Counselling & Therapy

Hélène Bueno
Counselling services for issues related to work life difficulties, relationships, career and health.
J. Emilie Pascal
Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist offers online and face to face consultations.
Violaine Pillet
Child psychologist for play therapy and talk therapy for children and adolescents. Also career counselling for adults. At 26 rue Ingres, Toulouse.
Irena-Marie Makowska
Clinical hypnotherapist, executive coach, business trainer and certified practitioner in weight loss and Skypenosis - hypnotherapy via Skype video. Smoking cessation programme. Also residential retreats in Maison de Maitre, LIsle-sur-Tarn (81).
William Buna
Clinical psychologist for children, adults and adolescents. Counselling and parenthood support, help with working or emotional difficulties. In department 31, near Toulouse.
Burgaudeau Camille
Counselling and psychology services for a range of mental health issues.
Dina Besson
Clinical  psychologist works with children-adolescents-adults. Practice based in Toulouse.
Sandrine Smilovici
Psychological consultations for children and adults.
Julia Buckingham
Counselor, life coach and NLP practitioner, offers services with an aim to engage, enlighten and to empower.
Audrey Demaison
Clinical psychologist works with children, adolescents, adults, individual, couple and family.
Céline Larrazet
Psychologist and psychotherapist working with individuals, couples and families.
Deborah de Camaret
Psychological therapy & counselling for individuals, couples & families; anxiety, depression, addictions, adjustment disorders including ex-pat difficulties, couples and family problems.
Isabelle Daudy
Bilingual. Long/short-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy for individuals. Systemic Couple/Family therapy. Mother-infant relationship. Registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, Federation Francaise de Psychotherapie. Toulouse (31).
Anne Marie Calvet
Psychologist and psychotherapist offers counselling for issues related to anxiety, depression, eating disorders and post traumatic stress.
Rosette Rozenberg
Psychoanalytic psychotherapy in Piquetalen, Ambres (81), working in English, French or Hebrew.