Fabric needed for dog/cat bedding at local refuges.

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We are trying to make enough bedding to supply local refuges with beds for cats and dogs. We have set ourselves a target of 80 cat beds and 50 dog beds which the charities Les Amis Des Animaux and SPA Tarbes will help distribute.

However, to achieve these targets we need more fabric, so are asking for help from anyone who has any odd pieces of material, old duvets, curtains, blankets, bath mats, old sun bed cushions, towels, anything that we can make up to give these abandoned animals some comfort. Many of them are sick and need medical care, so if we can at least keep them warm it's a great start.

We have made quite a lot already, but now have used up all our resources - can you help?  We can collect from as far north as Condom, Fleurance, taking in Auch and Vic Fezensac, Please, don't throw your fabric away, ring any of the following numbers, leave a message if we are out and we'll get back to you. If you are in the Anglo Info South area, we will find a way to pick up your unwanted treasure. It's so needed !!!

Please ring :

Tracey - MARCIAC area - 0988662522

Maggie - CONDOM area - 0562288062

Marieanne - AUCH / VIC FEZENSAC area - 0562650245

Thank you for anything that you can donate.