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As usual I cant post an ad here - again - sigh..... its been submitting content for 10 mins now - will give up soon

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whyme-10034854 1477409800

after reading so many comments about the photos not loading,you must,must,must downsize them !!!!!!!! dont forget the average camera takes a photo about 4000 pixels wide,which is big.

you can make them smaller in the camera itself or use a photo editing program,many free online.

this site will not upload files bigger than 1000 pixels.smaller is better in this case

Lianne-607131 1477416905

Thankyou - I removed the photos to try again - it refuses to accept the captcha, then wont submit - the item will be sold on another site before I get this posted judging by the interest generated. Grrrr

Giles 1477477697

Hi Lianne,

I've put the tech team on it - it's a weird bug that comes and goes and affects some users and not others - very sorry.  

Can you email me what you are using ie computer/tablette/telephone and operating system/browser please?  It all helps.


PaulT-617970 1477905905

Yes, and even when you resize it either does not take them or crops them even more or you get the situation that the OP writes about. Seems happy if photos are not used but defeats one of the key points of an ad.

Lynch Mason 1478515687

my pictures came upside down so every one had to be edited. Also it would not take more than two. the whole process is very slow, cumbersome and frankly too irritating to use any more. The site used to work perfectly well but now its unusable sorry.

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