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hello all  we are moving to boloungue  sur geese in march this year and  very excited  neither myself or my husband speak French very well but we are trying very hard could anyone please recommend a English speaking doctor and vet in the area please  thank you ????  

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Dear Madam, Sir, I am about to submit my ad and would like to ask 2 questions: 1 – is PayPal method available? 2 – can I terminate monthly payments without penalty at any moment if I no longer want to advertise? Plus, kindly let me know if you have any suggestions on my Order No: 64008 Kind regards, Maxim

started by: red herring-924031 · last update: 1390160218 · posted: 1390160218

Hi, does anyone know if it's possible to edit a discussions posting, and if so, how is it done please? 

started by: Dot King-614535 · last update: 1385566919 · posted: 1385566828

Hello, I've received an e-mail for a translation from someone called Gillian Ratcliffe, when i answered her mail, I received a non-delivery status notice - this happened three times - to her own e-mail address, not Ai's address. If you have her contact details within your subscribers could you please let her know - i wouldn't like her to think I was ignoring her request - and suggest she telephones me on 05 62 28 98 23. Sorry to trouble you with this, thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards, Dot King

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forgotten how to send a private message...anyone help?

started by: Lynne Dodds · last update: 1369416016 · posted: 1369414876

I have tried to update two of my classified ads to show that one car has been sold and a second one withdrawn. no update button appears on either screen so that I can not complete the action. Please advise

started by: Marrer · last update: 1359806208 · posted: 1359804629

I have recently placed an ad and the item has gone to a new owner but when I go into myangloinfo and click on ads to withdraw it there are no ads coming up - can you help please

started by: Kiwitoo-600011 · last update: 1351769447 · posted: 1348087197

For example: The topic of 'Do you like this new format' etc... Is criticism to hard to take one asks, shame really.  From my business experience most companies learn a great deal from this source of information, good or bad. And some actually listen.  

started by: memeweaver-611327 · last update: 1351621290 · posted: 1351615353

Does anyone know where the Discussion feed has gone?  I really can't be arsed to come to this site just to follow ads and announcements. This seems like a big step backwards in site functionality. Also, many of the site links are now useless. For instance if you click the link for "General Rules for Discussions" on the site Help page ( http://midipyreneessouth.angloinfo.com/help/forum/generalrules/) then it just takes you back to the same page. Various other links through the site also just return you to the page you started on.      

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Giles, help.................we saw House exchange for Christmas 2012-Maubourget area We are looking for a house swop in the Maubourget area this christmas. In exchange, we can offer  a house in rural Algarve, which is only 20 minutes drive away from some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. Can anyone suggest a good house exchange site or any other means of finding the right people to swop with us? ... Posted on: 2012-10-08 18:31:16   when we looked for it later in the day it had disappeared then we shearched for it in forum search and found it but when we click on the topic it shows us discussions and not the above topic - so where is it - how can we make contact etc?  Please advise

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Just had to re-register to allow postings and have received a temporary password. How do you change your password? (My AngloINFO section does not seem to include this option). Any advice appreciated. Thanks 

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Iam trying to reply to an ad and a message comes up that says I am blacklisted?

started by: kenbuxton-611854 · last update: 1347187369 · posted: 1347100614

whats happened to info north its changed format i posted a message on it and i can't see how i get a reply!! it was easy before to post messages IF ITS NOT BROKEN DONT FIX IT

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Hi, Can you tell me if it is possible to register on multiple Angloinfo sites using the same Username and password or is it necessary to use different details for each region? Thanks

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Hi, I was wondering whether anyone has a Filipina maid or home help in the area ? I am looking to find a home help for my elderly father and as I do not live in the area ( Dubai ) it's rather difficult for me to get a feel for the kind of help available in the Bagneres de Bigorre / Tarbes area. Any help on how to locate some reasonably priced help would be much appreciated. Of course other nationalities would be considered too. Many thanks, WG

started by: withers-612060 · last update: 1336054487 · posted: 1335863881

HI Giles I have been searching without success for the area covered by AngloInfo South in terms of Départements. Maybe I have not looked in the right place!!!I feel, having this info readily available, may help the numerous people who post without giving a location, to realise the size of the the Area.Thanks

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Hi everyone can anyone recommend a company to supply and fit me corian work surfaces to my pending kitchen refit.

started by: SCDS-616884 · last update: 1325582524 · posted: 1325582524

I tried to put our gite on the Ariege self catering site yesterday. We have a very old listing there which I pointed out was there "Spencer Apartment" which is no longer relevant as we moved from this particular house 6 years ago. The contact information is also wrong. I would like to advertise our new gite if possible and would like to know if you can remove the old one listed above. Thank you in advance.

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If I take a standard classified advert which I understand is FREE does can I attach 3 photos which I see the majority of classifieds have or are all of these the £25 paid for ones? Thanks.

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I have just changed computer and I used to have the Anglo info tool bar and wanted to install it on the new one. I have searched all over the site and can't find how to do. I am running Mozilla Firefox, please can someone advise.Thanks

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