started by: madeleine-925655 · last update: 1467733059 · posted: 1467715309

I haave just spent 40 minutes trying to add our village classical concerts on  your events page, only to be asked for 36 Euros per week before finalising the entry.   This is impossible.   I just cannot use your new site and no longer read the weeklky updates as I cannot find them.In despair,Madeleine

started by: timdiw-609786 · last update: 1465462748 · posted: 1463843524

Hi Giles,Not sure if you know but when someone creates a classified there is no way of contacting the vendor.I posted 4 ads today, which took for ages as 2 out of 4 photos didn't upload, and there is no way for potential buyers to contact me.I'm all for "bugs" to be worked out soon the new site but this is killing me!

started by: albany-600358 · last update: 1464519353 · posted: 1464518563

started by: Castillon-615959 · last update: 1464087321 · posted: 1463829352

started by: Bill Breedon-609263 · last update: 1462429152 · posted: 1462374510

I have just received a scam email from a sender with whom I have only had dealings through Angloinfo. Given the awful state of the site at the moment, perhaps it would be a good idea to check your security.

started by: kwaving-614416 · last update: 1461570803 · posted: 1461516919

When will you listen and respond? I was a great fan and supporter of Anglo Info. I have bought, sold, given away,  been given to, discussed, exchanged and enjoyed. Your new website is a disaster. It simply does not work for the user. I have used Anyvan had quotes from Anglo European Light Haulage and contacted countless entrepreneurs and artisans through you directory but frankly now I can't be bothered to try and navigate what is an terrible website. I would be grateful for a response and I assume your advertisers would be grateful for your response also.Keith Waving

started by: Flux-event · last update: 1461390224 · posted: 1461129616

@ Giles whats happened to the rolling exchange rate for the day?It used to be a daily must check, so is sorely missed.....Flux 

started by: Gill King-598905 · last update: 1461068508 · posted: 1460998774

Why don't I get the weekly news letters since the site has changed?

started by: tonyw-599295 · last update: 1460667137 · posted: 1460623994

I am trying to send a message to a member. I have found the  member page and opened up the Message section. Having written the message, i clicked on the "send" button bt there was no indication that the message was sent. How do i find out if the message went? (Other than waiting for a reply)Thanks

started by: PaulT-617970 · last update: 1458912049 · posted: 1458198042

Giles I am unsure whether you are the admin for the whole of AI or just 'our' area. I assume that this is a global change for AI. Curious as to the nature of posts elsewhere about the new site, especially the number of negative v number of positive (should there be any of the latter)

started by: meadow view-616367 · last update: 1458902068 · posted: 1458501131

Same old story, why change to the new format?  And why does the new format not have a poll so people can vote as to whether it is for the better or not?

started by: icanthearyouwhatareyouonabout · last update: 1458813368 · posted: 1439644454

Can anyone recommend a faster service then the normal postal service >   Any Help appreciated

started by: Debs-531698 · last update: 1458500805 · posted: 1458156676

I agree with other users  - the new site is so unappealing I think I will now leave the site... too tricky to navigate, and like many others I liked to browse the site rather than having to go into each section of classified/discussions separately. No longer possible so no longer interesting -

started by: frenchy-899050 · last update: 1458197916 · posted: 1457806975

Every time I go to the Angloinfo website and I want to respond to a discussion or post anything I have to login even though I have checked the box "remember me". This is very annoying.

started by: Juan_Moretime · last update: 1450296547 · posted: 1450293950

Hello. I need urgently to try and locate a friend's sister who lives in the Bordeaux area somewhere. I am wishing therefore to Post on Angloinfo for that area, and in the place where it will be seen by the largest number of members possible. I don't know if I can do this from A.Info Midi Pyrenees or if I have to get on the relevant bit of Anglo that includes that area. I would very much appreciate a prompt reply. Thanks,    Graham

started by: icanthearyouwhatareyouonabout · last update: 1439644546 · posted: 1437737998

Could anyone advise Does anyone know if their's an English speaking team in France for Aviva Insurance ? I still have a blockage in the upstairs bathroom - since the water board dug up the road from a collapased drain last year ! but we are still affected. I've had a French person contact the water board , but they are not interested ! I've had two plumbers advising it's the outside drain causing this problem. I now intend submitting a claim with the House Insurance ( I'm presumming this would be covered ? )    Any advice would be appreciated

started by: BrianK-537582 · last update: 1432130660 · posted: 1431983590

Hi, I wonder if you can help. I have been registered with AngloInfo for some time now, but just recently I have found out that I am registered in the wrong area. I live in Brassac 81260, which I now know is in Midi Pyrenees South, but my registration was made in MP North. This has recently caused me a problem when placing a classified ad, as it is only shown in the northern departments, not local to where I live. Can you advise the best way to correct my mistake Many Thanks Brian

started by: BrianK-537582 · last update: 1431880034 · posted: 1431870645

Hi, can anyone tell me where to find a map showing the boundary between Midi Pyrenees North and South.  Thanks Brian

started by: Marrer · last update: 1429221397 · posted: 1429185771

A category in discussions headed something like 'controversy' would be good on Ai so the spats about god-knows-what are quick to find. Loved the stuff about Charlie Hebdoe, Police Commissioners, all things sinister (and interventions/denigrations about grammar and spelling).  And it wouldn't interfere with the folk who want to talk about how to source a solar-powered chicken sexer from Cambodia etc.  

started by: AMCR1 · last update: 1426813148 · posted: 1426611496

Hi, when I originally set my profile we were looking to move to Dordogne but we are now looking to settle in the Midi-Pyrenees. I would like to change my profile so that I get updates for this area. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Many thanks

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