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Mutuelles and Data Protection 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: Joe-Twelve-863099 · last update: 1472396265 · posted: 1472299648
Something Fun to Do This Saturday! 2 Entertainment
An air show in south west France!!Sadournin (near Trie-sur-Baïse) is once again hosting its popular air ...
started by: FizzFizz · last update: 1472248685 · posted: 1471862775
I wonder if anyone has any advice on whether associations and other (not-for-profit) groups are entitled to use ...
started by: cfm65monmag · last update: 1472213956 · posted: 1472139589
Bilingual Kids 0 Families & Kids
I work for a really lovely company in Toulouse who organises bilingual baby sitting services to encourage biling...
started by: Bilingual Kids · last update: 1472203776 · posted: 1472203776
Prelevements Sociaux & Double Taxation A... 6 General
Or what was Taxe Sociaux and is now CSG.  After may years of arguing 2 years ago I got all my paymen...
started by: NeilR-606378 · last update: 1472129422 · posted: 1471872644
Location 2 General
Why is it people selling some thing no longer say whera abouts they are
started by: firefly32 · last update: 1472128295 · posted: 1472116406
New Satellite installation 4 Entertainment
CAN ANYONE RECOMMEND a reliable persons to re-position an existing satellite for FREE SKY and install a new sate...
started by: Sassy-614198 · last update: 1472107025 · posted: 1471930203
Cambini Quartet 0 Entertainment - concert 28 August&n...
started by: Lianne-607131 · last update: 1472063795 · posted: 1472063795
Avocat has let us down any help out ther... 2 Financial & Legal
To be very brief we having been going back and forth to court battling with an odious old man who wants to extor...
started by: sam-dingley-860287 · last update: 1472048387 · posted: 1471364645
Survey for the new Anglo info 8 General
Hi,     I have been using Anglo Info for the last six years.When the format was cha...
started by: bernie blue-613381 · last update: 1472019448 · posted: 1470334085
Advertising 0 General
What is the point of having a classified section on this site if you can't load anything onto it.  I have h...
started by: Loraine -McLeod-867518 · last update: 1471955912 · posted: 1471955912
Heat wave today! Meteo France map for d... 0 General
Hi allYes - it's Vigilance time - today some areas will go up to 40C and Méteo France has put 36 départ...
started by: Giles · last update: 1471941025 · posted: 1471941025
Car Insurance UK 1 General
My wife has returned to the UK with a French No Claims Certificate. She is finding it impossible to find a insur...
started by: dick-528941 · last update: 1471933356 · posted: 1471878758
Car Insurance UK 0 General
started by: dick-528941 · last update: 1471878200 · posted: 1471878200
Student Accommodation 0 General
Spent at least 40 mins trying to add a classified wanted for student accommodation but would get anywhere so I a...
started by: bouddhaman-604073 · last update: 1471774488 · posted: 1471774488
Holidays hit 15 General
According to The Times tourist numbers are down massively on the Rivière due to fears about terrorism. The auth...
started by: Marrer · last update: 1471677121 · posted: 1471005145
Auto Locksmith 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I've lost the only key to my Skoda Octavia. Does anyone know of a mobile auto locksmith in the Gers area who cou...
started by: Roger2108-604406 · last update: 1471642362 · posted: 1471434605
Washing machine repair 1 Home & Garden
Does anyone know someone who repairs/looks at washing machines? We are about 20 mins from mazamet.
started by: YELGRIMWOOD · last update: 1471556401 · posted: 1471097335
Water Restrictions in the Gers.... 1 Home & Garden
Hello all For those of you living in the Gers 32, water restrictions have come into effect: 
started by: Giles · last update: 1471435999 · posted: 1471433898
Where to get paint mixed 0 Home & Garden
Hi, I need to match a paint colour so I need to find somewhere to scan the colour and then mix it for me. Does a...
started by: justjan-598199 · last update: 1471360156 · posted: 1471360156
Bees 0 Pets & Animals
We are happy to collect unwanted bees without harming them....
started by: KirkAdams · last update: 1471326368 · posted: 1471326368
Swimming.pool liner repair 0 General
I'm looking for someone to repair a 50cm tear in the corner of a pool liner.  Apparently a piece  can be ...
started by: dougsie · last update: 1471206603 · posted: 1471206603
Reliable Builder 8 General
Looking for a reliable builder to do some concrete screeding of 104m2, been let down so many times now of builde...
started by: Les Pics · last update: 1471030930 · posted: 1470850892
Paragliding instructor needed. 1 Sport & Leisure
Within 60mins of Vic-Fezensac
started by: Deltaron · last update: 1470915669 · posted: 1470739874
Dog sitter urgently required 0 General
From now until the 16th or 17th Aug. To sit at mine near Boulogne sur Gesse or at yours if you have a garden and...
started by: jack-of-all-trades-883567 · last update: 1470869812 · posted: 1470869812
5 litres of paint wanted from UK 0 General
Hello, I need some satin black 2K car paint from UK. I can have it posted to a UK address if someone is coming o...
