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English speaking property Advocat 0 Financial & Legal
I am urgently seeking an English speaking advocat specialising in property in the Rodez Area. I would be grateful f
started by: aveyron-533505 · last update: 1521450290 · posted: 1521450290
Handyman help 0 Home & Garden
Hello. I am in need of a handyman for a few jobs around our house including replacing a roof tile (I have the tile
started by: Helen-Bowley-925277 · last update: 1521299710 · posted: 1521299710
Help needed with a bulletin de mutation! 0 Financial & Legal
Hello everyone, We have been asked to sign a bulletin de mutation by a grandchild of the original owner of some lan
started by: rachel · last update: 1520855245 · posted: 1520855245
Playgroups in SW Aveyron 0 Families & Kids
Hello everyone! We will be in Aveyron from late June through mid-August and looking for playgroups or activities fo
started by: Betsey-Tumarkin-923799 · last update: 1519921289 · posted: 1519921289
English speaking GP/ Doctor in Toulouse 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello I am looking for a good English speaking doctor in Toulouse (preferably central). Thanks in advance for anyon
started by: Cameron-BRAY-922714 · last update: 1519031408 · posted: 1519031408
English speaking GP/ Doctor in Toulouse 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: Cameron-BRAY-922714 · last update: 1519031068 · posted: 1519031068
toddler groups, play dates 1 Families & Kids
Hi,  my partner, 20 month old son and I are spending winter in the region.  We are currently in Albi.&nbs
started by: daryl -ross -914729 · last update: 1517685037 · posted: 1510755132
Widower seeking lady : ) 0 General
Widower in 12600 seeking lady for new life. Griff
started by: Graham-Griffiths-916184 · last update: 1515319804 · posted: 1515319804
Pointing a wall 3 Home & Garden
We have a rough stone wall on our house which, this summer, has attracted lots of burrowing bees. We'd like to get
started by: Victoria-Quinn-853779 · last update: 1511097723 · posted: 1505469983
Live in position wanted 0 General
Hi, my partner and I are currently living in Cardiff and are looking to return to France,  we are seeking a li
started by: nimbot-574146 · last update: 1509789538 · posted: 1509789538
English Paint 1 Home & Garden
does anyone know where I can buy Leyland paint, in South Dordorgne North Lot area
started by: janetblann · last update: 1508502175 · posted: 1501438640
landscaping 0 Home & Garden
Looking for someone to lightly plough/heavy raking to level out land in preparation to sow lawn, location Puydarrie
started by: Wayne-Ryell-910251 · last update: 1506275149 · posted: 1506275149
Tyres 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Anyone recommend a tyre fitting service (they supply the tyres) around Montauban
started by: Sarah CW · last update: 1506274165 · posted: 1506274165
Bank Accounts 1 Financial & Legal
At what age can you open a bank account, we would like to have ones for the children but can't ask our bank as we a
started by: spitfire-182482 · last update: 1506274036 · posted: 1506074772
Landscaping 0 Home & Garden
Could anyone recommend someone who can level out land in preparation for sowing lawn, requires light plough/heavy r
started by: Wayne-Ryell-910251 · last update: 1506273676 · posted: 1506273676
Entente Cordiale Gaillacoise 0 General
Hi.This is an appeal to English speakers in our around the Gaillac area/region.Entente Cordiale Gaillacoise (www.en
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1505898871 · posted: 1505898871
agency fees & cowboys 3 General
i've been searching for a house around north gers for some time, among other sites i use rightmove overseas and gre
started by: rodolfo-906924 · last update: 1505135015 · posted: 1504874114
Long term rental 1 General
A retired couple with small dogs would like to rent a house  for 8 to 10 months a year, preferably September t
started by: Alan-Burvill-908860 · last update: 1505047527 · posted: 1504700843
Certificate of conformity 1 General
My wife has a BMW which is trying to put on French plates is getting nowhere contacting various BMW dealerships etc
started by: vaughan edwards-609192 · last update: 1503642702 · posted: 1503502835
Need to get pallet from near Southampton... 0 General
Is anyone coming down in an empty van in the next few weeks ?
started by: 863690-533753 · last update: 1503153701 · posted: 1503153701