Terracotta floor - tiles from Rauolles


Hello, sell decommissioned tiles which are Tomette Terracotta from Raujolles (high house since 1830). French artisanal tiles, handmade interior / exterior - Several colors available (sand, pink, red, light beige, dark beige, sienna ...) -Several sizes available (20x20, 20x40, 30x30, 16x16, 13x13, 10x10,15x15 ...) -Several finishes available (smooth, hand patinated, land of history). -Lots of 25m2 per pallet. -Price per m2: 25 euros. keywords: tiling, earthenware, terracotta, tiles, terracotta, cement tiles, floor, brick, paving, paving, paving, terrace, Possibility of shipping depending on the quantity Contact me during meal times