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Professional English hairdresser now wo... 0 Families & Kids
If you are looking for a good hairdresser that speaks English you can email for more i...
started by: The Salon · last update: 1474660036 · posted: 1474660036
A large snake removal required. 7 General
Hi there,Can anyone suggest someone that can remove a large stake from a small pool house, near  Vic...
started by: Deltaron · last update: 1474552205 · posted: 1474275608
Email 1 AngloINFO Support
Hi, does anyone know how to change your email address, can only see where to change password,
started by: francerestoration · last update: 1474551254 · posted: 1474541097
Speed cameras................ 6 Cars, Bikes & Driving
A neighbour of ours was visiting their holiday home with her British plates car and saw a camera flash her for s...
started by: meadow view-616367 · last update: 1474532713 · posted: 1474052916
Vet near Vicfezensac 0 General
Hi does anyone know of a good English speaking vet near Vicfezensac,
started by: francerestoration · last update: 1474492908 · posted: 1474492908
English speaking Veteranarian? 5 Pets & Animals
Any one know of one?
started by: Melissa-Hall-869512 · last update: 1474492654 · posted: 1473789691
Schooling in L'Isle Jourdain 0 Families & Kids
Can anyone help? We have two girls 8 and 9 and are thinking of relocating from UK to Gers. Does anyone have any ...
started by: Nick-Hall-870241 · last update: 1474476477 · posted: 1474476477
Sim cards 5 General
I need to purchase a sim card for a mobile phone, I would like a pay as you go. I Would like to be able to put c...
started by: vw570 · last update: 1474371217 · posted: 1474282357
Peages/Tolls on the autoroutes to rise..... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Although prices have gone up between 15-30% in the last ten years - we are due another set of price hikes in 201...
started by: Giles · last update: 1474362336 · posted: 1474362336
how do i send a private message to anoth... 1 Financial & Legal
started by: Steptoes Son · last update: 1474194559 · posted: 1474058191
Start of the Hunting Season 6 Pets & Animals
Hi allFor those of you who like to know when the guys with guns and dogs start to roam locally - the hunt...
started by: Giles · last update: 1474021839 · posted: 1473424011
Air Traffic Controllers' Strike today - ... 0 General
In case anyone is travelling out of Paris - check with your airline before heading to Charles de Gaulle, Orly or...
started by: Giles · last update: 1473933531 · posted: 1473933531
Ryanair in Toulouse 5 General
as of today.  They will be flying from Toulouse-Blagnac to:Berlin (from tomorrow Friday 9 September ...
started by: Giles · last update: 1473857408 · posted: 1473327558
Help for autistic adults 4 General
Does anybody know of any English speaking support groups for adults with autistic spectrum conditions or indeed ...
started by: Dianne-Naylor-869347 · last update: 1473857207 · posted: 1473643886
Storm Warnings Today : Gers & Hautes Pyr... 0 General
Meteo France has placed 11 departments on Vigilance Orange for violent storms this afternoon - including the Hau...
started by: Giles · last update: 1473755610 · posted: 1473755610
British Driving Licences? 7 General
What will happen to our British Driving Licences within the EU when we exit the EU, ie will the British Driving ...
started by: Dog Lover · last update: 1473751315 · posted: 1473668784
Family doctor 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
We have just moved to Lavardens, and I am looking for a good local (or maybe in Auch?) GP for our family.  ...
started by: Nicky Roberts · last update: 1473680745 · posted: 1473680745
Prelevements Sociaux & Double Taxation A... 9 General
Or what was Taxe Sociaux and is now CSG.  After may years of arguing 2 years ago I got all my paymen...
started by: NeilR-606378 · last update: 1473666081 · posted: 1471872644
ESCROW Accounts 2 Financial & Legal
ESCROW Accounts -Is this form of financial control mirrored in France and if so, has anyone personal expe...
started by: Alan Longland-599034 · last update: 1473614934 · posted: 1473499158
Asbestos roof panel removal 1 Home & Garden
Can anyone recommend/suggest a firm qualified to remove a small (8-10) number of corrugated asbestos roofing pan...
started by: Alan Longland-599034 · last update: 1473499054 · posted: 1472812079
I wonder if anyone has any advice on whether associations and other (not-for-profit) groups are entitled to use ...
started by: cfm65monmag · last update: 1473431515 · posted: 1472139589
Looking for french lessons or conversati... 1 General
On Monday 5th September 4.00-7.00pm, Salle de Fetes, Galan 65330 - Come and discover your local language associa...
started by: Ragtacker · last update: 1473423631 · posted: 1472483072
UK solicitor for probate 0 Financial & Legal
Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced, responsible solicitor in the UK? My husband died here in France last y...
started by: sandibow · last update: 1473243658 · posted: 1473243658
Marshall Guitar Amplifier 1 General
I have just ordered new valves for my TSL 602, Can anyone help with setting the bias , I have seen 80mv recommen...
started by: fenderjb-615654 · last update: 1473230381 · posted: 1473181378
Trailers in France 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
What do I need to keep my trailer in France, it is a English trailer.
