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I notice that the recent thread complaining about the site, and some helpful comments about how to fix various elements, has been quietly removed. Bad news being buried is always a poor sign. Everyone wants the site back to a form where it was as useful as its previous incarnation. But there are just so many problems, and the many little problems gradually fixed (or not) don't get away from the big problem that the current design is just badly, badly conceived. How you fix that I don't know. Everyone I talk to about it either agrees its absolute rubbish or says they don't bother using it any more. How you as a (I assume) investor must feel about this, given presumably plummeting advert revenues and just being distracted by daily general hassle dealing with basic errors and irritated users, I can only imagine. I presume most people in Midi-Pyrenees (a predominantly country area) used to see A-I as a great way to communicate, find tradespeople, find out about events, ask questions, etc etc. The frustration must be widespread, and it doesn't help that there is this sense of denial on A-I about the problem.Your business has gone down the toilet because someone at A-I hired the wrong website designer. No one can be happy about it. The fact that I am even bothering to write this demonstrates that I and others would actually like to see a functioning and successful site. People want it and NEED it.

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Bill Breedon-609263 1466273018

"hired the wrong web-site desighner". You mean you think they paid someone?
TBH, it has improved over the weeks, but you`re right, it must be very frustrating for the franchisees. Well done Giles for remaining calm (on the web at least).

Giles 1466334114

Hi all,

Just to say that we haven't removed comments, I'm not sure to what you are referring, but we've pretty much left everything, and no we are not trying to hide and we haven't buried anything.

Thank Bill, yes, things are improving, and will continue to do so, I will say again, the 'old' site, got very bad press when it launched, for months. There were lots of postings saying the business had gone down the toilet etc and that we had hired the wrong designer and bring back the 'old' site. That was in 2012, but we had enough belief and understanding of the business that we just stuck with it. Now you are all clamouring for the site many of you thought so awful in 2012.

We do have a ways to go, we launched early to take into consideration all the new Google rules since last year as we realized that if we left it any longer, we'd lose our excellent Google rankings which really would be bad for business and the old site would not be able to function as it should for very long. So, a few months of frustration and difficulties seemed a much better choice than no site.

Here in France where people use Discussions and classifieds a lot, you have had to bear with more of the problems, for which we are very sorry, and have said so on a consistent basis. But not only will function improve in the coming weeks, the facilities we can offer will too. And they are improving.

Yes, iolanthe, you do all need the site, and we are working to make sure you get a site that can work for all of you for years to come, not just for this week, or this month, or even this year. It doesn't come easy; we have 130 sites worldwide, we have millions, literally millions of pages of information to handle, we are in over 40 countries with all the varying cultures, bureaucracy and differing expectations, but, as in 2012, we are getting there.

Frustrating, yes, you bet it is, but I as a franchisee, feel much better knowing we have a new site that will be able to develop, and with which I can grow my business, and for now, we get our heads down and do the work.

All your feedback is taken into account, but I will say that stuff like 'I don't like it, and bad design' doesn't really help us. Things like ' the font too light to see properly' is helpful, (that one was one of my personal bugbears) and those who've feedback specifically about navigation, have really helped. We thank you! Keep them coming. Understand that you need to vent general frustration though, but please realize that venting isn't feedback. I'm in the hot seat here, and so believe me when I say I understand the difference.

I won't answer these postings every time they come up, it's repetitious and loses any real sense. I'm not even going to ask you to bear with us, I hope you will, but truth is, only time and our efforts will tell. The ball is in our court and we take that very seriously.

Please email us with any specific problems, we will always do our best to sort them out for you.
Happy Sunday everyone.

Iolanthe-611425 1466347275

Giles, with the greatest of respect (as you are the franchise, we learn), your long response indicates someone who remains both defiant and deluded in the face of an absolutely overwhelming rejection of the new format by your customers. AND the way it was introduced. Your assertion that the previous incarnation was loved, sounds to me like a load of drivel imparted to you by the higher powers at AI to justify the absolute textbook fail at how manage change.

No one I believe is saying the previous site was wonderful, or the last word. BUT IT WORKED for most people quite well. See Lima's correct comment today (although his silence as a result of the new format no better defines the saying that "every cloud has a silver lining"). Even Meredith no longer posts her wacky "bridges to nowhere" rants. I quite miss her, in a slightly weird kind of way.

What everyone is totally cheesed off about is that the site went down for a few weeks, promising some wonderful new portal. And what did we get? The Herman van Rompuy of websites. Weak, metrosexual pink graphics. An inept launch, that no one was consulted on, or seemed to have tested. Absolute chaos. And now some two months down the line, whilst it is a bit better (though that achievement is not a high hurdle), it is still worse than the old site. And in the meantime you have lost many viewers, respect, interest, custom. Your previous rather assured reputation will forever be tainted with this shambles. As I write this, I can't get the image of Neil Pillock being doused by a wave out of my head. It really is that bad.

And the other comment, basically that everyone didn't like the 2012 change either, again demonstrates that you didn't learn much from that misfire???

The problem with the new website (and as I remember, the change from 2012), is that the update gleefully embraces all sorts of new functionality that most people didn't care about, whilst woefully ignoring and indeed omitting what everyone does. In other words you didn't, and still don't, get the basics right; easy communication, layout, dignified colour scheme, navigation, login. In all of these aspects the new site is either hopeless or no better than the previous one. I'm an Englishman Abroad and I don't want my Anglo-Info website to make me nauseous every time I look at it. Can't we even have a website to be proud of?

All you have succeeded in doing is irritating all of your users for absolutely no reason. It really is a website that could have been commissioned, designed, and indeed run by, the Ryanair Customer Service department.

BlackDog2 1467901122

I have just had at least five attempts to list an item for sale without success as it kept crashing, then in despair, I tried to list it without pictures and it was accepted.
Problem is, who bothers to look at items for sale without pictures ?.
Also noticed most of the other items without pictures and big date gaps between listings, not much gets advertised on here any more. Shame..

muffy1 1534521445

well i can not get into anything it says problem with my server, I have no problem the problem is with Anglo info, when something is working well why do they have to change it, go back to how it was a couple of years ago, if not I think you will end up having to shut it down as people will go else where

damesnap-601404 1540214909

I am having huge difficulties trying to even open pages on this site. I wanted to place two classified ads but each time I am told the page doesn’t exist. What am I doing wrong?

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