IPTV - anyone tried it?

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We have no access to sat TV where I live & I have been looking at various providers of this IPTV service - anyone tried it & can recommend a provider ?

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phoenix1-537317 1479909302


I use Netflix just on my computer, its good and inexpensive and works fine even with 5 mbps

Other people have told me Filmon is good

Crosbie-616759 1479927220

Try evaluating a cheap box such as http://amzn.eu/dJoF1Sp for 22€ , e.g. use it to check out FilmOn for UK channels.

midi Pair o' Knees 1479972991

I think Filmon is absolute rubbish.  If you don't pay for the premium service then you will get adverts suddenly popping up halfway through a program you're watching and the streams are very unreliable I have found.  Kodi is the way to go.  Either download it to a laptop (for free) or buy a 'box' already loaded with Kodi from somewhere like Amazon.fr for about €30.  With a Kodi box you can get all of the Sky film and sports channels as well as hundreds of other channels with no subscription.

George Canning 1479983109

Will a Kodi box work on a regular TV or do you need a smart TV? Does it really have everything Sky does?

Crosbie-616759 1479991654

Kodi aka XBMC is simply a rather sophisticated media player (music, movies, etc.). It permits add-ons to provide anything audio/visual in nature, especially access to other streaming services, e.g. FilmOn. You can install Kodi on a PC/laptop, on an android smartphone/webtablet, set-top-box, or even a SmartTV (often pre-installed).

While there are Kodi plug-ins that permit accessing one's Sky account (which may also necessitate use of a VPN tunnel to evade geoblocking), I'm doubtful it is easy to access Sky's premium channels without purchasing a subscription.

The 22€ Android based set-top-box I mentioned above (there are many others) is pre-installed with XBMC/Kodi. If you have broadband (>2Mbps) & WiFi (wireless access point), and a TV with an HDMI socket, and you wanted to watch UK TV, this box would let you do it via the FilmOn add-on - with no additional expenditure.

There are tons of Kodi add-ons, e.g. http://bestforkodi.com/install-uk-tv-now-addon-on-your-kodi-device/

midi Pair o' Knees 1480062398

I know of 4 people in my village here who have bought fully loaded Kodi boxes from Amazon (the MXQ box) and they all get unlimited Sky Sports and Films and they don't have any Sky account themselves.  Their links are automatically updated through the box so if the channel descriptions change, they continue to work.  A Kodi box seems like a very good, cheap option as things stand at the moment.  

Crosbie-616759 1480066790

Ok, I'm no longer doubtful. ;-) However, like geoblocking UK TV, I daresay it's a case of "You may get free Sky Movies & Sports channels, for a while..."

See http://www.coolsmartphone.com/2015/06/15/sky-sports-and-sky-movies-for-free-via-a-fully-loaded-android-box-tut-tut-none-of-that-please/

Here are a couple of pages that turn up when searching for Sky Kodi add-ons:



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Message for Anthony Collins and Cropsbie Fitch please! Apologies for posting this way - I seem to remember that before the AI revamp it was possible to send an e mail directly to posters (albeit via AI) but cannot find a way now!

As a "newbie" to Kodi I have a couple of questions as a bit baffled on a couple of aspects.

Is there any way I can contact you direct via e mail with my questions please?

Regards. Leigh

lyndaariege 1481216261

I use http://www.tvaway.co - brilliant service at 1€ / day. All UK channels with 14 day catch up on most, all SKY channels including Sports and Movies, huge up to date film library (7500 films), full TV series library (750+ series old and new). Slick and easy (no faffing about - just like nirmal TV with remote) user interface via a tiny MAG box connected to TV via HDMI cable and to internet via home WiFi or LAN. Superb support - love it!

Crosbie-616759 1481270270

'Whatever' - if you put 'IT expertise Castelnau-Magnoac' into Google, you 'll get my contact details.

LyndaAriege, sounds like you have a good deal. Someone else recently recommended https://www.mobdro.com/ to me as similarly providing all premium Sky channels, albeit for 0€/day. No doubt one day we'll even get paid to watch them - then I might think about it. ;-)

lyndaariege 1481271831

You get what youpay for.

phoenix1-537317 1481750651


Regarding tvaway, can somebody (perhaps lyndariege) confirm that their billing system is not repeat automatic billing, If I sign up for a basic package for example, the following package,

UK Premium (Web, XBMC)Over 60 premium UK TV channels. Paypal 19.99 per 30 day(s)1 
19.99 for 30 day(s)

am I guaranteed that it is a once off payment and that I have the option of renewing or not. I note that the web browser service of tvaway is being provided by a partner site named  http://www.wliptv.com/ (White Label IPTV)

The terms and conditions of White Label state the following in relation to billing;

"Upon full prepayment, the optional paid-for service is provided to you automatically. The service is a timed subscription that deteriorates every second until it runs out. You can check the end date of your billing using your account on the website. There is no recurring charge for the subscription. You are solely responsible for paying for it discretely."

The above seems to state that repeat billing does not apply but I would welcome a second opinion or opinions before I submit my credit card details to this partner site, Paypal is not an option so that makes me more cautious about getting into any subscription agreement.

Dudley 1481799489

The site tvaway uses 'Identity Protection Service' to make them largely untraceable.They have no contact details other than a web form.Their terms make no reference to which country in which they will be applied. White Label does at least list a person and address for the domain owner (genuine?) and a disposable gmail address.Their terms are similarly legally unenforceable.

We're all pretty savvy when it comes to spotting suspect emails with poor or odd English, and we would never send our credit card details.There was a post on here about a month ago about a very genuine looking carrier company that took someones money.

You are right to be cautious.

phoenix1-537317 1481885370

Thanks Dudley, that is a good point about the obscure identity of tvaway

I think, all things considered,  that I will give them a miss

lyndaariege 1482310988

Hi phoenix1 - I'm afraid i have no idea what you're talking about - no idea who White Label is and no idea where you got the info - looks like your browser has perhaps redirected??

I use the Tvaway ''Essential'' package (http://www.tvaway.co/essential/) for 30€/month. I've been using it for over a year with absolutely no issues and totally reliable service - with 365 days per years support. You absolutely need a reliable internet speed of at least 3Mbps - no issues with me as I have around 18Mbps most of the time.

Payments are made securely, month by month (NO automatic repeats) via their European payment handler Danelca in Spain. So you maximum 'exposure' is 30€!! - see here:


(I know it says the package is the New Range - bust just ignore that - it's simply a secure payment portal.)

Just follow the simple instructions (Steps 1 & 2) on the tvaway link I've provided above. They will get back to you with how to pay etc

I'm not really bothered about where and who Tvaway are - all I know is that they provide an excellent service at a great price.

Anyway - it's entirely up to you but it would appear the sceptics may have got the better of you!!

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