Looking for a builder who works VILLECOMTAL way ...

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Hello, I'd love to hear from builders this way. Quite a big job but no huge urgency - can work within a sort of six month span? thank you.

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you are offf your head advrertising like this ; expect so called builders who qualified on the boat on the way over!! at least a french artisan has somle training;!

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I might add ; I am retired now so am not looking for work ; there is a 'builder ' in St Gaudens who was a car salesman before coming to France ; there is a 'builder' in Castlenau who was a hospital orderly before coming to France . I rec ently helped an old lady who had used a registered electrician  , we sued his insurance and won he had a vague idea and that is all ; UK people only have to say they have 3 years experience ; no checks ; take the risk or find someone to help translate ; your choice

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I already mailed you suggesting you contact your Mairie for advice and you seemed to accept that ; but do what you want ; and pay accordingly

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