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urgent call for someone who has parkinsons... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
if you have parkinson, please can you call me straight away ,very urgent , thank you very much lucy
started by: lucy55-883129 · last update: 1508440460 · posted: 1508440460
horse manure_2 0 Home & Garden
I forgot to add we're between Auch and Lannemezan in the Masseube region
started by: Heddyliz52 · last update: 1508333974 · posted: 1508333974
Horse manure 0 Home & Garden
Does anybody know where I can access horse manure for free? My hitherto supplier has left the country...Thanks
started by: Heddyliz52 · last update: 1508333935 · posted: 1508333935
Mortgage advisors, english speaking 0 Financial & Legal
Hello,I hope someone can point me in the right direction, I am looking for a bank with an english speaking mortgage
started by: jkit65 · last update: 1508176910 · posted: 1508176910
satellite dish 1 General
1.3 metre satellite dish for sale - parabol - for sale - 40 [email protected]
started by: Le Parede-608910 · last update: 1508163279 · posted: 1507656057
Bass player 0 Entertainment
Looking for a bass player to play 60's music Tarbes / Marciac area 
started by: sellengj-612137 · last update: 1507918118 · posted: 1507918118
Editing an ad 1 AngloINFO Support
Is there anyway I can edit an ad I posted. I want to change the price. Do I have to mark it as sold and then start
started by: justjan-598199 · last update: 1507812609 · posted: 1507754072
Headlights for Nissan Xtrail 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
For sale a set of headlights for use in France for a Nissan Xtrail - 30 euros.
started by: Le Parede-608910 · last update: 1507733762 · posted: 1507643262
gardeners 2 Home & Garden
Whats the "going hourly rate" for a gardener. Labour only : we supply machinery etc? Thanks.
started by: ericleroi-614160 · last update: 1507361797 · posted: 1507237490
Problem dog/neighbour 2 General
I have lived on good terms with a neighbour who is about 2/300 metres away for about 10 years. He got an Italian ma
started by: Polochon-605901 · last update: 1507304976 · posted: 1507294845
Diagnostic 2 Home & Garden
Does anyone know about something that was mentioned to me - diagnostic le tout-a-l'egout? we are in the process of
started by: Le Parede-608910 · last update: 1506878656 · posted: 1506852061
Make fair transitional state pension arrangements... 0 General
Please sign using link below, you will then need to "confirm" from the email in your inbox, thanks - https://p
started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1506691612 · posted: 1506691612
Architect recommendation 2 Home & Garden
Hi, We think we have fallen foul of the "over 150 sq m" rule and had our planning request turned down on the ground
started by: Diane-Neale-894322 · last update: 1506656478 · posted: 1506195043
Halloween party? 0 Entertainment
Hello! I'm looking for any information on a Halloween party (for kids) or event in the Midi Pyrénées. Thanks!
started by: speakenglishwithme · last update: 1506578760 · posted: 1506578760
A friend borrowed our trailer and then said... 0 Financial & Legal
He said he would buy it and give us 250 Euro a month, we have seen nothing so we asked for it back  and he say
started by: Maureen-Palmer · last update: 1506519253 · posted: 1506519253
Removal firms 7 General
We are in the process of selling up and moving back to Kent - have used the site Loadup to get quotes for a lorry t
started by: Le Parede-608910 · last update: 1506516868 · posted: 1506270545
Van Hire 0 General
Does anybody know a company that does one way van hire. I want to get from the Gers to Cherbourg.
started by: justjan-598199 · last update: 1506412243 · posted: 1506412243
Turkey 1 Food & Drink
Is there anywhere that you can get a fresh turkey (Big one to feed 16) around Albi area for Thanksgiving?
started by: spitfire-182482 · last update: 1506275826 · posted: 1506075872
Handyman Carpenter needed for about one month+... 1 Home & Garden
Am refurbishing windows with double glass units, keeping the old custom made frames.  All units single glass p
started by: Sassy-614198 · last update: 1506195169 · posted: 1505540444
Laser eye surgery in France 5 Health, Fitness & Beauty
HiHas anyone had laser eye surgery in France that can recommend a good company? How was it for you?How much did it
started by: ranajrodger-615851 · last update: 1506075738 · posted: 1505392973