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The 2017/18 Skiing & Snowboarding Thread 6 Sport & Leisure
As in previous years, people have posted an update ofconditions they have found on the hill so I thought I’d star
started by: Stella65 · last update: 1512998687 · posted: 1512471632
Are you driving from Aveyron area to Haute... 0 AngloINFO Support
Hello I have a few items being stored with someone in Nant, Aveyron. I need them transported to Haute Garonne/
started by: Dominique-Pahud-916897 · last update: 1512992579 · posted: 1512992579
applying for a carte de sejour permanent... 5 General
HiHas anyone had any experience of applying for a carte de sejour permanent UE (inactif) at Toulouse prefecture?&nb
started by: whistle-614919 · last update: 1512923183 · posted: 1511180917
France Telecom - Orange Livebox 23 General
Does anyone know or understand the difference between a Orange 'white' non professional livebox and the 'black' pro
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1512753551 · posted: 1415797504
Carpenter recommendtions wanted 4 General
Hi looking for a reliable carpenter to build a timber framed 'lean-to' extension for me (or with me as i will be th
started by: jack-of-all-trades-883567 · last update: 1512693086 · posted: 1511193049
"ROUTE 65" are a recently formed Jazz-Blues band and we are looking for a singer to complete the line-up. Regular w
started by: Bluesman-856412 · last update: 1512584833 · posted: 1512584833
Does anyone know where we can hire a twin axle +4.2m trailer to collect a classic car from the UK?
started by: Hilary-616934 · last update: 1512114775 · posted: 1511973617
Problem dog/neighbour 8 General
I have lived on good terms with a neighbour who is about 2/300 metres away for about 10 years. He got an Italian ma
started by: Polochon-605901 · last update: 1511704398 · posted: 1507294845
Accessing UK Television in Hautes-Pyrenees 11 General
Recently we moved to our new home in the village of Lameac, Hautes-Pyrenees.  We have a large satellite dish,
started by: Iraj-Aryan-872316 · last update: 1511104835 · posted: 1509521757
Heating Engineer/Plumber recommendation 0 Home & Garden
Hi, does anybody know of a reliable English speaking guy (or gal) who could help us with our non functioning gas&nb
started by: chartreubleu-604123 · last update: 1511014546 · posted: 1511014546
Butter disappearing from supermarket shelves 6 Food & Drink
How's the great butter crisis going on round your way?Apparently, the suppliers are finding that the supermarket-se
started by: Crosbie-616759 · last update: 1511001902 · posted: 1509379345
Are there any English expacts living in Tarbes... 3 General
started by: Polly-d'Argoeuves-914755 · last update: 1510820217 · posted: 1510767673
Domain name 1 General
Hi.  I have been back in the UK for some 7 years now.  I do miss my old farmhouse.  I had a website
started by: pcarr-614128 · last update: 1510691318 · posted: 1510139889
Live in position wanted 0 General
Hi, my partner and I are currently living in Cardiff and are looking to return to France,  we are seeking a li
started by: nimbot-574146 · last update: 1509790369 · posted: 1509790369
this site is finished 10 General
this used to be such a busy site and it is a shame that due to the unpopular changes people have deserted far
started by: whyme-10034854 · last update: 1509521327 · posted: 1509108256
Electronic Plasma Repair 0 General
I have a 10 year old 42inch Pioneer Plasma that has become faulty. One day working normally, superb picture and sou
started by: DelboyinFrance-606133 · last update: 1509392743 · posted: 1509392743
Architect for barn conversion 0 General
We are looking for an architect to undertake the conversion of a stone-built barn into top quality residential acco
started by: petrel · last update: 1509354659 · posted: 1509354659
We are looking for a reliable, half decent... 0 Home & Garden
We are looking for carpenter/joiner to replace three exterior doors. One is a double set, one is a stable half door
started by: Pete King-599151 · last update: 1509304744 · posted: 1509304744
Looking for a studio / room to let in Toulouse... 0 General
Hi,I am looking to rent either a studio or room in Toulouse , I have a CDD until July 2018 , anything considered! W
started by: pippaluck · last update: 1509275675 · posted: 1509275675
Mortgage advisors, english speaking 1 Financial & Legal
Hello,I hope someone can point me in the right direction, I am looking for a bank with an english speaking mortgage
started by: jkit65 · last update: 1508498793 · posted: 1508176910