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Vinyl cd’s and dvd’s 1 Home & Garden Started by: summerdaze-618418 · Updated: 1626097619 · Created: 1625995353
Late Spring clean ( or is it early?) I wish to sell above (lots of them) Some 7” singles original 60’s lots of rock
Travel from UK to France with 21 year old... 0 Families & Kids Started by: caroline S32-532743 · Updated: 1626001957 · Created: 1626001957
Just wondering if anyone has travelled recently from UK to France as a family with a partially vaccinated young adult (2
Insure my English car in France without changing... 49 General Started by: Labiba · Updated: 1625400488 · Created: 1378052660
Is there any insurance company that will insure my English registered car in France? Help, please,
Problems with BBC reception in Haute Garonne 0 Entertainment Started by: simonm-616237 · Updated: 1624027473 · Created: 1624027473
We are currently experiencing problems in receiving BBC signals for TV and radio has anyone had the same and if so how d
4g Internet 2 Home & Garden Started by: ericleroi-614160 · Updated: 1623743275 · Created: 1599510570
Can anybody tell me which UK mobile cos partner orange on France for roaming? Looking at 4g Internet but I can only get
Selling UK car in France 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Bazel · Updated: 1622198683 · Created: 1622198683
I travelled to France in my RHD, UK registered car and have obtained French residency. I would like to sell the car in F
BOGOF 0 Home & Garden Started by: rache-611556 · Updated: 1621340870 · Created: 1621340870
Books books books ; buy one get one free. Children's , reference , novels , history , geography ,guide books etc etc etc
Search for dressmaking and furnishing fabric 0 Home & Garden Started by: Jo-MacDonald-993167 · Updated: 1620295311 · Created: 1620295311
Hello all. I wonder if anyone has info on the best place to get any kind of dressmaking or furnishing/upholstery fabric.
Complete house contents and large DIY sale 2 General Started by: rache-611556 · Updated: 1619956942 · Created: 1617113465
3 ,4 , and 5 April 9am till 6pm daily4 Kms from PInasFollow the signsEverything must goFurniture , books , tools , mater
English books for sale. 0 Home & Garden Started by: rache-611556 · Updated: 1618299885 · Created: 1618299885
About a thousand books in English covering reference , history , children's books , novels , guide books , coffee table
Moving from Deux Sevres to north of Tarbes 0 General Started by: lewisevans-765673 · Updated: 1617476644 · Created: 1617476644
We are looking for someone to move our stuff from Deux Sevres to about 40 minutes north fo Tarbes at the end of April. W
Sending a parcel to the UK post Brexit 1 General Started by: Jill-Deller-981113 · Updated: 1610438337 · Created: 1610437881
Hello, Is anyone able to tell me how to print a label for sending a parcel to the UK? I have been told by our post offic
PCR test 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: luise crooke · Updated: 1610193201 · Created: 1610193201
Hi, does anyone know where, around Toulouse, I can get a PCR test done to enable me to travel. Thanks
Really Confused - Please help 4 Financial & Legal Started by: Elvina-Hutchinson-965097 · Updated: 1605712488 · Created: 1602843663
Hi We are moving to France before 31st December. Our house purchase is underway as is the sale of our UK home. We are g
house clearance 0 General Started by: LES-JONES-974060 · Updated: 1602656158 · Created: 1602656158
i,m moving to Spain and i will only be taking a few personal items down there as the apartment is fully furnished. Even
Moving To The Haute Garonne in December -... 0 General Started by: Elvina-Hutchinson-965097 · Updated: 1601982545 · Created: 1601982545
Hi All We have found our new full time home, had an offer accepted and the legal process has now started. We have lot
Gas fitting 0 Home & Garden Started by: chartreubleu-604123 · Updated: 1601216008 · Created: 1601216008
Hi, we will soon need to replace the "mixte" gas and electric freestanding cooker which we bought with the house. Do we
Sons College stage 0 General Started by: bernie blue-613381 · Updated: 1600940027 · Created: 1600940027
I am wondering if anyone else is having problems locating a place for their child's stage this Autumn?My son is seventee
Redundancy and dormant UK contract 0 Financial & Legal Started by: stagmond · Updated: 1600371621 · Created: 1600371621
Hello. There is a risk that I will be made redundant. I have a permanent french contract CDI, pay tax in France, but I h
Brexit advice 1 Financial & Legal Started by: Suan-Pask-970891 · Updated: 1600349776 · Created: 1600170619
I am 64, living in Ariege since January 2001 and working here since 2004. My husband same age but he is an artist with m