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We have flights andAirbnb reservations to come to Malaga the first part of March. These are veryexpensive and we are wondering if we should be canceling. If we go ahead andcome, even though the state department says "Do not travel", will anyof the venues be open or active. We would like to think we could still visitmuseums, possibly go to concerts or other entertainment and eat at a few goodrestaurants.  We are in our early 70s and don't want to end up gettingCOVID by visiting Spain.  If we are going to risk that, it would behelpful to know if there will be any entertainment that is open during theomicron variant. As always, I really appreciate the advice I receive on thissite

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We are currently experiencing problems in receiving BBC signals for TV and radio has anyone had the same and if so how did you fix it?

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"ROUTE 65" are a recently formed Jazz-Blues band and we are looking for a singer to complete the line-up. Regular weekly rehearsals near Argelès-Gazost. Please pm me if you would like to know more.  Bob

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Looking for a bass player to play 60's music Tarbes / Marciac area 

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Hello! I'm looking for any information on a Halloween party (for kids) or event in the Midi Pyrénées. Thanks!

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My OH has informed me that the New York Met are broadcasting the Magic Flute (Mozart) live to French cinemas next month, and he'd like to see it.I see it's on at the Toulouse Gaumont Pathe. Has anyone been to any of these screenings? Is it advisable to pre-book?

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Hi all, we get together once a week to play in 65 and would like to hear from other musicians (all genres and instruments welcome) who want to join in the fun. We play the blues, jazzy blues, a bit of reggae or some dire straits and pink floyd as the mood takes us ! , drummers cajonist percussionists particularly welcome ! Looking to put a band together and  play live over the coming months.

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HiWe have bought a house in Rimont near to Foix/St. Girons and are spending August there.  We are looking for a local person who can fit a satellite dish/Freesat box etc so that we can access English tv.  Can anyone suggest a local person who can speak English preferably (I can speak a little French but probably not the technical stuff)!  I realise the dish needs to be a large size, the mayor has said this is ok.  Thank you :) 

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I am struggling to receive BBCi HAVE A 1MTRE DISHHas anyone got experience with the reception on bigger dishes?

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We have no access to sat TV where I live & I have been looking at various providers of this IPTV service - anyone tried it & can recommend a provider ?

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5 fantastic prizes are up for auction, all very kindly donated.1. meal for 2 to the value of 80 euros courtesy of Max Rossall at https://www.facebook.com/Restaurant-Les-Arches-140038584690…2. 1 Nights stay in a yourte courtesy of Sam Dingle at http://www.yourtes-de-barousse.com ( value 140e)3. 1/2 hour flight in light aircraft with instructor courtesy of aerodrome de Castelnau Magnoac.( value 140 e)4. Family portrait at your home courtesy of Mike Brew photography.( value 100 e)5. Handmade silk & wool scarf. (rrp 140 e)Bidding closes on 10th December. Highest bid wins the prize.All proceeds go to help buy food & medicines for the refugees.See link below. https://fr-fr.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1687414498207246&id=1682197032062326.

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And all the other crazy idiots who used to post. Entertainment. I'm writing my fourth post, a) because no one will read it anyway, and b) because the rubbish that is posted is boring, and c) because AI really needs some posting turnover. Think of it as a bit of nitro-glycerine into the AI carburettors. You know, the ones that were fitted onto the AI engine. Yes the ones they bought from Ebay occasion.Come on we need a 300 page posting (150 from Alan) about how to register a car in France, another 500 page posting about what constitutes a trailer needing a Carte Gris, a 3.5 million page posting about the merits of allowing half a million Syrian not terrorists (sorry, refugees, not economic migrants) into the EU, some angry lady postings about donating your spare mobile phones for African Calais refugees, so they can phone their family at home.We need another posting about insuring english cars. Dire warnings about using a UK driving license.Above all, we need some serious medical postings. Names and addresses of these doctors/dentists/vets, so that everyone can rain their 88mm artillery shells back PLEASE REMEMBER IN FRANCE IT IS PUNISHABLE BY STONING SQUAD TO EVEN MENTION THE WORD JEHOVAH (who is allegedly the name of a Doctor in aaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhhh.

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In case you're looking for something different to do this weekend, the restaurant L'Entre Potes in Viozan (32300) is having a flamenco (Soirée Colombelle) evening this Saturday. There will be pintxos and a cocktail bar and at 21:00 the Melody Flamenco troupe will perform.It starts at 19:00.If you've not been to L'Entre Potes, it's the only restaurant in the village so there's no way you'll miss it!

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Our next Open Mic Evening will be at the Café l'Hotel de Ville, Marciac on Friday 21st Oct. 20.30 onwards. All performers are welcome to participate. An excellent evening for impromptu live music, Guiness and fish and chips. For food reservations 05 62 09 36 43

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FRIDAY NIGHT IS GENTLE BLUES & ROCK IN JEGUN WITH GOLDYBLUZ, Free entry always a great night, do pay us a visit !! From about 8 / 30 all are Very Welcome

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I'm looking for dance classes near Trie-sur-Baïse (but willing to drive 20 mins each way). I think they call the style Rock-and-Roll around these parts. If you've heard of any around please let me know!Thanks.

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An air show in south west France!!Sadournin (near Trie-sur-Baïse) is once again hosting its popular air show this coming Saturday August 27, from 10:00. Aside from the beautiful planes and acrobatic performances, you won't want to miss watching the French Air Patrol (La Patrouille de France) demonstration. The Patrouille perform over the Champs Elysee on Bastile Day in Paris and at other major events in France but they always make room in their schedule for this air show in Sadournin. The show takes many years to organise; there won't be another one for at least 3 years, so don't miss it! The weather forecast looks great too. Thanks Giles for helping us promote this event.

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CAN ANYONE RECOMMEND a reliable persons to re-position an existing satellite for FREE SKY and install a new satellite for SKY?   Also need a SKY box (does not have to be new) for FREE SKY.  Thanks, SASSY

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http://arpegesengascogne.online.fr/ - concert 28 August  Tillac 17.00 - world class quartet - Haydn plus other composers

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