Julien Noyer

Hypnosis practitioner and NLP master practitioner, providing therapy in English and French. My journey of becoming a practitioner has been influenced by various points of philosophies and influences as I used to live in SE Asia. As I lived away from home during a period of 10 years, I can relate to those who are in a similar situation. 

My goal is to guide people into seeing more possibilities in their life, and for that helping them to look at what obstacles are on the way.

Embrace the change

Facing challenges in life, dealing with emotional reactions to certain events, or even getting stuck in your own thoughts could sometimes feel like overwhelming obstacles.

Is there a better way to sort out those feelings and emotions? Of course, yes, a better outcome is possible.

My way of working

By working with me, you would get to experiment a different approach from traditional therapy methods which I have spent years perfecting. To your expectation, we would together explore a more playful, light-hearted approach that helps you to improve your relationship with emotional experiences.

Anxiety, fears, stress, addictions, and other overwhelming emotions are patterns that are being learned and that have felt useful at some point. 

Our collaboration aims to find a more useful way of reacting to the thoughts or events that have been a problem until now.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Stress management
  • Overwhelming emotions
  • Allergies management (cats, dogs, pollen... )
  • Assimilation related issues (cultural gap and misunderstandings)