started by: anthea-608884 · last update: 1630687696 · posted: 1630331590

Hello, I'd love to hear from builders this way. Quite a big job but no huge urgency - can work within a sort of six month span? thank you.

started by: Gervaise · last update: 1554210945 · posted: 1554210945

My name is Monique, I am a highly competent and enthusiastic carer with an outgoing personality, great communication and a passion for caring for others. Multi-skilled and self-motivated, Please feel free to contact for more information I am available to work with you as a living carer. I speak both English and Franch and I am very familiar with both culture and social life. I have been a carer for 18 years in the UK.

started by: Iolanthe-611425 · last update: 1540214909 · posted: 1466241731

I notice that the recent thread complaining about the site, and some helpful comments about how to fix various elements, has been quietly removed. Bad news being buried is always a poor sign. Everyone wants the site back to a form where it was as useful as its previous incarnation. But there are just so many problems, and the many little problems gradually fixed (or not) don't get away from the big problem that the current design is just badly, badly conceived. How you fix that I don't know. Everyone I talk to about it either agrees its absolute rubbish or says they don't bother using it any more. How you as a (I assume) investor must feel about this, given presumably plummeting advert revenues and just being distracted by daily general hassle dealing with basic errors and irritated users, I can only imagine. I presume most people in Midi-Pyrenees (a predominantly country area) used to see A-I as a great way to communicate, find tradespeople, find out about events, ask questions, etc etc. The frustration must be widespread, and it doesn't help that there is this sense of denial on A-I about the problem.Your business has gone down the toilet because someone at A-I hired the wrong website designer. No one can be happy about it. The fact that I am even bothering to write this demonstrates that I and others would actually like to see a functioning and successful site. People want it and NEED it.

started by: sunshine2003-611731 · last update: 1533145928 · posted: 1302953740

Hi is anyone else having a problem with this site, when I open a classified or Directory it closes it down immediately. Which means I have to keep going into a new page just to read something. Or is it our computer? Thanks

started by: Iolanthe-611425 · last update: 1529067436 · posted: 1465072804

Despite months of this new format, its still rubbish. I just looked for the first time for months (used to look every day), and decided to respond to Giles's posting about Bloctel. Still rejected my response. I mean Giles how long do you give these idiots to get your website working in a most basic fashion?

started by: Jane-Johnson-924917 · last update: 1520989950 · posted: 1520989950

I have the Code de Cession number to complete the sale of my vehicle but have to complete registration of the sale under "mes demarcates en cours" but this category does not appear on ANTS.  Any advice?

started by: Goodwins-612056 · last update: 1513784111 · posted: 1513277431

Hi, I have recently bought an item from a member of anglo info. As soon as I got it home it was apparent that the item had a fault. I have contacted the seller for a refund but they appear to be a bit elusive. Anyone had a similar problem.Dennis

started by: Dominique-Pahud-916897 · last update: 1512992579 · posted: 1512992579

Hello I have a few items being stored with someone in Nant, Aveyron. I need them transported to Haute Garonne/ Ariege/Gers if you are have room in your car. I can then get my friend who lives near Aurignac to collect them from you. The items are 2 medium framed paintings about 80 x 60cm and 3 pots. I would be willing to negotiate a fee for doing this. I am currently trying to organise this from Australia so initially we need to communicate by email or this discussion. Thanks

started by: justjan-598199 · last update: 1507812609 · posted: 1507754072

Is there anyway I can edit an ad I posted. I want to change the price. Do I have to mark it as sold and then start again?

started by: Giles-Farmer-904487 · last update: 1503999868 · posted: 1499787974

Due to recent events, its seems timely to write a note about being prudent when choosing building companies.DO NOT pay huge deposits, no matter how credible the company may seem.ALWAYS insist on written quote, including material costs and completion dates.ALWAYS check references.WALK AWAY if something seems fishy - it is not worth the risk!ASK AROUND for information about the company you are considering.  Have they a good reputation?  Have they ever been taken to court for bad work or theft?DO NOT BE FOOLED by registration numbers, insurance policy numbers or TVA numbers, they do not necessarily mean a great deal, and may not even be real!Remember, reputation is EVERYTHING.  If a builder has unhappy customers, find a different one or, you'll be the next unhappy customer.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!Feel free to add your advice!

started by: Vicky-Armstrong · last update: 1501664978 · posted: 1501661129

Having problems posting anything for many days and weeks on AngloInfo.com Classified. Ashame

started by: Ann P-616498 · last update: 1501406013 · posted: 1501343292

Why is this site impossible to post ads on????

started by: ranajrodger-615851 · last update: 1499450552 · posted: 1499251522

HiMy friend is disabled and is a UK citizen living in France.He has been living here for over 20 years and receives a pension d'invalidité from the French government each month which is all he has to live off.He is anxious if this will stop once the UK leaves the EU.Does he need to apply for French nationality to continue receiving his pension or will it be stopped once the UK leaves?

started by: MR BEN-615855 · last update: 1493886744 · posted: 1493551111

How can I unsubscribe from receiving AI newsletters? They're really annoying and for some reason I can't seem to delete them from my inbox to trash? Thanks..

started by: oldfrt · last update: 1488826536 · posted: 1458717996

I still cannot access my adverts..the system says NONE FOUND, but they are clearly visible in the classads view!! When if EVER are we going to get solutions

started by: Lianne-607131 · last update: 1478515687 · posted: 1477395233

As usual I cant post an ad here - again - sigh..... its been submitting content for 10 mins now - will give up soon

started by: francerestoration · last update: 1474911712 · posted: 1474541097

Hi, does anyone know how to change your email address, can only see where to change password,

started by: meadow view-616367 · last update: 1469085921 · posted: 1463904696

I have added 2 posts in cars for sale, but need to do some alterations to the ad. How do i make modifications please?

started by: SSL-613488 · last update: 1468842208 · posted: 1467925493

Help! I have tried so many times to add a classified and it doesn't load. What am I meant to do?Thanks Sally

started by: Lily-Clifford-864056 · last update: 1467963051 · posted: 1467956107

Hi does anyone know about registering choosing your area I could not find Aquitaine or lot et Garonne so the nearest area was midi Pyrenees , so I am registered under midi Pyrenees but I would like to also get info on my area

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