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Dancing 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Do you want to keep your body and mind fit but you don't want the bother of having to have special sports clothe...
started by: ElsieT-535236 · last update: 1472649126 · posted: 1472649064
Implications of getting S1 form 4 Financial & Legal
Hello, my wife and I have been permanently living in France for a couple of years and have decided to stay for g...
started by: Steve-King-868291 · last update: 1472626836 · posted: 1472564947
Gorgeous Gentle Vanille urgently seeking... 0 Pets & Animals
started by: maryjane-599094 · last update: 1472527738 · posted: 1472527738
Interior french style doors 0 Home & Garden
Can anyone please point me in the right direction for where I can get interior oak french doors with fixed side ...
started by: Piccola1 · last update: 1472125118 · posted: 1472125118
Man with a van. 0 General
Looking for a man with a van, need to remove my belongings into storage. Live in the Lot but need to move my thi...
started by: davie harris · last update: 1470657024 · posted: 1470657024
Brexit 0 General
No one seems to know yet ...
started by: Dave W-839 · last update: 1469815078 · posted: 1469815078
Basically some one will contact you offering to buy at the price you ask, they will offer to send a cheque ( whe...
started by: cast555-518456 · last update: 1469713122 · posted: 1469635711
Divorce 1 Financial & Legal
Does anyone know lawyer that speaks English in Figeac or suronding area.
started by: davie harris · last update: 1468844991 · posted: 1468164635
Looking for someone to view a property f... 4 Home & Garden
Hi, I have identified a property in the center of Villefranche-de-Rouergue for me and to take a bunch of photo...
started by: mpmarcil · last update: 1468101561 · posted: 1458673073
BREXIT 0 General
This is a new group set up regarding BREXIT called RIFT - Remain in France together and has some very good infor...
started by: mj-577305 · last update: 1468061680 · posted: 1467984956
Old oil drum/s (1 or 2) needed 0 General
Hi all,I need one or two redundant(empty) oil drums. Approx...
started by: Toby-Butcher-863618 · last update: 1467559320 · posted: 1467559320
Free LHD car citroen BX Turbo diesel 198... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Registered in 1989, shes an old girl...
started by: anita2564-523420 · last update: 1467558968 · posted: 1467558968
How will Brexit impact you? 3-minute sur... 0 General
I am an academic researcher from University of Oxford with expertise on migration of EU citizens. Followin...
started by: Geographer-617412 · last update: 1467289410 · posted: 1467289410
French Nationality? How to Get It 1 General
We've been getting a lot of enquiries about this since the Brexit referendum, so I thought I'd point out that we...
started by: Madge · last update: 1467276660 · posted: 1467127089
Vente Conditionelle Contract - Deposit Q... 0 Financial & Legal
HelloHas anybody signed a vente conditionelle agreement without paying a deposit or with a lesser deposit...
started by: phoenix1-537317 · last update: 1467214048 · posted: 1467214048
Naturopath 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Are there any English speaking naturopaths/holistic doctors within striking distance of Moissac?
started by: Dancingcrone · last update: 1466925886 · posted: 1466925886
SFR mobile top up 0 AngloINFO Support
We bought a dongle to use at out house in France - is there an english speaking helpline we can ring or does any...
started by: Carol-Chamberlain-862988 · last update: 1466782300 · posted: 1466782300
Zika virus 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Several people who are coming to stay with us this summer are asking if there have been any cases of the Zika vi...
started by: mike74340 · last update: 1465974933 · posted: 1465974933
Bobby - border collie cross seeking adop... 0 Pets & Animals
started by: maryjane-599094 · last update: 1465916342 · posted: 1465916342
Insurance for a house that has been unde... 2 Home & Garden
started by: erikintoulouse-537593 · last update: 1465779969 · posted: 1465518704
Cancelling an Ad 1 AngloINFO Support
I have tried four times to cancel my property rental advertisement. The ad is still up and I am still pay...
started by: CROOK-535032 · last update: 1464773497 · posted: 1464704769
taxiing needed in Nerac area 9th/10th Se... 0 General
We are in looking for someone ideally with a mini bus/large car who can ferry wedding guests to and from the wed...
started by: thelimetree-94935 · last update: 1464760168 · posted: 1464760168
Siting positioning a swimming pool 1 Sport & Leisure
I understand a pool under ground needs planning consent, Also it can't be more than 10m from your house. New rul...
started by: mackie-536681 · last update: 1464070595 · posted: 1464022717
Cère Valley 4 Home & Garden
Does anyone live in the Cère valley? If so do you have any recommendations for local, French electricians...
started by: chèvrefeuille-10060265 · last update: 1463862113 · posted: 1453828341
Lack of interest / response from A I Sup... 8 AngloINFO Support
Who on earth was responsible for the redesign of this website ?Is anyone from A I interested enough to ca...
