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Cat passports find french vet to get cat... 2 Pets & Animals Started by: Jeanette-Howard-Leighton-963368 · Updated: 1593005821 · Created: 1592929068
I cannot find a vet in the Gers that seems to be registered to do cat passports ..anyone help ? it’s urgent .heard of
Covid-19 and travel 3 General Started by: Jeremy-Grant-893250 · Updated: 1591689669 · Created: 1587641563
Hello everyone, I'm sitting in London, my primary residence is in SW France - near Boulogne sur Gesse 313650 to be more
property maintenance 0 Home & Garden Started by: stephane-clarke-963101 · Updated: 1591627125 · Created: 1591627125
S.V. 66Multi servicesImmatriculé / entièrement assuréRegistered / fully insuredFrançais et AnglaisFrench and English
Barbecue 1 Home & Garden Started by: Nile-Turnbull-962505 · Updated: 1591186373 · Created: 1591046733
Hello,I have recently moved to France and have an Australian gas BBQ which is Propane (I have purchased the French propa
Wall boundary limits to a public road 0 General Started by: Deltaron · Updated: 1586939359 · Created: 1586939359
Hi all, can anyone tell me how close I can build a small wall from my house to a public road?
LINKY 0 AngloINFO Support Started by: bigfoot-963417 · Updated: 1585486211 · Created: 1585486211
Does anyone know how to download the detailed Linky meter readings to a PC? The app Linky-et-Moi produces a tiny histogr
Lift to Andorra 0 General Started by: sethford · Updated: 1581945217 · Created: 1581945217
Hello,I have a bit of a bizzare request I was wondering if anyone could help with. I have a small bag of food that I nee
Paying for fuel in Cash 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: 2-in-a-tower · Updated: 1581789607 · Created: 1581775066
Does any-one know of pétrol stations in the Southern Haute-Garonne and the Ariege which accept cash?
Watercolour artist 0 Sport & Leisure Started by: James-Hardman-872896 · Updated: 1581543392 · Created: 1564669927
Classes near Nogari
Watercolour artist 0 Sport & Leisure Started by: James-Hardman-872896 · Updated: 1581543392 · Created: 1564669938
Classes near Nogari
Pool parts 0 Home & Garden Started by: dougsie · Updated: 1581543391 · Created: 1557314230
Hi, I used to buy parts for my filter/pump etc from aquaticmania who seem to have gone out of business. Does anyone know
House Coal 0 Home & Garden Started by: Howard Morrice-609753 · Updated: 1581543390 · Created: 1551517074
Hi. Anyone know where I can find some house coal in the Toulouse area?Willing to share the cost of a load if necessary.
Moving to Cuelas 2 children age 11 and 13 1 Families & Kids Started by: claire-vento-954884 · Updated: 1581358292 · Created: 1580945239
Good evening. Im wondering if anybody can help. We are thinking of making the move at the end of February 2020 to near t
How do you draft event sponsorship proposal? 1 General Started by: David-Nalbandian-954225 · Updated: 1580210019 · Created: 1580209939
The ability to draft a winning sponsorship proposal is the key to acquire sponsors for your event. A sponsorship proposa
Financial Advisor needed 0 Financial & Legal Started by: peter-banks-954140 · Updated: 1580129940 · Created: 1580129940
Hi all,Does anyone have recommendations for an English speaking financial adviser (Occitanie if possible). Kindly includ
Advice Re moving to Pyrenees 0 General Started by: Chris-Banner-954042 · Updated: 1579983182 · Created: 1579983182
Just returned from Argeles-Gazost having viewed some properties. My wife and I both work in hospitality & catering a
Can you sell back leftover heating oil in... 1 Home & Garden Started by: Darko-Lazic-952529 · Updated: 1578669232 · Created: 1578239044
Hi, I've recently bought a house in Perpignan. There is a tank in the house with a left over of heating oil from the pre
Heating 1 Home & Garden Started by: simonm-616237 · Updated: 1574792266 · Created: 1574504767
We have a geothermal heating system and wonder if anyone can help / recommend a company to service / repair this type of
Tradesman looking for work 0 Home & Garden Started by: Liam-Powl-944047 · Updated: 1567629804 · Created: 1567629804
Hello all,I have joined this forum as another way to look for work, my French isn't so great at the moment so it seemed
Long Term Parking near Toulouse Blagnac Airport 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: cherrytree-616131 · Updated: 1567285185 · Created: 1567285185
When we lived in UK, we travelled to France every few weeks but are now living in Australia and visit France twice a yea