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Britons beyond Brexit 0 General
On Friday 02 June: 1330-1600at Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Perigueux
started by: Geographer-617412 · last update: 1495604466 · posted: 1495604466
Euronews not available in English? 0 General
Hi,Noticed recently that Euronews (being watched by satellite - TNT SAT) at our home in the Gers is no lo...
started by: Whatever-611616 · last update: 1495279951 · posted: 1495279951
French TV signal lost 0 General
Hi all,We have two TNT Sat boxes neither of which, today, will receive any signals.  Anyone else hav...
started by: Whatever-611616 · last update: 1495122601 · posted: 1495122601
Clothing alterations 0 General
Need to have a suit altered since losing weight (good thing). Looking for a seamstress or tailor to do this in t...
started by: rgiarraputo-605039 · last update: 1495099176 · posted: 1495099176
Central Heating - Boiler Replacement 6 Home & Garden
started by: Andrew-Large-891576 · last update: 1495013269 · posted: 1487701772
Building materials and fire wood ...... 2 Home & Garden
We will shortly be moving near Marciac and Plaisance) and will need to purchase roof tiles and general building ...
started by: JoolsofSewing · last update: 1494779445 · posted: 1493818134
Moving to France advice 2 General
Hello there, could anyone help me please. My father has lived in france for the past 22 years and I am from England...
started by: Jennifer -Henderson-899826 · last update: 1494763744 · posted: 1494587284
Humm Busters contact? 0 General
Hi all,Haven't used them for a while but would like to buy some more filters but can not trace them now. ...
started by: Whatever-611616 · last update: 1494507124 · posted: 1494507124
House-sitting 0 Home & Garden
Mature (but young in outlook!) couple (early 60s) and widowed female friend (late 60s) offering to house-sit any...
started by: joffday · last update: 1494439456 · posted: 1494439456
Long-term property rental required 0 Home & Garden
I've a friend who is moving from northern France to the south west at the end of June for her work so she is loo...
started by: SIMON448-602999 · last update: 1494310060 · posted: 1494310060
BBC TELEVISION 0 Entertainment
I am struggling to receive BBCi HAVE A 1MTRE DISHHas anyone got experience with the reception on b...
started by: oldfrt · last update: 1494091008 · posted: 1494091008
Transport from Ipswich/Boston 0 General
Could anyone assist in the movement of a boxed lawnmower from Boston or Ipswich to Pamiers 09100? Weight 40 kgs....
started by: Alan Longland-599034 · last update: 1493979985 · posted: 1493979985
Angloinfo Newsletter 3 AngloINFO Support
How can I unsubscribe from receiving AI newsletters? They're really annoying and for some reason I can't seem to...
started by: MR BEN-615855 · last update: 1493886744 · posted: 1493551111
Flower Show at St Sever du Rustan 1 General
can anyone tell me if this flower show is this weekend - 7th May please..........
started by: Le Parede-608910 · last update: 1493847639 · posted: 1493715275
Roof replacement 1 Home & Garden
We are going to replace the roof on our farmhouse, built, we think about 1750, we intend to include insulation i...
started by: ladyann-966669 · last update: 1493846694 · posted: 1493728411
installing phone and internet connection... 3 Home & Garden
I need a phoneline and internet connection. Ive researched various providers and am still confused. Am I ...
started by: Minimus-616013 · last update: 1493832049 · posted: 1489154051
Looking for Bed and Breakfast 4 General
I need some B B options as I travel around on my Fresh Bacon run. I'm never sure where I end up. I require plug-...
started by: Donal-O´Leary-891683 · last update: 1493545709 · posted: 1493035859
Long term rental property wanted 3 General
We are finally retiring this summer and would love to rent (initially) a property long term to ensure that Franc...
started by: RichandJude · last update: 1492878839 · posted: 1492622177
Looking for chimney sweep / ramonage 0 Home & Garden
Can any readers recommend a chimney sweep (ramonage) in the Boulogne sur Gesse area? Or who services that area?
started by: Iolanthe-611425 · last update: 1492758188 · posted: 1492758188
Trench digging? 5 Home & Garden
I am looking for someone to dig a trench for us. We are near Boulogne-sur-Gesse (31350)The trench needs t...
started by: Diane-Neale-894322 · last update: 1492722244 · posted: 1488232202
Car hire from Toulouse airport - any che... 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I'm sure I'm not the first to notice how the day rate for hiring at Europcar Blagnac has shot up since Brexit. At l...
started by: Jeremy-Grant-893250 · last update: 1492619920 · posted: 1492357255
Classic Car Rally 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
For anyone who likes a drool over some classic cars, the Tour Auto 2017 is passing through the area on the 28th/...
started by: Stella65 · last update: 1492357022 · posted: 1492331855
Resurrecting a vineyard 0 Home & Garden
Is anyone expert in vine cultivation and knows about bringing back to life old neglected vines? I have an old vi...
started by: Jeremy-Grant-893250 · last update: 1492356434 · posted: 1492356434
Anyone need a lift to Caen ? 0 General
Leaving Chelan 32140 on Wednesday 19th April for the ferry port at Caen. ferry leaves 11PM for Portsmouth....
