English-French translations: Company annual reports, technical and commercial areas and interpreting. Located near Albi, Tarn. Established in France since 1983. (81)
Barbara Finch BA (Hons), MCIH, ACIL
Qualified translator (DipTransIoLET), associate member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. Specialises in civil engineering and real estate including contracts and surveys, architecture, management, environment and overseas development. (09)
Derek Hall, Translation and Interpretation Service, Midi-Pyr...
Bi-lingual translation and interpretation assistance and advice for legal, property, insurance, banking, health care, utility and administration services. Specialist in property transactions (81).
Valerie Malafronte
French sub-editor specialised in bilingual or translated publications. Copy flowing, editing, proofreading and rewriting. Translates English to French. Skilled in InDesign. Worked in the UK for 17 years. Based in Toulouse (31).
MC Williams
Translator and interpreter to simultaneous level. Contact Marie-Christine Williams in Albi (Tarn).(81)
The Language Shop
A group of translators and interpreters who carry out work for businesses and individuals. Sworn Translator. Based at Au Mounet St Martin 32300 - Alt Emails or
Feet in France
Multi-lingual services in the Gers. Bespoke professional assistance designed to bridge the language / cultural gap between French people and foreign nationals. They negotiate and liaise on behalf of customers and help simplify a move to France (32).
Verity Newett Translating Services
Accredited French to English translator since 1994, legal documents (contracts, agreements, birth/marriage/divorce/death certificates, driving licences), administrative forms/papers, professional/academic qualifications, theses, books (32).
Michael Maynard
Translator working from French, German, Dutch into English. Covering corporate finance, insurance, property and law, 20 years experience, member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, services provided to companies and individuals. Vic-Fezensac (32)
Nathalie Renard - Translator, Interpreter
Professional writer, editor and French language (FLE) teacher for all document translation, creation and interpretation service. Assistance with public services, schools, utility companies and general relocation. Southern Haute Garonne (31).
Translation Nation
Company specialising in translating, rewriting and proof-reading communication, technical and legal documents and publishing material. An intepretation service is also offered. Based in Auzielle (Hautes-Garonne).(31)
Dorothy King, Traductrice Assermentee (Legally Sworn Transla...
Translation of legally-required and other types of documents, English into French and/or French into English. Interpretation, checking and proof-reading. Based in Valence-sur-Baise in the Gers (32).
ASH-Tech Technical Translators
English and French translators specialising in fields such as aircraft, space, electronics, information technology and high technology subjects. Based in La Salvetat Saint Gilles (31).
Translation services for all document types (English, French and German), administrative support and all kinds of secretarial work. Based in the Gers (32).
Beatrice Dezerald
Independent translator with 20 years experience. English and Spanish to French. In Toulouse, for firms or individuals. Specialities: all Medical fields (including veterinary, cosmetics, instruments), Tourism, Travel, Marketing, Corporate, Transport. (31)
Emily Button
French to English translator specialising in marketing, public relations and the tourism sector. Based in Toulouse. (31)
Property Translations
French/English document and marketing translations for all aspects of buying and selling property from a real estate professional. Also legal, insurance and general administration documents and papers. Certified translation service available (32).
CSM Traductions
Qualified translator and interpreter (The Chartered Institute of Linguists, London). Based in Jegun (Gers). (32)
Sara Crompton Meade
Proofreading, copy-editing, corrections, advice, books. Based in Toulouse, available to work world-wide. Competitive rates, excellent references. SIRET registered (31).
Langues Promotion
Language centre that teaches French as a foreign language at all levels. Also undertakes translation and interpreting work. The centre is situated at 10 Allée Paul SABATIER , near the Grand Rond on the banks of the Canal du Midi in Toulouse (31).
Mary Ann
French to English translator, interpreter and proofreader, also experienced in helping newcomers settle in France. Based in Parisot (81).
Mary Iagnemma
Twenty Five years experience in English, Italian and French technical, scientific and commercial translation and interpretation. Based in downtown Toulouse. (31)
Alice Murray - Translator and Interpreter
Translation of all official documents such as birth certificates and court documents. Assistance with notaire, lawyer meetings. I am part English part French and therefore know the French system very well.
Freelance English to French translator for any type of documents; relocation, professional and personal (31).
La Boutique des Mots
General correspondence, general technical writing, re-writing, letter writing and translation work. Located in Toulouse. Contact Rosine Lang. (31)
Interpreter for any sort of meeting or appointment; school, bank, solicitor, doctors, social security, chambers of Commerce or Industry. Translation services also available. In the Gers (32).
Translations from English to French or from French to English. Websites, articles, brochures, official letters and books of all genres Also does cookery translation with cooking lessons. (65)
Sue Prefol
Court-registered translator and interpretor (assermentee) in Tarbes. 20 years bi-lingual assistance to anglophones with paperwork or face-to-face. Certificates, diplomas, property transactions, discussions with clients, authorities and lawyers.(65)
Natasha Dupuy
French to English translation, proofreading of English texts, summaries, re-writing and editing. Based in Toulouse. (31)
Agnes Doody-Dionisi
Qualified English-French and French-English translator with 19 years experience, mostly in the aerospace and defence industry (31).
Andrew Piasecki
French/English translator and interpreter near Tarbes, Hautes-Pyrenees. Qualified (Institute of Linguists, London) and certified (assermente) to carry out legal work, Birth/marriage certificates translated. (65)
Catherine Cooper
English-French translation services. Located in the centre of Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrenees). (65)