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secondary activity 0 General Started by: Louise-Rollason-932649 · Updated: 1652714970 · Created: 1549985910
Hi there. I am an auto-entrepreneur with a business set up and all is fine. However, I want to start another business an
Bathroom Renovation 0 Home & Garden Started by: kerry-horn-939633 · Updated: 1651857140 · Created: 1560869401
I have a house in Saux that needs two bathrooms renovated. Would prefer someone who can speak English. Any recommendatio
Solar panels to heat water and pool 5 Home & Garden Started by: Mjwestla-944855 · Updated: 1645683496 · Created: 1400940525
Hi we are buying a house in the Lot region and are wondering whether it is financially viable to install solar panels to
covid certificate in maiden name 3 General Started by: Denise-Carey-1000704 · Updated: 1645032934 · Created: 1628598321
like many other married women living in france, i expect you are aware by now that all covid vaccination certs are print
Chappee boiler control - heating engineer 0 Home & Garden Started by: Matthew-Bick-1017741 · Updated: 1639402018 · Created: 1639402018
Hi.we have recently purchased a house near Caylus and would like to know of a decent English speaking heating engineer t
Young families in St Antonin 4 Families & Kids Started by: clare-evans-870598 · Updated: 1630407371 · Created: 1474892154
Hi there! I wondered if there were any young families living in or near Saint-Antonin? Also, are there any mothers and t
International Reply Coupon 1 General Started by: Widenose-521829 · Updated: 1624704442 · Created: 1273323951
Hi.Does anyone know how much an International Reply Coupon valid for the UK costs here in France. Just a normal, standa
DRIVING LICENCE 2 General Started by: elaine -keen-986560 · Updated: 1615553135 · Created: 1615453550
Can you please advise meif a person has a UK driving license valid until September 30th this year andwants to take a Fre
Alsatis wifi broadband comments? 4 General Started by: Leigh Butcher-521181 · Updated: 1607779820 · Created: 1264362367
Hi, Looking at Alsatis as a possible provider of a wifi broadband supplier (our existing Orange fixed line service is n
Dentist near Auch 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Hermione-Drew-966815 · Updated: 1595508883 · Created: 1595508883
Anyone know a good OV registered vet who... 0 Pets & Animals Started by: Jeanette-Howard-Leighton-963368 · Updated: 1592402341 · Created: 1592402341
Help needed with a bulletin de mutation! 2 Financial & Legal Started by: rachel · Updated: 1587115617 · Created: 1520855245
Hello everyone, We have been asked to sign a bulletin de mutation by a grandchild of the original owner of some land we
Cracks in walls 0 Home & Garden Started by: Charlie-Dale-946064 · Updated: 1581543393 · Created: 1570366577
Looking for some advice about cracks in walls of our French farm house. Have lived with them for 3 years but concerned n
Car parking Bergerac Airport 0 General Started by: Robert-McGregor-952355 · Updated: 1577983698 · Created: 1577983698
I have just returned from a two week overseas visit having left my car in the Bergerac Airport car park. I was expecting
Orange Livebox 2 - Phone Light 0 General Started by: Rebecca-Hansom-944237 · Updated: 1567879880 · Created: 1567879880
Hi all,I’m posting this on behalf of my parents who aren’t very tech-savvy. We have an Orange Livebox 2 that provide
SEEKING HELPFUL TARBES RESIDENT 1 Non-local Started by: la Musique · Updated: 1559820443 · Created: 1521906575
I want to purchase something advertised in Tarbes, and need help to do so. Would be grateful for any assistance.
Taxi/transfer service from Toulouse-Blagnac... 1 General Started by: dlmeyers-532824 · Updated: 1559820212 · Created: 1552157209
Hi. I need to get 4 people from Toulouse airport to a small village in the Lot. Has anyone used a transfer service they
English speaking property Advocat 2 Financial & Legal Started by: aveyron-533505 · Updated: 1522053616 · Created: 1521450290
I am urgently seeking an English speaking advocat specialising in property in the Rodez Area. I would be grateful for an
Handyman help 0 Home & Garden Started by: Helen-Bowley-925277 · Updated: 1521299710 · Created: 1521299710
Hello. I am in need of a handyman for a few jobs around our house including replacing a roof tile (I have the tile alrea
Playgroups in SW Aveyron 0 Families & Kids Started by: Betsey-Tumarkin-923799 · Updated: 1519921289 · Created: 1519921289
Hello everyone! We will be in Aveyron from late June through mid-August and looking for playgroups or activities for my