started by: kerman-424551 · last update: 1462806861 · posted: 1461511227
tradesman 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
started by: Eddy-Evers · last update: 1462785336 · posted: 1462785153
Website redesign 0 AngloINFO Support
I used to look at this website most days. Since the website changed the advertising has reduced drastically. &nb...
started by: campgrand · last update: 1462724990 · posted: 1462724990
Beekeeping Group 0 Pets & Animals
started by: Gregg-794694 · last update: 1461744013 · posted: 1461744013
Croquet 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi allDoes anyone know of any croquet being played in the area.I know France has a federation but ...
started by: grandfromage-914603 · last update: 1461237781 · posted: 1461237781
whirlpool fridge/freezer 0 Home & Garden
Have a American style fridge/freezer. The alarm keeps going off for the freezer. The display goes from -18 to a ...
started by: markandelainedowsett · last update: 1461092674 · posted: 1461092674
Avoiding using an immobilier 1 Financial & Legal
I would appreciate some advice. If I replied to an advertsement by an agency for a house and asked for a showing...
started by: aveyron-533505 · last update: 1460835734 · posted: 1458757837
Will 0 Financial & Legal
Can anybody recommend an English-speaking lawyer near here (dept 79) who can prepare an English will for me? ...
started by: Chipmunk-893570 · last update: 1459336168 · posted: 1459336168
Solar Panels 0 Home & Garden
Looking for someone with knowledge of solar panel system for hot water. Manufacturer 'Roth'We need the system ...
started by: sylviaroy · last update: 1458560512 · posted: 1458560512
Updating general items for sale 1 General
On the old website I had a few adverts under the classified title and in General, I now want to edit my items for s...
started by: Prinquiere · last update: 1458324617 · posted: 1458235828
Good English speaking vet wanted 2 General
HI ALL ,can any one recommend a really good vet preferable speaking English , around the 82 area valence d'agen do ...
started by: lindy-614353 · last update: 1458227767 · posted: 1458206707
Is now a good time to buy in France? 0 Non-local
I'm considering making the move to France and starting to look at the best places to find homes. Found a great fren...
started by: Ewan-S-852381 · last update: 1458032611 · posted: 1458032611
Looking for Stuart Wilson, formerly of C... 1 General
Do any readers know of the whereabouts of Stuart Wilson, formerly of Charlas (31350), and who had a kitchen manu...
started by: Iolanthe-611425 · last update: 1457717568 · posted: 1456341838
Orange fraud? 4 Home & Garden
Has anyone had cause to consult a communications ombudsman in France? We've just found out that Orange ha...
started by: daisyfraser · last update: 1456738291 · posted: 1455560478
Citroen Flash car 3 General
Seeking advice on how much i should sell my car for. I was told by my garage that i should ask a 1000 euro's. I ...
started by: Gazelle-535395 · last update: 1456638987 · posted: 1456062935
Break down cover 6 General
A question for all you good people... Do you buy your breakdown cover as part of your car insurance packa...
started by: Claret-812716 · last update: 1456598754 · posted: 1455623776
Can someone recommend a good horse tack ... 4 Pets & Animals
Hi everyone, can someone recommend a good tack shop please?  I've been searching for a decent place to purc...
started by: DebbieS-10069340 · last update: 1456350612 · posted: 1456186008
Vehicle transport, UK to France 3 General
Recommendations sought please for realistically priced vehicle transport company to move a car from NW England t...
started by: kerman-424551 · last update: 1456341315 · posted: 1456165761
Dull lacquer 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Would anyone know what price approx for a respray  on a car that has dull colour on hood &...
started by: Gazelle-535395 · last update: 1456178794 · posted: 1456166957
unwanted items (christmas? birthday?0 2 General
Firstly a big thankyou to those of you who responded so generously to my appeal for bedding for the animals at t...
started by: maryjane-599094 · last update: 1455748229 · posted: 1453391047
Bees 3 Pets & Animals
Anyone know of a good supplier of hives and equipment at all. We sold all our hives in the UK and wish to start ...
started by: Philv-895784 · last update: 1455707063 · posted: 1452104169
Dog walking group 3 General
We recently moved to Dunes near Valence and someone told us that their is a dog walking group in the area we wou...
started by: Collinsuae · last update: 1455704100 · posted: 1454882457
Yoga 0 Sport & Leisure
Does anyone know if the yoga classes in roquecor and montcuq are still ongoing, if so do you have any contact de...
started by: leptic50 · last update: 1455478650 · posted: 1455478650
Orange Marketing Calls 7 General
Hi. Is anyone else experiencing the Orange Marketing issues I am? When I ordered my telephone and ...
started by: · last update: 1455288214 · posted: 1455103614
Bargain 3 bed house for sale 0 General
Hi I am writing on behalf of a french friend, whose father recently died, and who cannot speak english.&nbs...
started by: P Grogan · last update: 1452759607 · posted: 1452759607
Cold Weather Warning 5 General
I am trying again - please read and help if you can - the weather is forecast to drop into a cold cold spell. &n...
started by: maryjane-599094 · last update: 1452543380 · posted: 1452278188