Filou needs a new home

Posted by: sharon_love-609168 · 1623172066

It is with a very heavy heart that I am looking for a new home for Filou. I absolutely adore this dog but it’s not working out. We got him from a rescue in October. He is a wire haired Fox Terrier. He is 14 months old and has had a terrible start to life with his first owner which is why it makes it all the more harder for me to have to do this. He would ideally be suited in a home without other dogs and children. Also an all female home would be preferred. You would also need a very secure garden as Terriers are great escape artists. He is very loving but he does have issues. He doesn’t like things like the hoover, broom and mop to name a few. He gets quite aggressive towards these and needs to be removed from the room. Please pm me if you are interested. Please don’t judge. 

I am in 31210 Le Cuing.

I will only let him go when I am convinced you are the right fit for him.

He is sterilised, has his pet passport. All vaccinations are up to date. I am also asking for 200€ to deter the wrong people but I will provide a dog bed, food bowl, dog food and dog lead and collar. Everything you need.