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Notaires de France
Website of the national body of notaires has comprehensive guidlines on the activities and responsibilities of notaires, some practical information and a searcheable database to find local English-speaking notaires - click on "Find a Notaires".
Weronika Opstad
Trilingual (French, English, Polish) specialising in business law, advice in negotiation and litigation for French and international companies. Also advice and representation in civil and employment law matters (31).
SCP Boyer & Gorrias
English speaking lawyers in Toulouse specialising in litigation, Prudhommes, injury law, insurance law, criminal law and civil law. Court representation. At 30 rue Ozenne, 31000 Toulouse (31).
Maitre Arnaud
English-speaking notaire based in Vic Fesansac (32).
Cabinet Marty-Davies
English speaking lawyers practice with offices in Toulouse and Albi, handling business law, family law, contracts, construction, criminal law, European and international law. (31)
Ingrid Cantaloube-Ferrieu
English and Dutch speaking court of appeals lawyer at 3, rue de la Dalbade, 31000 Toulouse (31).
Benamghar Kamel
English and Arabic speaking lawyer at 37, rue des Marchands, 31000 in Toulouse (31).
Decker & Associes
Ask for Helene Anselme, English speaking lawyer at Decker Associes based at 14, rue Alexandre Fourtanier - 31000 in Toulouse (31).
Olivier Alves
English speaking lawyer covering civil and family law, labour law and corporate law. Based in Toulouse (31).
Cabinet Jean Balbo
English speaking Lawyer at 24, Grande Rue Nazareth - 31000 Toulouse, specialising in family, contract and criminal law (31).
Gilles Vicaire
English speaking general law practitioner based at 5, rue Boyer-Fonfrede, 31000 Toulouse (31).
BELVEDERE AVOCATS. Caroline Pons-Dinneweth.
Caroline PONS-DINNEWETH, lawyer partner, is an English speaking French lawyer in Toulouse providing legal assistance to individuals and businesses in South West of France since 1998. She is used to handle expats legal issues and is also a qualified mediat...
SCP Aragon Fournie Toussaint
English-speaking Notary Office for inheritance tax, sales, purchases and setting up French companies. Contact Mr Laurent Bounet for advice and knowledge of both the French and UK legal systems (31).
Prune Calonne
French general practitioner / advocate with offices in Toulouse. CPE / Post Graduate Diploma in Law. Bi-lingual English /French. Has assisted English speaking clients since 2004. Legal aid accepted. At 117 rte dAlbi, 31200 Toulouse (31).
Marilyne Camasses
English and German speaking general lawyer covering family and business law. At 8, rue dAlsace-Lorraine, 31000 Toulouse (31).
Erick Boyadjian
English speaking lawyer specialising in employment law and diversity. At 36, rue dAlsace-Lorraine 31000 Toulouse (31).
Séverine Tamburini-Kender Avocat
Bilingual lawyer based in Aix-en-Provence specializing in INTERNATIONAL FAMILY LAW : Divorce, Parental Authority, Maintenance obligations, Child abduction, Inheritance, National and Cross-border Enforcement of Court Orders.
Coteg & Azam Associes
English speaking general law firm with offices at 25, rue de Metz, 31014 Toulouse, and an office in Paris.
Lucia Alonso Alvarez
English speaking French and Spanish lawyer with office in Toulouse. Specialist in International, French & Spanish law, business law, property purchase, corporate, tax issues, inheritance & family law for individuals/companies.
Alexandra Bochnakova
English speaking French solicitor based in Toulouse. Legal and litigation: family and inheritance law, property and construction law, commercial and civil law. Languages: English, French, Russian and Bulgarian (31).
Aurelie Poulizac
English speaking general law practitioner based at 10 rue de la Pleau, 31000 Toulouse and an office in Labege (31).
Maher Attye
English speaking lawyer at 15, boulevard Carnot - 31000 Toulouse, specialising in commercial and corporate law (31).
Camelia Assadi
English speaking lawyer based at 9, rue des Freres Despons, 31320 Castanet-Tolosan (31).
Karl G. Fuzel - Tax & Corporate Lawyer - Barrister
Corporate and tax lawyer and barrister. English speaking. Alumnus of the Tax Chamber of the Administrative Court of Toulouse, with a Masters degree in corporate tax Law and a Master s degree in Economic and Social Law, Toulouse University (31).
Vincent Bouillaud
English speaking Lawyer specialising in family, property, commercial and civil law. At 15, place de France - 31130, Balma (31).
Olivier Ganne
English speaking lawyer specialising in property law. At 55 AV Louis Breguet 31400 in Toulouse.
BMG Avocats & Associes
English speaking lawyer in this firm: Isabelle Bastide. Specialises in company, fiscal and commercial law. At 57, boulevard de lEmbouchure, 31200 Toulouse (31).
Morvilliers Sentenac
Law firm with eight partners including Julian Cockain-Barere, a solicitor of the Supreme Court, England and Wales. Many of the 19 lawyers in the practice are billingual. Specialists in company commercial law. At 18 rue Lafayette in Toulouse (31).
Maitre Bernard Poulhies
English speaking penal lawyer dealing in criminal and civil law. 1 rue Bernadette, Toulouse (31).
Cabinet Sacha Briand
English speaking lawyer specialising in civil rights law and adoption. At 30 rue du Languedoc 31000 Toulouse (31).
SCP Dominique Moulettte
English speaking law firm based at 20, place de lAncien Foirail, 32003 Auch in the Gers (32).
Peter Alefeld
English, German and Spanish speaking general practitioner lawyer at 63, rue de la Pomme - 31000 Toulouse (31).
Monferran & Associes
English speaking commercial, corporate and international law. Ask for Jacques Monferran. At 22, rue de la Dalbade, 31000 Toulouse (31).
The French Law Office
Legal information for moving and setting up a business and home in France. Run by English speaking French Canadian lawyer. Property law, succession, inheritance tax planning and cross border estates. At 23 rue du Languedoc, Toulouse (31).
Denis Benayoun
English speaking lawyer specialising in injury and health law. At 7 bis, rue du Pont Guilhemery, 31000 Toulouse (31).
Maitre Victor Grosbois
English speaking penal lawyer dealing with criminal and commercial law. At 1 Rue du Langeudoc in Toulouse (31).
Maitre Michel Burgan
English speaking notary dealing with real estate and inheritance law. Based at 44 rue dAlsace Lorraine in Toulouse (31).
Gaelle Burguy
English speaking lawyer, specialising in commercial, family and consumer law, working with the Cabinet Gilles Sorel at 6, rue des Couteliers, 31000 Toulouse (31).
Maitre Pierre Dhers
English speaking Notaires office in Castelnau-Magnoac (65). Property transactions, inheritance, wills and business structure.
Maitre Mme Dominique Chevallier
English speaking penal lawyer dealing with criminal, civil and commercial law Based in place du Marche Brauhauban in Tarbes (65).
Bright Avocats
Bright Avocats as a TWEET:Toulouse based law firm, native English, French qualified lawyers; 25 years; corporate law, family law, inheritance & wealth, real estate; efficient, professional, plain English.
Marloes Mohr
Legal advice in English and Dutch. French trained Dutch partner with offices in Toulouse. Services include company, commercial, family and criminal law, property purchase, inheritance, tax issues and litigation (31).