Lawyers, Notaires & Legal Advice

Olivier Ganne
English speaking lawyer specialising in property law. 
Pierre Dhers
Services include property transactions, inheritance, wills and business structure.
Victor Grosbois
English speaking penal lawyer dealing with criminal and commercial law. 
DB Avocats
English speaking lawyer specialising in injury and health law. 
Erick Boyadjian
English speaking lawyer specialising in employment law and diversity. 
Marty-Davies Avocats
Offers expertise in handling business law, family law, contracts and construction among others.
Vincent Bouillaud
English speaking Lawyer specialising in family, property, commercial and civil law. 
Camasses Marilyne
English and German speaking general lawyer covering family and business law. 
Boyer & Gorrias
Specializes in litigation, injury law, insurance law, criminal law and civil law. 
BMG Avocats & Associés
Team of lawyers specializes in company, fiscal and commercial law.
Olivier Alves
English speaking lawyer covering civil and family law, labor law and corporate law.
Morvilliers Sentenac Associes
Bilingual lawyers specialists in company commercial law.
Legal information for moving and setting up a business and home in France.
Coteg & Azam Associes
English speaking general law firm with offices in Metz, Toulouse, and Paris.
Decker & Associes
English speaking lawyer based in Toulouse.
Sacha Briand
English speaking lawyer specialising in civil rights law and adoption. 
Aurelie Poulizac
English speaking general law practitioner based in Toulouse.
Camelia Assadi
Lawyer practices social law, family law, business law, rental law and criminal law.
English speaking lawyer specialising in commercial and corporate law.
Gilles Vicaire
English speaking general law practitioner. 
Calonne & Adoue-Dugast
French general practitioner with offices in Toulouse. 
Weronika Opstad
Business law, negotiation and litigation. Also advice and representation in civil and employment law matters.
Caroline Pons-Dinneweth
English speaking French lawyer offers a range of services in Toulouse.
Alexandra Bochnakova
Offers legal and litigation work, family and inheritance law, property law and commercial law.
Mohr Avocats
Services include company, commercial, family and criminal law, property purchase and more.
Monferran & Associés
English speaking commercial, corporate and international law. 
Alefeld Kremer
English, German and Spanish speaking general practitioner lawyer.
Alvarez Alonso Avocat
English speaking French and Spanish lawyer practices international, French and Spanish law.
Aragon Fournie Toussaint
English-speaking Notary Office for inheritance tax, sales, purchases and setting up .
Karl Gregory Fuzel
Corporate and tax lawyer and barrister. English speaking. 
Chevallier-Fillastre Avocats
English speaking penal lawyer dealing with criminal, civil and commercial law.
Bright Avocats
Native English and French speaking lawyers, practicing corporate law, family law, inheritance and real estate law.
Ingrid Cantaloube-Ferrieu
English and Dutch speaking court of appeals lawyer.
Gaelle Burguy
English speaking lawyer, specialising in commercial, family and consumer law.
Benamghar Kamel
English and Arabic speaking lawyer works with individuals, institutions and companies.
Cabinet Balbo
English speaking Lawyer specialising in family, contract and criminal law.