TEFL Toulouse


Need to find work in France? Get paid to teach English after training at TEFL Toulouse. 

With a professional qualification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) , you can earn good money. Whether you want to start small, spending a few hours a week providing one-to-one tuition, or get a job teaching classrooms of students at local businesses, you can get the accreditation you need in just four weeks at TEFL Toulouse – the only accredited four-week TEFL course in south-west France. Except for its new sister school starting with an initial course in Biarritz in January!

Many companies offer online courses with no real one-to-one instruction or teaching practice. TEFL Toulouse is a proper school providing the professionally-accredited qualification employers are looking for - in a vibrant city with lots to do when you're not training.

It costs 1,600€ and this is what you get: 

•          Entirely on-site (9am to 7pm) course for four weeks

•          Six hours' observed teaching practice

•          Over 75 hours of teaching and grammar theory

•          Over 30 hours of lesson planning help

•          Business English and Young Learners sessions included in the course fee

•          Discount on French course for TEFL trainees the week after your          course ends


Generally, trainees living in France start teaching around a week after finishing the course, then build up hours to get a full teaching timetable by around a month later. Rates of pay vary hugely, but private language schools usually pay from 15 to 30 euros an hour. Some of our ex-trainees are teaching at universities at around 50 euros an hour. The most common scenario is for a language school to hire you tentatively for up to 10 hours a week at the start, before offering you more hours (often too many for you!) when they realise how good you are! Many ex trainees end up working for two language schools as well as teaching privately.

You can work as both a freelancer as well as be on a contract in France. Nowadays some language schools prefer their teachers to be registered as freelancers - "auto-entrepreneurs" in French. We show you exactly how  to set up as a freelance English teacher. It is very simple - you just bill the language school at the end of each month as if you had been doing plumbing work for them!

Language schools in France look for teachers all year round, but bear in mind that almost everyone is on holiday from July 14 to the end of August in France so there is very little work advertised then.  Sometimes schools hire in June or July for the September start to avoid the frantic rush to find teachers in September.

We offer lifetime job guidance as well as a general job guidance two-hour session. 

"I decided 6 months ago to take a TEFL course, but I couldn't decide where. I wrote to 14 people who had listed their emails on the TEFL TOULOUSE website, and 10 wrote back immediately singing its praises. My decision was made. Six days after completing the course, (which was just as good as the testimonials promised), I walked into a Toulouse language school, my TEFL certificate in hand, and was hired on the spot!" Jaya Fahey