started by: NickPoll-608744 · last update: 1470839129 · posted: 1470839129
Eurostar workers going on strike in Augu... 0 General
Hi all Anyone who is planning or has planned a trip on Eurostar this month - please be aware that&nb...
started by: Giles · last update: 1470829953 · posted: 1470829953
Ponsan-Soubiran History 2 General
I was going through Ponsan-Soubiran again yesterday and I once again wondered why it's such a beautiful village....
started by: FizzFizz · last update: 1470733831 · posted: 1470650086
British television channels 1 Entertainment
For those missing British tv you can use for free
started by: Barry-Judson-853203 · last update: 1470686768 · posted: 1470474541
paragliding instructor 1 Sport & Leisure
started by: Deltaron · last update: 1470664083 · posted: 1470652941
Plumber and plasterer recommendations? 2 General
Looking for suggestions and/or recommendations for a plumber and a plasterer to do some work on a house in Caste...
started by: Lou65-611845 · last update: 1470644882 · posted: 1470217808
Location advice 2 General
Looking to move down to the Ariege area if we can sell up in the Dordogne. Looking for some feedback on what the...
started by: hornets · last update: 1470474395 · posted: 1469614838
Le Tour 10 General
What a great and well deserved win for Chris Froome whose endurance, tenacity and true sportsmanship have done m...
started by: marshall-608890 · last update: 1470431085 · posted: 1469392794
Trampoline needs a new home and/or new u... 0 Home & Garden
Trampoline available, free if you wish to collect from 31230. Well loved and slight tear. However, possible to reco...
started by: milou-964044 · last update: 1470226537 · posted: 1470226537
Windows 10 arrrgh 3 General
Hi, i have recently downloaded windows 10 on my computer and laptop. Not really sure why, just kept getting mess...
started by: meadow view-616367 · last update: 1470215907 · posted: 1469960700
Beef in france 10 Food & Drink
I have noticed that tender beef is not really available in France ,have I missed something, you can buy. Stewing...
started by: Lily-864056 · last update: 1470206251 · posted: 1469630756
Loss of mobile signal 0 General
Yesterday we both lost any signal on our English orange mobiles. My Tesco mobile (o2 in UK) operating successful...
started by: gerstrav · last update: 1470046652 · posted: 1470046652
Mortgage Interest rates question 2 Financial & Legal
started by: phoenix1-537317 · last update: 1469984955 · posted: 1469968199
Hello,Does anyone know of a cattery near Tarbes (Gers or Haute Pyrenees).Nee...
started by: samewise-mp · last update: 1469891223 · posted: 1469862562
Land Rover Defender indicator switch pro... 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Does anyone know of someone who is familiar with Land Rover maintenance and servicing, please ? It's a 2006 TD5,...
started by: summerlily · last update: 1469871285 · posted: 1469863718
Swimming pool technician 3 General
Hello, do any of you have a contact for someone who is able to sort out my pool in the Castelnau Magnoac, Trie-s...
started by: chocolate rules-609266 · last update: 1469738588 · posted: 1468964992
Banking warning for expats in France 5 General
For those running businesses back in the UK I have what may be some disturbing news. I have just been told by my...
started by: Happy Harry-955454 · last update: 1469630233 · posted: 1469204085
Metal Framed Beds 0 General
Hi does anyone one know where to purchase metal framed beds  ( King Size ) near Tarbes. I have tried the Me...
started by: Grimbsy1-577568 · last update: 1469476026 · posted: 1469476026
Air France Cabin Crew Strike 27/07 - 02/... 0 General
Hi allAir France's cabin crews have called for a strike from this Wednesday 27 July through to 2 August 2...
started by: Giles · last update: 1469439365 · posted: 1469439365
power tools 1 Home & Garden
Where can I find someone to repair a Hitachi belt sander?
started by: fenderjb-615654 · last update: 1469345688 · posted: 1469208606
American Dollars 2 Financial & Legal
Can anybody advise on the best way to exchange American dollars to Euros?
started by: Gill King-598905 · last update: 1469205013 · posted: 1469097461
Storm Warning for tonight - 5 department... 4 General
Hi allHere in the region - The Haute Garonne 31, Hautes Pyrenees 65, Tarn 81,  Areige 09 and the Ave...
started by: Giles · last update: 1469185116 · posted: 1469116359
Search for missing British woman - Julie... 0 General
Julie Ann Buesnel who lives in Beaucaire, in the Gers, has been missing since 14 July.  Her car was found n...
started by: Giles · last update: 1469095129 · posted: 1469095129
Hire a Turf Cutter 0 Home & Garden
Hi, Could anyone tell me where I could hire a Turf Cutter around the 65 Region?  We live near Tarbes.  ...
started by: David-Tweddle-865045 · last update: 1469043539 · posted: 1469043539
Shellac 0 Home & Garden
I have just built an outside table , the top is Douglas Pine and I would like to finish it off with shellac... d...
started by: fenderjb-615654 · last update: 1469022880 · posted: 1469022880