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Due to recent events, its seems timely to write a note about being prudent when choosing building companies.DO NOT pay huge deposits, no matter how credible the company may seem.ALWAYS insist on written quote, including material costs and completion dates.ALWAYS check references.WALK AWAY if something seems fishy - it is not worth the risk!ASK AROUND for information about the company you are considering.  Have they a good reputation?  Have they ever been taken to court for bad work or theft?DO NOT BE FOOLED by registration numbers, insurance policy numbers or TVA numbers, they do not necessarily mean a great deal, and may not even be real!Remember, reputation is EVERYTHING.  If a builder has unhappy customers, find a different one or, you'll be the next unhappy customer.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!Feel free to add your advice!

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Daniel H 1500320933

Thanks for the advice. It seems there's a lot of it about at the moment...

Jason Kitchen Building Services 1500400495

Very sound advice, but please remember we are not all bad. I spend most of my time putting right what these other so called builders do wrong. 100% of my work is through word of mouth and I work very hard to protect my reputation.

BlackDog2 1503060525

Sad, but how true,

Have not had one fully satisfactory trade here so far in 5½ years with all British so called experts with Roofing, Plumbing , Electrics, and now Tree surgery work.

Yes, there are good ones out there, but we just need to know about them.

Recently paid a "friends" tree surgeon son fully up front on trust and only half the work was done, it was left in a complete mess and he never came back !!.

Why cant we come up with a professional workers directory solely based on work completed at your own property to get rid of the misery caused by cowboys.

On that note, Can anyone recommend for Dept 65,  a Tree surgeon and a plumber, solely based on works done at your own property.

Thank you in advance for any replies that will be gratefully received. 

Bluesman-856412 1503064582


I can recommend Mark Stocker who is a tree surgeon covering Dept 65. 

He did work here (near Argeles Gazost) a few weeks back and we were very pleased indeed with his work. There is a thread of recommendations about him further down this discussion column and he advertises in the garden services section.

Pm me if you would like more details...errr...not sure if the private message system works on this site any more though!

meadow view-616367 1503516173

I agree with jkit65 we are not all bad, we have been here doing building work for 13 years, and happy to show a portfolio of our works or provide any references We have also in the last 3 years found a very good plumber & electrician who we are happy & confident to recommend, although we have seen some shoddy work, we have also had to tidy up some dangerous poor work. If anyone would like details of a decent plumber / electrician please contact me. 

Frances -Carroll-908126 1503999867

If you are approached by an individual then check that he has the right to be in Europe and a valid and current work permit.  Otherwise he might disappear with all your tools.  PM me if you want to know more

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