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Hi, Has anyone exchanged their UK Driving License for a French one, I have downloaded both of the forms from the internet (cerfa_14879-01 and cerfa_14948-01), but there are some sections that I do not understand what is required.If anyone has completed this task, I would appreciate communicating with them.Many ThanksBrian Kerrison

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phoenix1-537317 1518196848


I exchanged a license once, although its a long time ago.

What sections of the forms are you having issues with ?

rache-611556 1518200350

I am not sure why you would want to change.  It is obligatory if you are resident and suffer penalties but not if you are either resident or suffer penalties. Gendarmes sometimes say you must change but t is not the case and the prefecture will supply an insert for your license if neccessary. Consider the restrictions on towing and the need for medicals if you do change.

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Thank you for replying rache-611556, My main reason for changing, is that I am approaching 70 years old, so my UK license will be invalid unless I return to England and get a doctor to authorise a renewal. Also, I think that as a permanent resident in France (subject to the Brexit outcome), I should conform to the french system


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No worries , the point I was trying to make was that having a UK license does conform to the French system , even for a permanent resident , and that changing national license will add limits to towing trailers and caravans. I am certainly not encouraging you not to conform but can see that to avoid uk medical authorisation an exchange of national license may be advantageous.

BrianK-537582 1518203810

Hello phoenix1-537917,

I have a few things that I am unsure about

Form 14879-01

1) there is a box 'État de délivrance du titre à échanger', what is this asking

2) under this box is a table of the categories,what is the 'Code département' in this table

On the list of documents that are required, it specifies !

copy of residence permit, however, I do not have one of these, is there anything else that would be OK

Thanks in advance


chèvrefeuille 1518208594

Rache, it’s true that you do not have to exchange your UK licence until it expires but given the way Brexit’s going that might change. Perhaps it’s a good idea to change it sooner than later and avoid the rush. 

phoenix1-537317 1518209111

Hello Briank

I gather that  'État de délivrance du titre à échanger' means where was your license issued - answer in your case is UK

I'm guessing that code department refers to the French Dept codes e.g 11 for the Aude, so in your case, I would just leave that section blank. Maybe somebody else can advise on this as I'm not 100 per cent sure.

Regarding copy of residence permit, try sending a copy of your passport as you are still EU as far as i understand so that would constitute a residence permit



BrianK-537582 1518273767

Thank you phoenix1-537317,

If nobody else responds, I will check the "code department" at our Mairie, it may be that I have to enter 99 for etranger

Thanks again


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