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Swimming pool technician 3 General
Hello, do any of you have a contact for someone who is able to sort out my pool in the Castelnau Magnoac, Trie-s...
started by: chocolate rules-609266 · last update: 1469738588 · posted: 1468964992
Beef in france 5 Food & Drink
I have noticed that tender beef is not really available in France ,have I missed something, you can buy. Stewing...
started by: Lily-864056 · last update: 1469715965 · posted: 1469630756
Location advice 1 General
Looking to move down to the Ariege area if we can sell up in the Dordogne. Looking for some feedback on what the...
started by: hornets · last update: 1469693789 · posted: 1469614838
Banking warning for expats in France 5 General
For those running businesses back in the UK I have what may be some disturbing news. I have just been told by my...
started by: Happy Harry-955454 · last update: 1469630233 · posted: 1469204085
Air conditioning 2 Home & Garden
Does any one know of possible cost to have. A few units installed in rooms and a splitter outside?Also do...
started by: Lily-Clifford-864056 · last update: 1469630010 · posted: 1467956394
Le Tour 4 General
What a great and well deserved win for Chris Froome whose endurance, tenacity and true sportsmanship have done m...
started by: marshall-608890 · last update: 1469529330 · posted: 1469392794
Metal Framed Beds 0 General
Hi does anyone one know where to purchase metal framed beds  ( King Size ) near Tarbes. I have tried the Me...
started by: Grimbsy1-577568 · last update: 1469476026 · posted: 1469476026
Air France Cabin Crew Strike 27/07 - 02/... 0 General
Hi allAir France's cabin crews have called for a strike from this Wednesday 27 July through to 2 August 2...
started by: Giles · last update: 1469439365 · posted: 1469439365
power tools 1 Home & Garden
Where can I find someone to repair a Hitachi belt sander?
started by: fenderjb-615654 · last update: 1469345688 · posted: 1469208606
American Dollars 2 Financial & Legal
Can anybody advise on the best way to exchange American dollars to Euros?
started by: Gill King-598905 · last update: 1469205013 · posted: 1469097461
Storm Warning for tonight - 5 department... 4 General
Hi allHere in the region - The Haute Garonne 31, Hautes Pyrenees 65, Tarn 81,  Areige 09 and the Ave...
started by: Giles · last update: 1469185116 · posted: 1469116359
Banning of cars older than 1997 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
started by: kcsun-598284 · last update: 1469102918 · posted: 1468258725
Search for missing British woman - Julie... 0 General
Julie Ann Buesnel who lives in Beaucaire, in the Gers, has been missing since 14 July.  Her car was found n...
started by: Giles · last update: 1469095129 · posted: 1469095129
Hire a Turf Cutter 0 Home & Garden
Hi, Could anyone tell me where I could hire a Turf Cutter around the 65 Region?  We live near Tarbes.  ...
started by: David-Tweddle-865045 · last update: 1469043539 · posted: 1469043539
Shellac 0 Home & Garden
I have just built an outside table , the top is Douglas Pine and I would like to finish it off with shellac... d...
started by: fenderjb-615654 · last update: 1469022880 · posted: 1469022880
GED 0 General
Hello, has anybody got any  uk contact details for a Gerard Hamilton formally living in villecomtal , (Re: ...
started by: LTD-614379 · last update: 1468867866 · posted: 1468867866
GED 0 General
started by: LTD-614379 · last update: 1468867425 · posted: 1468867425
Impossible to add a car for sale 3 AngloINFO Support
Help! I have tried so many times to add a classified and it doesn't load. What am I meant to do?Thanks Sa...
started by: SSL-613488 · last update: 1468842208 · posted: 1467925493
Cycling the canal du Garonne/Midi 2 Sport & Leisure
Hi.  I am planning to cycle from Bordeaux to Sete at the end of August. I have found bits and pieces of inf...
started by: whistle-614919 · last update: 1468838631 · posted: 1468523767
Boiler Manual Sought 2 Home & Garden
Hi - I'm looking for a boiler programming manual to help me decipher an Ideal Standard oil fired boiler with an ...
started by: Newf Life · last update: 1468589808 · posted: 1468587696
House sitter 0 General
We are urgently looking for a house sitter and cat sitter in Balma a village very easy access to Toulous...
started by: druce · last update: 1468568856 · posted: 1468568856
Circle dancing 0 Entertainment
started by: Alison Turner · last update: 1468428089 · posted: 1468428089
A good plasterer? 1 Home & Garden
started by: Dave Shaw-1003021 · last update: 1468415021 · posted: 1468414584
rescue dogs ect 0 Pets & Animals
anyone out there want to raise funds for the rescue centre in castelsarassin as this place is desperate , go and...
started by: poumaret-511784 · last update: 1468361263 · posted: 1468307056
Fitness gym Nogaro area 3 Sport & Leisure
Hello I am about to move to the Nogaro area. I am very much into challenging fitness classes and weight training...
