82400 Pommevic (until la
started by: triumphbabe-633890 · last update: 1489507600 · posted: 1489507600
electrical wiring 0 Home & Garden
Hi we are in the process of buying a house which is in good condition but needs a complete  re-wire as it was
started by: peter-whittaker-894082 · last update: 1488471400 · posted: 1488471400
buying a secondhand car and insuring it 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi I am in the process of buying a little house in France , I expect to ue the house for about six months a year un
started by: peter-whittaker-894082 · last update: 1488391611 · posted: 1487946070
Electrician near Figeac 2 Home & Garden
Hi we are looking for an electrician french or english for a re-wire. We are at St Pierre Toirac midway between Fig
started by: johns-330777 · last update: 1488270850 · posted: 1419603047