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I still cannot access my adverts..the system says NONE FOUND, but they are clearly visible in the classads view!! When if EVER are we going to get solutions

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oldfrt 1458807686

How totally amatuer

Anthea-Salmon -853782 1458899939

I'm so glad ( if that is the right word!) to find that others are having problems with the new site. It used to be so easy to add and edit an advert. I can't get replies to emails asking for help with the problems. I can't access my own adverts to edit them and find the whole site very slow. It is very disappointing, as I love AI and have found it so useful in the past.

oldfrt 1459587516

We, the CUSTOMERS, are STILL being ignored
There should be SOME response, and effort to
a. Acknowledge the concerns
b. Update us on their (AI) PLANS
c. PERHAPS there are none!!

oldfrt 1461049115

Although the "remember me " now works, I STILL cannot call up my adverts to edit etc

Giles 1461065731

Hi all
Yes, so much easier with 'Remember me' working now- but we are still working on getting all the ads into your My Angloinfo space - it's an intermittent problem - which is hard to rectify - some are there, some not.
So, in the meantime, email me with changes - but please remember to include a link to your ad so that I can find it quickly for you.

oldfrt 1462094663

Thanks Giles
At last an update
As yet I have NOT got any of my ads in My Anglo Info!

oldfrt 1462864403

Unless these problems are sorted (go back to the old system until they are) AI will DIE!! No sds placed in the last SEVEN DAYS..before there were about seven PER DAY

tomcolclough 1462872307

Just came on here to read some more complaints about the new site ! Decided to leave a comment, logged in and it took me way out of where I was before. It seems absolutely none of the problems have been rectified. I have given up trying to put an advert on and like many others Im close to not bothering with this debacle of a new site.

oldfrt 1464072904

You me and MANY others

oldfrt 1466750922

Unfortunately, inspite of Giles response to Iolanthe, I CANNOT see any improvement..even log me in falls over AGAIN, is back again!!

Any navigation would appear to be random

Still no plan of resolving the probl;ems!!

It doesn't matter that there are 40+ anglo info..they all use the same basic not really 40 x the problem!

oldfrt 1488826536

One year on

The loading of class ads or details is so slow I have taken to making a coffee OR TWO!

It would seem that we can no longer see our old classads, so have to start again

What a bore!

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