started by: SueKenLong · last update: 1468347362 · posted: 1468235737
Did you change your mind about buying a ... 1 Financial & Legal
started by: Joe-Twelve-863099 · last update: 1468100816 · posted: 1467988217
Duck 4 Pets & Animals
We understand there is bird flu at present but we would like to take our duck back to the UK.  The ban is g...
started by: barnum-611805 · last update: 1467989382 · posted: 1466691262
Registering 2 AngloINFO Support
Hi does anyone know about registering choosing your area I could not find Aquitaine or lot et Garonne so the nea...
started by: Lily-Clifford-864056 · last update: 1467963051 · posted: 1467956107
Pool maintenance service needed - near L... 2 Home & Garden
Hello,We are desperately looking for someone to provide a weekly pool maintenance service for our propert...
started by: James-Frean-863560 · last update: 1467960121 · posted: 1467388079
Concrete Screeder recommendation please 1 General
Looking for a recommended concrete screeder in the Boulogne Sur Gesse area 31350. Area to be screeded 104m2 with...
started by: Les Pics · last update: 1467921006 · posted: 1467791772
Anglo-Info website problems 5 AngloINFO Support
I notice that the recent thread complaining about the site, and some helpful comments about how to fix various e...
started by: Iolanthe-611425 · last update: 1467901122 · posted: 1466241731
Anyone feel the earth move yesterday?? 0 General
They weren't strong - but it seems that we had 3 tremors yesterday in the Hautes Pyrénées/Pyrénées Atlantiqu...
started by: Giles · last update: 1467891199 · posted: 1467891199
Tour de France in the Region! 1 Sport & Leisure
For all those cycling enthusiasts - the Tour de France is coming our way......The "stages" in the ...
started by: Giles · last update: 1467791676 · posted: 1467790907
Pizza Delivery!! 0 Food & Drink
I just found out that the pizza place, L'épi'zzas, in Trie-sur-Baïse is now offering free delivery if your ord...
started by: FizzFizz · last update: 1467789733 · posted: 1467622062
a spy in your car? 3 General
started by: marshall-608890 · last update: 1467748109 · posted: 1467545242
Cannot use your website 3 AngloINFO Support
I haave just spent 40 minutes trying to add our village classical concerts on  your events page, only to be...
started by: madeleine-925655 · last update: 1467733059 · posted: 1467715309
ligne fixe changing - SFR 0 General
has anyone managed to understand the proposed changes to the fixed landlines?  we've had a letter saying th...
started by: zoiseau-602285 · last update: 1467706866 · posted: 1467706866
How will Brexit impact you? 3-minute su... 1 General
I am an academic researcher from University of Oxford with expertise on migration of EU citizens. Following the ...
started by: Geographer-617412 · last update: 1467555492 · posted: 1467288642
English speaking gynaecologist 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Can anyone recommend an english speaking gynaecologist in the Auch or Trabes area please ?
started by: Jasmine-598155 · last update: 1467505488 · posted: 1467479518
I can't find things! Help 0 General
I used to be able, easily, to find such things as "Useful telephone numbers" etc.  Now I can even find a se...
started by: NeilR-606378 · last update: 1467300172 · posted: 1467300172
Old oil drum/s (1 or 2) needed 0 General
Hi all, I need one or two redundant(empty) oil drums. Approx. capacity 150 litres/33 gallons. About 90cm...
started by: Whatever-611616 · last update: 1467297893 · posted: 1467297893
Britain votes to leave EU 11 General
The Leave vote was 51.9% (17,410,742 votes) and the Remain vote was 48.1% (16,141241 votes)Turnout was 72...
started by: Giles · last update: 1467235131 · posted: 1466755592
french paint 3 General
started by: Rosiemm · last update: 1467107397 · posted: 1466956104
Our How to page on Obtaining French Citi... 0 General
For those who are wondering/asking about how to go about getting French Citizenship/Naturalization :
started by: Giles · last update: 1467037146 · posted: 1467037146
Pot Pourri Blog Posting this week 0 General
is now live - See Sue's latest posting Good luck to us all is here:
started by: Giles · last update: 1467019899 · posted: 1467019899
Searching for a caravan to put in the ga... 3 General
Hello, I am hoping to find a caravan to use as extra accommodation. It does not matter if it is old and not used...
started by: chocolate rules-609266 · last update: 1466855908 · posted: 1466807772
This petition is gathering signatures at an amazing rate. There are, quite possibly, approx. 16,000,000 UK ...
started by: franc-10064342 · last update: 1466785368 · posted: 1466785368
5 mosquitos repellents to avoid due to t... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
The consumer magazine 60 Million de Consommateurs has just issued a report recommending that we avoid 5 mosquito...
started by: Giles · last update: 1466599628 · posted: 1466599628
french natonality 3 Financial & Legal
started by: Janeybabes · last update: 1466523510 · posted: 1466422262
Best Mobile tariff and signal 1 General
We have just moved here (50670) from the Haute Garonne, and our mobile phone signal strength is abysmal.  W...
started by: dagbaruch · last update: 1466278413 · posted: 1466266627