started by: Maureen-Palmer · last update: 1473200818 · posted: 1472900383
Hire or Borrow Toilet Commode Chair 0 General
Hello, I live in the Aurignac area (31420 Haute Garonne) and my 90 year old mother is visiting soon. She has ask...
started by: terraposse-602286 · last update: 1473169255 · posted: 1473169255
A16 to Calais Blocked by Protesters - Tr... 1 General
Following the announcement from interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Friday, that the 'jungle' migrant camp at...
started by: Giles · last update: 1473149202 · posted: 1473086314
motor faucheuse 0 Home & Garden
I have a paddock that is very overgrown with grass and weeds to a height of about 1/2metre and my ride on can't ...
started by: opera fiori-613560 · last update: 1473094053 · posted: 1473094053
Car Insurance UK 2 General
My wife has returned to the UK with a French No Claims Certificate. She is finding it impossible to find a insur...
started by: dick-528941 · last update: 1473065421 · posted: 1471878758
Stray or lost Golden Retriever in the Pu... 7 Pets & Animals
HI All this is just a little question has anyone in the Puntous area (65) lost a male Golden Retriever in the pa...
started by: cosmos65 · last update: 1472895551 · posted: 1472807337
Looking for Dance Classes 2 Entertainment
I'm looking for dance classes near Trie-sur-Baïse (but willing to drive 20 mins each way). I think they call th...
started by: FizzFizz · last update: 1472805581 · posted: 1472743203
Nogaro - ladies singing group looking fo... 0 General
started by: supersec-611519 · last update: 1472658834 · posted: 1472658834
Gorgeous gentle Vanille urgently seeking... 0 Pets & Animals
started by: maryjane-599094 · last update: 1472527811 · posted: 1472527811
Domestic water supply 2 Financial & Legal
Hello, I bought my house here (dept. Tarn 81) in  February 2006 from my local notaire. At the time he told ...
started by: K!M · last update: 1472500590 · posted: 1472480320
rental bordeaux 0 General
hi I am looking to rent a flat in Bordeaux centre for some time starting start away I have been let ...
started by: chapfenn-608189 · last update: 1472486913 · posted: 1472486913
Advertising 3 General
What is the point of having a classified section on this site if you can't load anything onto it.  I have h...
started by: Loraine -McLeod-867518 · last update: 1472485066 · posted: 1471955912
How to vote in the upcoming US Elections... 0 General
Hi to all Americans abroad, eligible to vote in the upcoming Presidential elections on 8 November 2016.An...
started by: Giles · last update: 1472461201 · posted: 1472461201
Car share to Cherbourg ferry 0 General
I'm travelling to Cherbourg to catch the ferry to Poole, Dorset.  I am looking for someone to share the jou...
started by: Lesley-Mitchell-857296 · last update: 1472455734 · posted: 1472455734
Mutuelles and Data Protection 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: Joe-Twelve-863099 · last update: 1472396265 · posted: 1472299648
Something Fun to Do This Saturday! 2 Entertainment
An air show in south west France!!Sadournin (near Trie-sur-Baïse) is once again hosting its popular air ...
started by: FizzFizz · last update: 1472248685 · posted: 1471862775
Bilingual Kids 0 Families & Kids
I work for a really lovely company in Toulouse who organises bilingual baby sitting services to encourage biling...
started by: Bilingual Kids · last update: 1472203776 · posted: 1472203776
Location 2 General
Why is it people selling some thing no longer say whera abouts they are
started by: firefly32 · last update: 1472128295 · posted: 1472116406
New Satellite installation 4 Entertainment
CAN ANYONE RECOMMEND a reliable persons to re-position an existing satellite for FREE SKY and install a new sate...
started by: Sassy-614198 · last update: 1472107025 · posted: 1471930203
Cambini Quartet 0 Entertainment - concert 28 August&n...
started by: Lianne-607131 · last update: 1472063795 · posted: 1472063795
Avocat has let us down any help out ther... 2 Financial & Legal
To be very brief we having been going back and forth to court battling with an odious old man who wants to extor...
started by: sam-dingley-860287 · last update: 1472048387 · posted: 1471364645
Heat wave today! Meteo France map for d... 0 General
Hi allYes - it's Vigilance time - today some areas will go up to 40C and Méteo France has put 36 départ...
started by: Giles · last update: 1471941025 · posted: 1471941025
Car Insurance UK 0 General
started by: dick-528941 · last update: 1471878200 · posted: 1471878200
Student Accommodation 0 General
Spent at least 40 mins trying to add a classified wanted for student accommodation but would get anywhere so I a...
started by: bouddhaman-604073 · last update: 1471774488 · posted: 1471774488
Auto Locksmith 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I've lost the only key to my Skoda Octavia. Does anyone know of a mobile auto locksmith in the Gers area who cou...
started by: Roger2108-604406 · last update: 1471642362 · posted: 1471434605
Water Restrictions in the Gers.... 1 Home & Garden
Hello all For those of you living in the Gers 32, water restrictions have come into effect: 
started by: Giles · last update: 1471435999 · posted: 1471433898