started by: Oddbod-982742 · last update: 1492193715 · posted: 1492193715
Channel 4 series A New Life in the Sun! ... 0 General
Casting Call! A New Life in the Sun is back for a third series on C4!I am looking for any Bri...
started by: Sam Rubinat · last update: 1491575189 · posted: 1491575189
PAU Possible disruption A64 Motorway 1 General
just seen the following message from a friend just now, which I repeat here - I say police blocking a road near ...
started by: richardandelse-600040 · last update: 1490974737 · posted: 1490973172
wild garlic 2 Food & Drink
does anyone know where you can find wild garlic in the gers?, thanks
started by: fenderjb-615654 · last update: 1490889904 · posted: 1490715577
Bacon By The Box 0 Food & Drink
I recently had a nice chat with Donal O'Leary who is one of the chaps involved in the 'fresh meat home delivery ...
started by: Crosbie-616759 · last update: 1490717549 · posted: 1490717425
commercial photocopier leasing 0 General
Dear all, is anybody aware of a French company that offers commercial photocopier leasing?It doesn't have...
started by: wranger · last update: 1490642033 · posted: 1490642033
bread/food baskets with hinged muslin co... 1 General
Hi.  I am looking for the lady (I think her name is Marguerite) who sells bread baskets with hinged muslin ...
started by: Whatever-611616 · last update: 1490634038 · posted: 1490433631
Long term car parking Toulouse/car purch... 0 General
We are fed up with paying extortionate car hire prices (plus cost of car seat hire) when coming over to our Fren...
started by: Hetti-Afolami-895673 · last update: 1490043795 · posted: 1490043795
VPN installation 3 General
Hi there, Before I jump off a bridge...... can anyone show me how to install [Cyberghost vpn] on my Andro...
started by: Deltaron · last update: 1489965146 · posted: 1489675285
Horse Poo 0 Home & Garden
Looking for someone who keeps horses and has a pile of horse manure they'd like to get rid of as we need some fo...
started by: mightywhite · last update: 1489392588 · posted: 1489392588
Processionary Caterpillars :( 0 General
Hi everyone this is just a little heads up, my dog and I have just returned home from our walk through Puntous a...
started by: cosmos65 · last update: 1489333991 · posted: 1489333991
housesitting 1 Home & Garden
i am moving onto the area and would like to offer housesitting or teaching English to young children what is the...
started by: Ann-Roberts-873308 · last update: 1488975409 · posted: 1488927054
Charity bike ride 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
We have organised a charity bike ride,  'Le Tour LSCR',  from Thermes Magnoac (65230) to Oxford to rai...
started by: greybiros-609961 · last update: 1488713295 · posted: 1488713295
Satellite broadband 2 Home & Garden
Hello there does anyone have advice on using satellite broadband for internet here in Midi Pyrenees please?...
started by: cardoon-609678 · last update: 1488635310 · posted: 1488031335
Dog insurance 0 Pets & Animals
My husband and I will be living in France for 6 months (then travelling on for a further 6 months) with our dog ...
started by: Julia-Lloyd-894147 · last update: 1488034855 · posted: 1488034855
Cat with replaced knee ligament - advice... 2 Pets & Animals
started by: rainbow-614470 · last update: 1487973717 · posted: 1486582144
Satellite Dish Adjustment 1 General
Very quick job needed to re-adjust due to the bad weather a few days. Near Caillavet [Vic-Fezensac]. On a drive-...
started by: Deltaron · last update: 1487839178 · posted: 1487765448
Adding speech recognition to my website 0 General
Hi all,How do I add the speech recognition code to my 1&1 website.[where do I find the cor...
started by: Deltaron · last update: 1487677070 · posted: 1487677070
Kindle Unlimited 0 General
From a practical, and potentially economic point of view itwould ma...
started by: Whatever-611616 · last update: 1487612441 · posted: 1487612441
Freestanding log burners-views on qualit... 8 General
Hi all,We are proposing to install a new new freestanding coloured enameled wood burning stove, with a...
started by: Whatever-611616 · last update: 1487442440 · posted: 1486057163
Anyone heard of better/more stupid or genuinely good/sensible reasons British expats, liv...
started by: franc-10064342 · last update: 1487408023 · posted: 1485609693
Permissions needed for kids to travel wi... 9 Families & Kids
My 5 year old daughter needs to travel to England for a weekend with an adult who is not her legal guardian (a v...
started by: Grace-Barbic-893445 · last update: 1487333586 · posted: 1487234872
Android tv box 7 General
started by: Deltaron · last update: 1487092942 · posted: 1487018685
Plasterer needed - recommendations pleas... 7 General
Hi all,Any recommedations for a plasterer within about a max. of 30kms. from Vic Fezensac (32)? Involves ...
started by: Whatever-611616 · last update: 1487073989 · posted: 1486653505
Recommendations for builder 1 General
Hi Looking for a builder to give devi and or advice on a structual problem on a house we are looking...
started by: steelboy · last update: 1486286388 · posted: 1485542787
Long Term Rental Required 1 General
We are ...
started by: Lost in France-883750 · last update: 1486152813 · posted: 1486058323
Expat community near Beaumonte de Lomagn... 4 General
Ahead of any lonely winters, does anyone know if there are any groups where we could integrate into the communit...
started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1485866881 · posted: 1485505890