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I recently was involved in a collision with another car, both of which were not able to be driven away. The gendarmes that attended called recovery for both vehicles. My insurance company now says that they will not pay for the recovery. Has anyone had this problem? Thank you. 

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I travelled to France in my RHD, UK registered car and have obtained French residency. I would like to sell the car in France and buy a French car. Any advice on the best way to do this please, much appreciated.

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Hi All,A little last minute but Monday 13th July 2020 I will be driving an empty van down to Ariege  from Leeds to do some removals. For a modest fuel contribution I am happy to pick up and drop off any required items en routeHope this finds anyone in need in time!Connor

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Does any-one know of pétrol stations in the Southern Haute-Garonne and the Ariege which accept cash? 

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When we lived in UK, we travelled to France every few weeks but are now living in Australia and visit France twice a year. Previously, we paid an annual fee to park in Blagnac P1/P2 and were able to access our car 24/7, but they're full so no new bookings are being accepted for 2019. I'm looking for advice for alternative long term (3-6 month) parking areas close to Blagnac airport which give access 24/7 or at least between 0600 - 2300 with a shuttle or close enough to get a taxi. Appreciate any advice you can give from experience and satisfaction. Thanks

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The older the better, but must be running.Offering my showroom to help you sell it on a small commission.Got anything?

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Hi, Has anyone exchanged their UK Driving License for a French one, I have downloaded both of the forms from the internet (cerfa_14879-01 and cerfa_14948-01), but there are some sections that I do not understand what is required.If anyone has completed this task, I would appreciate communicating with them.Many ThanksBrian Kerrison

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Having recently bought a second hand car, we visited St Gaudens sub-prefecture only to find it is closed. Now we have to apply on line, and obtain verification of identity via "La Post", and then France Connect. After 5 weeks of failed attempts (and hours of wasted time) to get registered, it finally transpires today that we cannot as we are not permanent residents in France... Has anyone else had this issue?Their e-mail says we either have to use a registered garage (and pay them) or get someone who is already registered to do it for us. Seems bonkers, and it is also clear that the new system is not entirely ready before closing the old one.As ever, digital trumps analog for promising a better system but really taking more time, costing more jobs of real people and achieving garnering more private info to presumably sell on to Facebook or Google in the future.

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Does anyone know where we can hire a twin axle +4.2m trailer to collect a classic car from the UK?

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For sale a set of headlights for use in France for a Nissan Xtrail - 30 euros.

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I need some work doing on our Land Rover Discovery but don't want to pay official Land Rover dealer prices. Can anyone recommend an independent garage in the Albi area please?

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Now I am getting older I don't drive as much and my daughter, who lives with us, is the de-facto principal driver.I would like to make a gift of the car to my daughter but would this mean having to re-register the car in her name and pay new registration fees. In the case of this car that would be a bit over 600 Euro.ThanksDave

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Hi, can you advise if you can park overnight at Rammonville park and ride? 

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I'm sure I'm not the first to notice how the day rate for hiring at Europcar Blagnac has shot up since Brexit. At least that's how it seems to me. I assume sterling/euro is to blame since. Bookings are managed by the franchisee at Blagnac I'm told - not centrally with Europcar. They set their own rates too. Has anyone found a cheaper way around this? Easyjet remains a reasonable deal, but when you add the daily car hire the whole trip suddenly becomes pretty costly.  Many thanks in advance, Jeremy 

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For anyone who likes a drool over some classic cars, the Tour Auto 2017 is passing through the area on the 28th/29th April.https://peterauto.peter.fr/files/pdf/tour_auto/2017/2017-tao-itineraire.pdf

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We have organised a charity bike ride,  'Le Tour LSCR',  from Thermes Magnoac (65230) to Oxford to raise money for leukaemia  stem cell research. Our route takes us around Bordeaux through Cognac, Saumur and finally to Ouistreham. We will be leaving on 2nd April and arriving at Oxford on 14th April. We may need some assistance with transport and possibly accommodation. Please let me know If you think you might be able to help or even take part!

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We are travelling Europe for a year and starting next week in France. Am looking to buy a vehicle for the year possibly via one of the classifieds on this site.How do we go about registering it when we won't have a fixed abode?any advise is much appreciated.regardsChristine

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Swotting up on my Insurance and what equipment was required in my car when driving in France - amongst everything else it said Snow Chains. Has the law changed on this or have I always broken the law? I've never carried any chains before - even up into Andorra during the winter.

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Hi - Just wondering if there is anybody out there in the Gers or Dept 65 that interested in some local green lane ride outs etc..?

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